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Let's Get Lost: "Across the Sea" Recap

This week's Lost is all about Jacob and the MIB. The upside: we get answers! The downside: it's all about Jacob and the MIB. What no shirtless Sawyer scenes? Come on!

I realize that an episode like this is necessary to take us to the finale, but without the usual Oceanic passengers, the show felt amiss. Throw in some weird period costumes, a primitive village, and a mysterious glowing rock, and sometimes, it felt like an entirely different series even. Oh, and as for those answers? They're not completely doing it for me, because I still have more questions to ponder. Time to pull together our brain power, and think over some of the big moments of the night when you


  • Well, hi there, Allison Janney, how did you get to the island? The actress plays a midwife of sorts to a shipwrecked woman giving birth to two boys — Jacob and...well, we still don't learn MIB's real name. The mother tells her that she only came up with one name, and hence, MIB's is never uttered. Then Allison Janney kills her. Oh, and Janney doesn't have a name either, so I'll be referring to her as Janney for the rest of this post.
  • Flash forward several years, and we see MIB and Jacob as boys being raised by Janney — MIB looks like a young Zac Efron, and Jacob looks exactly like that mysterious boy we keep spotting in the island's woods. MIB finds a game on the beach with two pebbles — one black, one white — and gets Jacob to play. Turns out, Janney left the game for him, because he's "special," seemingly favoring him over Jacob. He asks her what's beyond the ocean, but she insists that the island is all there is.
  • Young Jacob and MIB come across other men on the island, so Janney is forced to reveal their purpose there. She takes them to a creek with a glowing rock, explaining that the light is the same light inside every man; they must protect it, because if it goes out, it goes out everywhere. Sounds similar to the warning we already received about what will happen if Flocke is released from the island. Another item of note: Janney tells the boys that she's made it so they can never hurt each other. So that's why the MIB had to get someone else (Ben) to kill Jacob for him. But it all feels just a little too easy, doesn't it?
  • Later, MIB spots his dead mother in the woods, and she reveals the truth of how Janney killed her. She explains to MIB that Jacob can't see her, because she's dead (perhaps, another reason why Janney calls MIB "special" and not Jacob — so is MIB somehow correlated with Miles and Hurley?). She also says that she's their real mother, and that she came over to the island on a boat. MIB vows to get off the island to return to where he came from, hence why Flocke is always spouting about how badly he wants to leave.
  • MIB tries to take Jacob and leave Janney, but once Jacob catches wind of his plans, he beats MIB up until Janney shows up. She tells MIB that he'll never be able to leave the island, but he refuses to believe her, so he goes to live among the men on the other side of the island, while Jacob stays behind with Janney. She tells Jacob that she had to kill his birth mother, because otherwise, she would've taken the boys back to the other "not good" people. Quick theory: perhaps the reason babies can't be conceived and born on the island is because Janney put some sort of curse on outsiders to insure that the "not good" people don't procreate?
  • Decades later, MIB and Jacob are playing the same pebble game in secret from Janney. MIB tells Jacob that the men found something underneath magnetic pockets in the jungle that is going to get them off the island. Jacob tells Janney about this, so she shows up to find MIB at the old Orchid station(!). MIB is creating the Orchid's wheel, in order to get off the island using the light source Janney showed him. To prevent him from doing so, she tells him goodbye — and then slams his head against a rock. When he comes to, he's in the middle of the village, now burned down and the men murdered. One guess as to who did this, but did Janney commit the crimes as herself? Or did she perhaps transform into the smoke monster?
  • Janney goes back to Jacob and takes him to the glowing rock/cave, explaining that what's down there is "light, death, rebirth." She pours wine from the same bottle we saw earlier with MIB and Jacob, mumbles some sort of blessing (anyone able to translate it?), and hands it to Jacob to drink. She says that he's agreeing to protect the island, but also to find a replacement for himself. After he drinks she says, "Now, you and I are the same." Meaning that they're both protectors? Some sort of demigods? That they live on forever? She asks him to promise to never go down into the glowing rock/cave, claiming that it will be worse than dying.
  • Still fuming over what Janney did, MIB finds her and drives a stake through her. She tells him that she wouldn't let him leave the island, because she loves him. Then, right before she passes, she tells him "thank you." For what? Is it for killing her, because she slaughtered so many people? Or perhaps we only think Jacob took over Janney's role of protecting the island when it's actually MIB who she was setting up as the watchdog?
  • When Jacob sees that MIB has killed Janney, he drags him to the river and throws him into the water. MIB drifts into the cave of light, and then comes charging out — as the smoke monster! So that's how the smoke monster came to be. But that still doesn't exactly explain it. It does, however, answer why Janney told Jacob that going into the tunnel would be "worse than dying." But maybe she knew that Jacob would do this all along and wanted this to happen to MIB, so he'd be stuck on the island forever.
  • As Jacob mourns for his brother, he finds his human body in the river and carries it back to Janney's cave. He places them side by side for their final resting place, and there you have it — they're the two skeletons in the cave that we saw in previous episodes. So basically, MIB's body died, but he continued to inhabit it to appear to Jacob, Richard, and who knows who else. Also, of course he appears as the Smoke Monster, and later as Flocke.

I think that just about covers it — anything I missed? Have a few theories now that even more has been revealed? Please share 'em in the comments, or head over to the Lost Fans group in the Buzz Community. Plus, don't forget to vote on your favorite Lost character in my bracket for the chance to win an awesome prize package!

