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Recap of Grey's Anatomy Season Six Premiere

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 1 and 2, "Good Mourning; Goodbye"

Grey's Anatomy is back this week, and as expected, there was no shortage of emotion in the two hour season premiere. The show picks up right where we left off, in limbo between life and death as Izzie and George are both hanging on by a thread. As the two episodes continue over the 40 days after George's accident, we watch as the reality of his death sets in and affects each of the doctors in very different ways. That doesn't mean, however, that the show skipped on their usual slew of unique cases, which were threaded throughout the doctors' stories until a big announcement at the very end.

To see what else I thought (and to chime in with your own comments), just


  • How intense are the first five minutes? Even though we've had a whole Summer to process George's accident, it was like the past two months had never happened. Goosebumps all around. Meredith's voice-over immediately starts talk about the stages of grieving, and Lexie dives right into the first — denial. If I wasn't so certain that T.R. Knight was gone for good, I may have fallen for this one, and it still kind of felt kind of like a cheap trick.
  • After trying to keep all their feelings below the surface, the doctors finally let it all out with a laughing fit at George's funeral. I can't decide if this scene was totally fitting or a bit unsettling. Some from column A, some from column B?
  • Sloan's method of dealing with George's death: cracking jokes. As inappropriate as the timing may be, he finally asks the question we were all wondering: why was George so popular with the ladies?
  • I get that Callie is in a tough spot when trying to decide about donating George's organs, but it seems a bit ridiculous to rely on recovering Izzie's help — especially since George would definitely donate his organs. This is a no-brainer.
  • The definition of bittersweet: Derek has a promotion dangling in front of him at the chief's expense. I think it's very noble that he goes right to the chief before pouncing on the opportunity. By episode two, chief is looking into his own other options including the enticing Mercy West.
  • If these episodes are meant to show us anything, it's that doctors rarely have the chance to be human. There's no time to grieve, no time for checking out or taking a vacation. They have to be on all the time, and as Meredith says, they were never taught a "lesson on how to go on living . . ."
  • I can't help but think of George when Lexie is ordered to be friends with Clara — it just seems like the kind of job that George would have taken on willingly. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse for Clara who is ditched by her friends before facing more and more complicated medical problems. Ultimately, it's "ceviche" that brings her back to life.

  • In the midst of all the sadness, I love the scenes with Christina and Hunt this week. They are a much-needed breath of fresh air in the midst of all the sadness — and of course Christina wants to use sex to combat any sadness about George. In fact, she even offers to have sex with Izzie, but the therapist still says that Christina and Hunt need to wait.
  • Callie goes from indignant, to broken down, to confident in her new job. Naturally, on her first day at Mercy West who does she have as a patient? Chief. In the end though, her sweet scene at home with Arizona after their altercation is hopefully a sign of good things to come for them. Plus, Callie does a good job of calming down Lexie's jealousy.
  • Bailey is usually the strongest in time of crisis, but even she can't focus on work without George and seems to be in a fog for the whole episode. During the second episode, Bailey starts to lose her cool and Christina is the target of her aggression.
  • There were still some comical moments throughout the episode — Izzie and Karev walking in on Mere and Der, "Why do cancer people get all the fun?" and Lexie walking in on Mere and Der.
  • In the end, however, the moment between Izzie and Alex is the one that made me cry. And then, Bailey and Shepherd in the elevator, where they just love to pull the emergency stop. Ah Grey's, always bringing the tears.
  • The episodes ended with a bombshell that we had some warning was coming — Seattle Grace and Mercy West are merging which means that job security is in jeopardy for some of our most beloved surgeons.

So what did you think about the two episodes — how do you feel about the way they handled George's death and the doctors' mourning? How about how things are going for our newlyweds? And, well, how about the news at the end of the episode?

