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House Rundown, Season Finale "Help Me"

Wow. I don't even know what to say, but this week's season finale of House is gut-wrenching, suspenseful, and dare I say, pretty epic. Even now, I'm still trying to wrap my head around all that happened.

After a collapse occurs at a construction site, House and team are on the scene to remove victims. House discovers Hannah, a woman whose leg is trapped underneath concrete, and she quickly becomes his patient as they wait for rescue team members to lift her out. Only thing is, House is somewhat distracted during the relief effort because Cuddy has big news. I can't speak much further without inundating you with spoilers, so


  • House gives Cuddy the book by her grandfather that he so relentlessly fished around for last week, telling her that it's a housewarming gift, but she doesn't seem as fazed by the gesture as you might expect. House, of course, reads into this, assessing that there's trouble with Cuddy and Lucas, and calling Wilson to dissect his Cuddy conversation — while Wilson attends to dying patients. Sometimes I really can't stand how self-absorbed House gets, you agree?
  • House confronts Cuddy about the awkwardness surrounding her gift. The real reason for her less-than-warm response: she thinks it was an engagement gift, because Lucas and she are getting married. It's the first somewhat big reveal of the night, and you can practically see House's heart breaking over the news, as he tries to shrug it off. Were you surprised?
  • While on site, House hears something from beneath the collapse, so he goes crawling to find the source. There, he encounters Hannah, a married woman stuck underneath a slab of concrete. Although House is resistant to being nice to her at first, he soon gets very protective of his new patient. When Cuddy and the rescue team suggest amputating Hannah's leg, he resists — partly due to his issues with his own handicap.
  • Back at Princeton-Plainsboro, the team works on the victims, including the construction worker responsible. While they thought he fell asleep on the job at first, it turns out he may have a neurological condition (it's later found to be spine-related). But the bigger mystery is Thirteen, who shows up late due to "physical therapy." At the end of the episode, we see her putting a letter on House's desk. Taub inquires as to what it is, and she tells him she's taking time off, the implication being that her health has taken a bad turn. Will you be sad if Thirteen departs for good?
  • As workers try to lift the rock over Hannah's leg, the building collapses further, giving House a serious gash and leaving Hannah still trapped. Cuddy tells House that amputation is the only option left, but he continues to refuse. This really gets Cuddy upset, and she lashes out at House, telling him that she doesn't love him. Ouch. What's worse is that House counters by calling her a "middle-aged mom who's dating a man-child." I was pretty shocked by the animosity — especially from Cuddy — and just felt bad on both counts.
  • Harsh as they may be, Cuddy's words must have affected House, because when he returns to Hannah, he tells her they'll have to take her leg. To calm her fears, he relays a story about how saving his own leg has only resulted in daily pain and hardened him as a person — and he wishes he hadn't kept it. This is one of the most revealing things I think we've ever heard House say, and Cuddy seems impressed by his admission, too.
  • The amputation procedure is successful, but another issue arises once Hannah, her husband, and House are in the ambulance — Hannah's lung collapses. House thinks it's a clot at first, but then he realizes the amputation went bad given the unclean conditions at the wreckage site, and Hannah dies. We don't see House lose many patients, and her death makes him all the more sympathetic, as he stares on at her in utter defeat. Did you think she was going to die, or did you think House would pull things together, like he always does?
  • Upset, House goes to the bathroom where he smashes a mirror and grabs his drugs. For a second, it seems like he might overdose given the sad state he's in, but just before he ingests the meds, Cuddy shows. She tells him that she ended it with Lucas . . . because she can't move on . . . because all the can think about is House! What?! I seconded House's skepticism, is this another hallucination?! But then Cuddy tells him that she loves him, and he kisses her! I'm still not 100 percent sure if this all just isn't a drunken dream on House's part, but are you glad the writers finally brought these two together as an actual couple? I didn't find Cuddy's sudden change of heart all that believable, but I will be very curious to see how this new development may change House for the better, won't you?

Please, please share your thoughts about Cuddy and House and the rest of the episode in the comments below. Or, if you really feel like sounding off, head over to the House! group to write an entire post on the topic!

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