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Recap of House Episode "Open and Shut"

House Rundown, "Open and Shut"

Relationships go topsy-turvy on this week's House — but what do you expect when the show tackles a touchy subject like open marriage? The episode centers on a female patient who sleeps with men outside of her husband and their mutual trust (or lack thereof). In fact, trust continues to echo throughout the episode as Wilson struggles with Sam, and Taub and his wife, Rachel, continue on their rocky recovery following his infidelity.

Taub, by the way, deserves a firm talking to. But before I unleash my fury over his actions, let's start in on the rest of the episode. Spoilers ahead when you


  • The episode opens with a woman and her Taylor Kitsch lookalike about to get it on in a hotel room, but right before it ventures into NSFW territory, her husband walks in, and we discover their open marriage secret. I don't know — the open marriage thing is a somewhat interesting spin, but after the show has even had porn star patients, I'm just not as shocked as I'd like to be. Why does the show always try to sexify its storylines?
  • How weird is it for House to be living in the apartment while Sam and Wilson kiss and flirt?! If they have such an issue with him messing with their relationship, then why don't they just go to Sam's place?
  • Speaking of House, he once again stirs up trouble for the newly reunited couple. Wilson is quite OCD, so when Sam screws with his sense of organization, he fumes inside. Little does he know, though, that House is adding to the mess to spur a fight for the duo. Which is exactly what happens. I always like a friendly tease between Wilson and House, but I can't decide whether House meant his actions as a dose of tough love — like he says, Wilson needs to learn to speak up to Sam — or if he really only wanted to cause these two to split. What do you think his true intentions were?
  • Just when we haven't seen Taub's womanizing side in a while, it rears its ugly head yet again. Thirteen gives Taub a hard time for having coffee with a nurse named Maya, suggesting that Maya wants to sleep with him. Now that Taub has the bug in his ear — and spurned by the patient with the open marriage — he implies to his own wife, Rachel, that they try a similar arrangement. She agrees to it to make him happy, but after he sets up a date with Maya, Rachel changes her mind, so he cancels. Am I the only one who thought Rachel was too much of a doormat? I get that she's acting the way she does out of love, but I feel so bad for her.
  • Wilson and Sam make up, and Sam tells him that they should've had the fight 10 years ago. I was kind of glad to see them reconcile, but after we got a glimpse of their history (Wilson actually calls her a selfish b*tch when they were married), I question if these two really belong together. Do you think Wilson is headed for heartbreak . . . again?
  • The patient and her husband do OK too, but they're not without their own problems. Turns out, he's been covering up their lack of insurance, because he lost all of their savings, and now, she's ticked at him for hiding the truth — even though he's stood by as she's slept with other guys. But on the bright side, she's going to live!
  • Nice ending moment: House looks on at Sam and Wilson and puts the milk on the refrigerator door as a last-ditch effort to get his friend back. I actually felt pretty bad for the guy.
  • Not-so-nice ending moment: Taub bumps into Maya in the parking lot, apologizes for bailing on their date, and kisses her! UGH. Then, she asks if he wants to go somewhere, and he gets in her car. I kept thinking Taub would leave her be, but no. Sorry, but he's not getting my sympathy anymore, "genetic condition" or not. Were you as surprised as I was?

What did you think of the episode? Are you happy for Wilson and Sam? Ticked at Taub? Weigh in below, or head over to the House! group to talk more.

Photo courtesy of Fox

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