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blackdiamonds blackdiamonds 7 years
I loved Bailey and Shepherd in the elevator, when he pulled the emergency stop. There was a similar scene between Derek & Miranda during "Into you Like a train" episode from season 2. Bailey pulled the emergency stop to give Derek a moment to grieve over his dead patient. They even played the same music. <3
care0531 care0531 7 years
I was still a little emotional the first 45 minutes or so because it was still hitting me that George was not going to be around anymore. I didn't like the funeral either- the laughing bit seemed so wrong. I like Callie and i hope she is shown more this season. I am trying to see how the merger would effect the 2 (KH &EP) leaving because if they relocate nearby (like Callie did) we will still see them. As for the merger thing- it can happen fast. My company announced a merger- it happened 2 months later- and there have been job cuts over the last 2 months. My only question with the merger is if this is the way for them to have their leave of absense how will they return.
zeze zeze 7 years
Yay for the regular recaps. The episode was ok for me, the chief is getting on my nevers. Arizona is still annoying, and this is the Callie I like to see, not the stupid insecure relationship stuff, and I just want to hug Alex...I can totally understand how he feels and Izzie made me sad when she cried at George's bed side.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
Overall I really liked it, and I cried at a bunch of scenes, but especially Alex and Izzie's. I'm so with cordata though on the line repetition. If that mom had said "we can't sleep" one more freaking time I was going to have to throw something. Also, Bailey annoys me more and more. I feel like that's blasphemy or something, but between her inability to deal with children and that fact that she's either freaking out or being totally in denial at ALL times is starting to get to me. Her scenes have become my least favorite.
laoff laoff 7 years
I loved the episode! I always like the scenes between Cristina and Hunt, and this week they were really cute together. Mer and Der were SO funny. I also liked when Lexie asked Callie "How gay are you on a scale from 1 to gay?". Really cool. And in the end, the conversation between Alex and Izzie... I remembered why started to like Alex so much, he was just so cute. Anyway, I can't wait for next episode.
tagen22 tagen22 7 years
I had MAJOR mixed feelings. I was super excited to have it back (even left my night class early because there was NO WAY I was waiting a whole day to get it online!) I thought Izzie (I know, don't slap me people) was really the only believable acting when it came to George dying. It almost felt like everyone was a little too irritated with TR Knight to give him a proper fairwell. Or maybe, it's just that he's been slowly dying off of the show for a long time. I really wanted to feel emotionally invested in him dying, but I really didn't care and even mentally applauded at the big skips in timing. I cried during the season finale, but I sort of resent that the fact that TR was long gone came to light before the season premiere. Really ruined it for me. Wish he would have kept his mouth shut. Bailey's reaction to everyone is just pissing me off. Alex and Izzie at the end, I agree, was where my tears came. I also loved that Meredith and Derek, rather than being typical Meredith and Derek, actually leaned on each other pretty well. So yay for that. All in all, I hope Grey's gets more believable and fast, as I am losing interest. Oh, but I do love Sloan and Lexie. How long is this grieving period going to last?
cordata cordata 7 years
I thought the writing was really bad. I CANNOT stand it when the characters keep repeating the same sentences over and over again, or reiteration different versions of Meredith's phrase "I'm your person" all the time (eg. Arizona: "we lost one of our people", Mother "He's my person", Arizona: "I'll make him my person too." - AHHH!). The guest actress known as Ceviche was actually pretty good. Aside from that, Izzie's speeches, Bailey's lack of professionalism, the Chief's bizarre arrogant behavior and the silly plot about joining with Mercy West were totally underwhelming. This show is just not a must see for me anymore. PS Why does the chief of surgery always act like he's the chief of the whole hospital? It's confusing. And ... why does Mercy West always have a spot open when a Seattle Grace doctors decides to transfer on a whim? I'm too tired to track all of this show's inconsistencies.
cibele cibele 7 years
George was my favorite character and I didn't like at all the funeral scene. I was pissed actually. I didn't really feel it was a good farewell episode to George. But they didn't use him well while alive, I guess it's hard to do it when he's dead. Anyway, this is my last episode of GA. I can't do it without George. I wish this show gets better (or maybe not) hahaha
billyart101 billyart101 7 years
I wish that link to the spoiler wasn't in this article, but whatevz! I thought it was a very well done episode. I think every show is so emotional, that I often feel like it's a chore to press play on my DVR, but I always end up loving it, and last night's was no exception. It seemed realistic, I have those moments too, whenever I recall that someone has actually passed. Takes the breath away! And the relief that somebody is laughing instead of crying. so human!
leahlarocco leahlarocco 7 years
CHristina and Owen gross me out. They have no chemistry. I don't get it. I thought the episodes were just ok, not anything enormously riveting.
demarco11 demarco11 7 years
