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Recap of House Episode "Lockdown"

House Rundown, "Lockdown"

Did this week's House feel a little different to you? Hugh Laurie stepped behind the camera to direct, but I also liked some of the unexpected character pairings that the writers gave us.

When a baby goes missing, Princeton-Plainsboro goes on lockdown. That means Wilson and Thirteen are forced together, Foreman and Taub get stuck in the records area, House ends up in a room with a dying patient, and Chase, well, he finds a surprising companion for the next few hours, too. I couldn't have cared less about the storyline, because it's the little things we learn about each of the doctors that make this episode so interesting. Ready to recap? Spoilers ahead when you


  • Jennifer Morrison is back! At least for this episode. Cameron returns to ask Chase to sign divorce papers, and what follows is a weird roller coaster of emotions, with Cameron sobbing as Chase asks if she ever loved him. She says she's not sure. Yikes. Were you surprised by that response?
  • The mother with the missing newborn was totally giving me flashbacks to Lost's Claire between her messy hair and screaming for her "baaaby!"
  • Taub and House end up locked in with the hospital's classified files and swallow several meds to "get inside [House's] head." Then, they spend the next segment stoned and punching each other in the face. Anyone else find this subplot kind of dumb?
  • As I mentioned, House gets stuck with a dying patient who reveals that he previously sent House a plea to take his case. House is unapologetic at first, but soon the two men connect by speaking frankly about regrets, particularly with women. The patient tells of his daughter (whom he later calls), and House alludes to Lydia, not Cuddy. Surprising, no?
  • I sort of loved watching Thirteen and Wilson play Truth or Dare. Wilson asks Thirteen about her father, Foreman, and he dares her to show her breasts to Taub. In return, Thirteen asks about his love life, and dares him to steal a dollar (which, of course, makes Wilson's goody-goody nature sweat bullets). It's a silly bit, but amusing, especially when Wilson gets caught.
  • Foreman tries to swipe his employee file, because he's hiding that he toyed with lab results, and as such, he doesn't believe he belongs at the hospital. Taub's dilemma is the opposite: his record is so spotless, he's ashamed that he hasn't succeeded more. I liked seeing these two come to understand one another, especially when Taub shreds Foreman's papers without him knowing. Think they'll be buds now?
  • Whoa. Cameron blames the whole mess with Chase not on Dibala, but on herself saying, "I'm unfixable, not you." I did not see that coming. They slowly warm to each other, reminisce on their marriage, dance — and then have goodbye sex. Was it closure for you with their relationship?
  • A girlfriend for Wilson! His first wife Sam is back in the picture after her recent divorce. Wilson tells Thirteen that he wants to ask Sam out — which he does. I cannot wait to watch Wilson have a lady again and to witness the stress it will cause House.
  • Thirteen's dad doesn't know about her Huntington's or her bisexuality. You just know the writers will eventually show that conversation which will make for great TV.
  • The way they solved the baby mystery felt a little too forced. Turns out, one of the staffers put towels into the mother's bathroom and had some seizure so that she mistakenly left the child in a laundry bin. Er, riiight.
  • Thirteen lives up to her end of the dare and flashes Taub which made me chuckle.

Are you happy to have House back after weeks of repeats? What did you think of this episode? Share your thoughts in the comments, and then head over to the House! group to talk more.

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