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crystalm07 crystalm07 7 years
Someone mentioned how Janey seemed like she wanted to die and I agree bc it seemed like she didn't age (like Richard) and wanted to die already so maybe she was trying to provoke the MIB to kill her cause she knew he was capable whereas Jacob wasn't? idk just a random thought. Overall I didn't care for the episode at all and would have preferred an hour with the real Losties instead. Already missing them and its not even over yet! lol.
Blix Blix 7 years
Filler episode. Not much revealed.
jannam jannam 7 years
I don't think it was always meant to MIB that was the island's protector, it was always supposed to be Jacob. MIB felt no pull towards the island and was always trying to leave and Jacob always wanted to stay. I don't understand why everyone's illusion of Jacob was shattered this week, however naive he was before he has been "good" for centuries. MIB is always trying to kill Jacob's replacement candidates so that he can get off the island. If he truly was supposed to be the replacement, he wouldn't be obsessed with getting off the island and would accept the responsibility of sacrificing his own desire to leave for the good of the world. Another answer... the bright light that everyone saw when the hatch blew up and whenever they time traveled is the same light we learned about in this episode.
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
oh...i also think that it was always meant to be MIB that was the island's protector and not Jacob. Jacob just got suckered into it.
bingbingboom bingbingboom 7 years
I was a little disappointed with this episode as well. It felt like a completely different series, a little bit cheesy and lack of substance. Having said that, it did confirm my earlier guess that MIB wasn't that bad. Everything had a reason. Janney made MIB become who he is today. Can we really blame him wanting to leave the island and return to a normal world?
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
after the awesome episode last week, this was a let down. HORRIBLE ACTING and TONS of cheesiness. there just isn't time for these weak a$$ episodes!! i found it interesting that the MIB isn't necessarily evil. he just wanted answers. he didn't feel any kinship towards Janney, b/c he knew she was lying to the boys. thats why it was so easy to kill her. jacob isn't necessarily good either, he was just manipulated into taking over for Janney when she died. of course he was pissed at MIB, he still thought she was their mother. i wonder if those other men on the island were the original "others"? since they were wiped out, maybe MIB just appealed to new comers on the island to get them to help him get off the island. maybe the Dharma folks just wanted to do their own thing and not join him? in reality though, they were just as interested in the island's powers as MIB was. i've said it before and i'll say it again....where the hell are richard, ben, and miles!?!?! its been 3 episodes now. what are they up to...its killing me!!!
mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
At first, I was frustrated by this episode since it seemed we didn't get alot of answers and were left with open questions, but then I began to read the blogs (thanks Dark UFO) and really think more about the episode and I realized a few things: -I think that if the show is trying to teach us about humanity, then I do think the show is going to end with open questions. Isn't that the way life is? We don't ever have all the answers and no one is ever really just good or evil. While I don't love this ending (I prefer ANSWERS), I do think it's possible that it will end that way. I was bothered by the whole "light in the cave=light of the world" stuff, but it is growing on me. See the theory below: -Entering the spring caused the light inside MIB (there's some in every person, according to Mother) to go out. When the light goes out inside a person, that person turns into a disembodied cloud of smoke, thus the Smoke Monster. If the monster escapes to the outside world, everyone's light will go out, and all people will turn into Smoke Monsters (or something like that). This is why stopping MIB is so important now. This would also shed some light on why Desmond is so important. It should be pretty obvious that the glowing light and the pockets of electromagnetic energy are one in the same. Desmond may be the only person who can enter the spring of light without becoming a Smoke Monster. -I think that Mother couldn't be killed until she gave over the task of protecting the island to Jacob. She wanted to die and was thankful when Man in Black finally did it. I also think that Mother thought MIB was going to be the protector of the island from when he was born and that's why she called him "special."
356UIK 356UIK 7 years
Didnt like the actress that played Jacob's mom, and how did she get to the island I wonder? Wished we could've learned Jacob's brother's name. Janney was manipulative. I dont think she left that game for MIB, I think she just told him that to manipulate him into thinking she was special too. Somehow I dont think Janney can do things, like put curses on the island or make it so the boys cant leave or hurt each other, I dont think she is special. I just think she is a crazy lady on an island. I think Jacob died at some point too, b/c only certain people can see him, same as with MIB. I have no idea who is dead and who is alive and who is guarding the island at this point. I had a feeling that MIB wasnt all that bad and Jacob wasnt all that special. As upsetting as this episode was, (didnt expect Janney to smash her son's head into the wall), I liked it. I'm not that concerned with answers anymore because I dont think we are going to get them. I dont think that takes away from the show at all. I dont have to know where everything came from or what everything means to enjoy the story. I dont think I want to get an "Oh now I get it!" feeling from the finale. I think for Lost I want to always wonder.
mannylove mannylove 7 years
I did not enjoy this all. Really, they couldn't come up with a better, more exciting back story for Jacob & MIB?? Very disappointing.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 7 years
Very true, anonymous. The only answers we got were who the dead bodies in the cave were (and who cares about that anyway, really?) and where Jacob and MIB came from. Sort of.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 7 years
What a waste of an episode.
kismekate kismekate 7 years
I certainly didn't feel like there were many answers this week.
flowergirl flowergirl 7 years
Come on!! I want to see the end already...
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