Oh Grey's... I wish you hadn't been 2hrs. Christina and Hunt were definitely the highlight of the episode for me. I loved seeing them in therapy and joking about horrible stuff, very Christina. "I'm not the one choking people in their sleep... too soon?" Also, I love the nicknames Christina comes up for patients. So tired of the Chief's drama. He's always worked up about stuff, and his delivery follows the same speech pattern every time. His story is annoying. I dont care about him anymore, I'd prefer it if he was more of a side character. Sorry Chief! I thought Sara Ramierz was quite good in this ep too. But her character can be so stupid sometimes. L\ike Buzz said, you have to ask Izzie what to do with the organs?? Helloooo... he just jumped in front of a bus to help people, pretty sure he wouldn't mind helping people after death. No brainer. Did you ever notice how many times they repeat lines? Its really obnoxious... I understand you're trying to get a point across, but pleeease stop repeating!
DCBaxter DCBaxter 7 years
I really enjoyed this season opener. I know people are annoyed that Callie even questions giving away George's organs, but I think that was the writers' way of figuring out how to tell Izzie about George's death. When they started listing off where all the organs were going, I lost it!!! I loved the laughing at the funeral - classic Grey's! Also, I loved that that short-haired chick from Goonies (can't remember her name) played the mom of the broken kid! When she was giving her speech I thought "Goonies never say die!"
liz26111 liz26111 7 years
I am with you Happsmjc. To me there was no emotions. Very boring, long and dry. Going to hate this merger with Mercy. No merger happens that fast. Sure people get laid off in them but like a year down the line. Also Grey's needs to stop these two hour episodes. They do what 3-4 a year. I get one but not that many.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 7 years
Wow--I don't know what my deal was last night, but I felt like I was watching a different show! I almost laughed when I read your line Buzz... "there was no shortage of emotion in the two hour season premiere", because I felt no emotion towards George's death for the first hour!I don't know if it was because the last few minutes of the finale were so utterly amazing, but I was disappointed me at every turn. I NEVER felt sad or like crying, and at the finale I lost it! It could have been that Callie was the first one to break down...I usually like Callie, but I was like NO, this is not YOUR George to lose, pull it together. I also get the "denial" part, but I too felt like it was a cheap trick. I absolutely hated that part. And, I don't get how Callie was in a tough spot when trying to decide about his organs! WTF is the question!!?!?!?!? DONATE THEM!?!!?!?! When Izzy finally said that I was like NO DUH! I mean what a waste of time! I was so annoyed after these things I just never felt anything for the show after that. I thought maybe I would feel emotion when Izzy saw George, but no. Maybe when his mother came back in to the hospital, nope. Didn't really like Amanda either. Didn't love or hate the laughing at the funeral, it was at least better then most of the show. I FINALLY felt emotion at the end of the second hour when each character was shortly featured (esp Izzy/Alex like you said). Other then those five minutes I thought it was such a disappointing send off to George :(
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
you have to be impressed that they finally allowed meredith to show emotion right? that's just not a common thing i'm not surprised about the whole merger with grace and mercy since we kind of knew that they would have to come up with something to make it exciting and to possible get rid of characters and introduce new ones. this is the easiest way to get KH out of the show for a bit and EP too.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 7 years
I thought overall it was a REALLY great premiere. Some of my thoughts: -I definitely needed for Bailey to cry for me to feel better. I don't know why, maybe b/c of her son being named after him or what, but I just really felt the whole episode that when Bailey breaks, it will kinda put everything back together. -the Alex and Izzie scene at the end was so sad. I was a mess. -I noticed that Sloane was definitely more chuckly than ever before and I realized its cause George was the comedic relief usually. Now that he was gone, I bet they make Sloane more funny. -The Amanda girl hanging out at the hospital was weird, but at least we got a 10 minute speech from Izz. Wouldn't be Grey's without one-a-those. - Was impressed as hell with Sara Ramirez. I have felt her SO under-utilized and am hopeful she'll have some really great story lines this year. -The ceviche girl started out really annoying and turned into such a heartwarming case.
bushra bushra 7 years
yay for recaps! thanks buzz :) sounds mad but i found callie losing it in the theatre very hard to watch, she's normally tough as old boots. i thought the death of George was handled in true Grey's style with haunting soundtrack (yay for O+S) and the laughing scene. and props for Izzie's handling of Amanda, who was getting a lil annoying. the right amount of cruel to be kind. (ps buzz, please please follow me on twitter @fudgeit - because i have locked my updates i am unable to respond to you otherwise!)
laceykk23 laceykk23 7 years
i lost it when meredith started crying the locker room. that was one of the saddest moments of the episode for me. otherwise it was a good season opener, although i dont know how i feel about the merger comming down the road.
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