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Recap of House Episode "The Choice"

House Rundown, "The Choice"

Another week, another House episode that tries to push the sexual envelope. This time, a patient's past sexual experimentation isn't known to his fiancee (guest star Eva Amurri) until his spiraling health forces an old male partner out of the woodwork. My, oh, my.

As for House, he's trying to make it even harder for Taub to cheat on his wife. I say hooray for that, as you know how ticked I was after last week.

This episode raises several questions regarding fidelity and orientation, but it also gives us a peek at what's to come for the doctor (outlook is not so good). Let's get into it when you



  • Call me a prude, but I was weirded out by seeing Wilson seduce Sam in bed. I believe he called it "happy time"? I don't necessarily know if I exactly want to imagine Wilson having sex. Agreed?
  • House has a drinking problem now? After a bender, he wakes up in the bed of a next-door neighbor's kid. Then, as the episode goes on, we see him reaching for his painkillers and opting for alcohol instead. I don't know if I like this. Can't the writers just let him be OK for a while without doping him up on something?
  • Patient of the week, Ted, is quite the confusing case. He loses his speech at his wedding, gets it back, but then has major headaches and what appear to be strokes. Oh, and he also has an old boyfriend whom his fiancee doesn't know about. Seems that Ted wanted to "cure" himself of being gay after the two men fooled around, and he suffered a head injury as a result of the therapy. Interesting enough premise, but why does every House case have to involve a patient's taboo sexual history? Did it grab your interest?
  • House is on to Taub. I don't know how, but he knows that Taub is still seeing Maya — and he makes Taub's life even harder for it. He mentions a fake ceramics class that Taub is supposedly taking to Rachel. Taub, in turn, finds the one class that's full so she can't join it, and then he goes so far as to buy handmade napkin rings online to fool her. Don't get me wrong — I love that House is putting Taub through the ringer — but I'm not quite sure why he's so invested in Taub's marriage. Any theories?
  • Wilson has been arranging for House to go on "dates" with different team members, since Wilson and Sam are always together. Wilson's intentions may have been good, but I thought this seemed a bit condescending, don't you? Still, it made for funny scenes as House goes to a lesbian bar with Thirteen and does karaoke with Chase and Foreman (with choreography, I might add).
  • Are we going to see Thirteen and House get together? Crazy, I know, but when they go to the bar together, I swear I sense some sexual tension, as he says that she attracts "everything that moves." Were you picking up on it, too?
  • Right before the credits roll, Cuddy asks House to go grab a bite, because she just wants them to be friends. He replies, "Funny, that's the last thing I want us to be." I was pretty surprised by his brutal honesty, but what do you think — touche, or too harsh?

On a side note, did you happen to catch the promo for next week? Wilson asks House to move out?! Dying to hear your thoughts on that, as well as this episode. Chime in below, or head over to the House! group to chat as much as you'd like.

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