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Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode 1 and 2, "Good Mourning; Goodbye"

Grey's Anatomy is back this week, and as expected, there was no shortage of emotion in the two hour season premiere. The show picks up right where we left off, in limbo between life and death as Izzie and George are both hanging on by a thread. As the two episodes continue over the 40 days after George's accident, we watch as the reality of his death sets in and affects each of the doctors in very different ways. That doesn't mean, however, that the show skipped on their usual slew of unique cases, which were threaded throughout the doctors' stories until a big announcement at the very end.

To see what else I thought (and to chime in with your own comments), just


  • How intense are the first five minutes? Even though we've had a whole Summer to process George's accident, it was like the past two months had never happened. Goosebumps all around. Meredith's voice-over immediately starts talk about the stages of grieving, and Lexie dives right into the first — denial. If I wasn't so certain that T.R. Knight was gone for good, I may have fallen for this one, and it still kind of felt kind of like a cheap trick.
  • After trying to keep all their feelings below the surface, the doctors finally let it all out with a laughing fit at George's funeral. I can't decide if this scene was totally fitting or a bit unsettling. Some from column A, some from column B?
  • Sloan's method of dealing with George's death: cracking jokes. As inappropriate as the timing may be, he finally asks the question we were all wondering: why was George so popular with the ladies?
  • I get that Callie is in a tough spot when trying to decide about donating George's organs, but it seems a bit ridiculous to rely on recovering Izzie's help — especially since George would definitely donate his organs. This is a no-brainer.
  • The definition of bittersweet: Derek has a promotion dangling in front of him at the chief's expense. I think it's very noble that he goes right to the chief before pouncing on the opportunity. By episode two, chief is looking into his own other options including the enticing Mercy West.
  • If these episodes are meant to show us anything, it's that doctors rarely have the chance to be human. There's no time to grieve, no time for checking out or taking a vacation. They have to be on all the time, and as Meredith says, they were never taught a "lesson on how to go on living . . ."
  • I can't help but think of George when Lexie is ordered to be friends with Clara — it just seems like the kind of job that George would have taken on willingly. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse for Clara who is ditched by her friends before facing more and more complicated medical problems. Ultimately, it's "ceviche" that brings her back to life.

  • In the midst of all the sadness, I love the scenes with Christina and Hunt this week. They are a much-needed breath of fresh air in the midst of all the sadness — and of course Christina wants to use sex to combat any sadness about George. In fact, she even offers to have sex with Izzie, but the therapist still says that Christina and Hunt need to wait.
  • Callie goes from indignant, to broken down, to confident in her new job. Naturally, on her first day at Mercy West who does she have as a patient? Chief. In the end though, her sweet scene at home with Arizona after their altercation is hopefully a sign of good things to come for them. Plus, Callie does a good job of calming down Lexie's jealousy.
  • Bailey is usually the strongest in time of crisis, but even she can't focus on work without George and seems to be in a fog for the whole episode. During the second episode, Bailey starts to lose her cool and Christina is the target of her aggression.
  • There were still some comical moments throughout the episode — Izzie and Karev walking in on Mere and Der, "Why do cancer people get all the fun?" and Lexie walking in on Mere and Der.
  • In the end, however, the moment between Izzie and Alex is the one that made me cry. And then, Bailey and Shepherd in the elevator, where they just love to pull the emergency stop. Ah Grey's, always bringing the tears.
  • The episodes ended with a bombshell that we had some warning was coming — Seattle Grace and Mercy West are merging which means that job security is in jeopardy for some of our most beloved surgeons.

So what did you think about the two episodes — how do you feel about the way they handled George's death and the doctors' mourning? How about how things are going for our newlyweds? And, well, how about the news at the end of the episode?

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