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Let's Get Lost: "What They Died For" Recap

It's coming! In case the finality of Lost hasn't quite hit you yet, this week's episode surely does the trick. While Flocke continues his vengeful rampage (more deaths!), Jacob returns to discuss matters with our four remaining Oceanic survivors — Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley. As the title suggests, he explains to the gang what Sayid, Sun, and Jin died for, which means we have a few explanations nicely spelled out for us. It was great to see the major players again after last week; plus Miles, Richard, and Ben are back on the scene after their hiatus.

I'm dying for this Sunday's finale, but before we get ahead of ourselves, let's try to fully understand this one. Just


  • The episode opens with a close up of Jack's eye — just like the pilot of the show did six seasons ago. We're in the sideways, and he walks over to the bathroom mirror (mirror reference!) to realize he's bleeding at his neck, exactly like when he was on the plane earlier this season. His son enters the room to mention his piano concert later that evening, and they go to eat breakfast where Claire shows up. Finally, it seems that Jack has some semblance of a family, which sort of made me all warm inside.
  • Jack receives a call that Oceanic has located his father's coffin, but — surprise! — it's Desmond on the end of the line. Desmond is trying to bring all of the passengers together, and he mysteriously knows exactly where each of them are going to be. Who is tipping him off? Or perhaps he knows because of his ability to time travel when he has a constant. He tries to run over Locke again in the school parking lot, until Ben intervenes. When he does, Desmond hits Ben until he has a flashback (or sideflash?), and he tells Ben that he wasn't trying to kill Locke; he was only trying to help him let go (the same thing Jack told Locke after his surgery). Once Ben relays the story to Locke (after staring in a mirror), Ben and Locke both start believing in these strange coincidences. Locke even returns to Jack at the hospital to tell him that he'd like to try the surgery.
  • Ben, Miles, and Richard are back! Were they really walking in the jungle this entire time? Seems so and Ben is leading them to the rundown camp where he says he's hiding C4 to blow up the plane. Outside of the compound, Miles starts hearing things, which Richard tells Ben is Alex. Spooky. Ben seems unfazed, and they enter his old house, where he's keeping the explosives in a secret closet...a closet that just so happens to have a mysterious passageway to summon the smoke monster? Then, Zoe and Widmore arrive on the scene. Widmore explains to Ben that he's carrying out Jacob's orders. Ben doesn't believe him, so when Flocke shows up, Ben leads Flocke straight to him (in return for Flocke's promise to later give Ben the island). Flocke kills Zoe (and chucks Richard into a tree), and then he asks Widmore to tell him why he's there; otherwise, he says, he'll kill Penelope. Widmore says it's to bring Desmond to the island because of his resistance to electromagnetism. He leans in to whisper further details to Flocke, but before we find out what they are, Ben shoots Widmore to get revenge for Alex's death, saying that Widmore doesn't get to save his owndaughter. Looks like Ben is fully on team Flocke now, as he offers to kill others for him, too.
  • Kate's still getting over her gunshot wound from the submarine, so Jack has to do some handiwork with a needle — again, a direct reference to the pilot where Kate sewed up Jack's wound with thread. They agree that they have to kill Flocke, so they set out to find Desmond. On the way, Hurley spots the young boy in the jungle again. The kid asks for the ashes from when Jacob died, so Hurley hands them over, but then takes off after the child. Once he comes to a clearing, we see Jacob by a campfire — Jacob is the boy, after all! He tells Hurley that his ashes are in the fire, and once it goes out, he'll be gone.
  • After Hurley's brief encounter, the entire group comes across Jacob later. He explains that he blames himself for how Flocke is, that he made him that way (no doubt, when he threw him into the water with the magical cave). Because of this, one of them has to take over for Jacob and protect the light at the center of the island. He says that he chose each of them because they were lonely like him and not leading happy lives. As for Kate, the reason her name was crossed off is because she became a mother to Aaron! Jack offers to take the responsibility as Jacob's replacement — yeah, like we didn't see that coming — and the two men walk off together.
  • Returning to the sideways, Desmond turns himself in for Locke's hit and run. Naturally, I presumed it was to get close to Sawyer to show him the visions, but I totally forgot that Kate and Sayid are under Sawyer's watch, too. Desmond gets locked up with both of them, and they move the three to a county jail. En route, Desmond tells them that if they do him a favor, he can help both of them get free. Thinking Desmond's crazy, Kate and Sayid agree, and the police van stops, the exit door opens, and Ana Lucia(!) is the cop letting them go. Desmond pays her off with Hurley's money, and Hurley shows up to help orchestrate the break. Sayid leaves with Hurley, and Kate with Desmond — to the same concert that Jack and his son are attending. Sounds like some major stuff is going to go down when we get to that recital in the finale. Any guesses as to where Sayid is going with Hurley though? Did they maybe find Shannon, and are taking him to her?!
  • Guess who else gets together in the sideways world — Ben and Danielle Rousseau! Alex offers to give Ben a ride home, and invites him to dinner with her mom. Danielle tells Ben that Alex's father died around the time she was born (just like on the island), and that Ben is the closest thing she has to a dad. Ben gets choked up, but I'm curious if we're going to see a romance between Danielle and Ben. The scene kind of hinted that it's a possibility, and we know that there's an unexpected romance in the pipeline. Or perhaps Ben was just staring intently at Danielle because he vaguely recognizes her from the island?
  • When Jack and Jacob are alone by the creek, Jacob goes into the same ritual we saw with his fake mother last week. He says a blessing over the water and has Jack drink it, then telling him "now you're like me" — the same thing fake mom said. Jack is officially the new Jacob, but I'm still wondering what will happen if the light does go out? We've had it somewhat explained, but the details are still unclear. Also, why can you only see the cave with the light if you've sipped the water (or if you're brought to it by someone who has)?
  • Flocke leads Ben to the well where he left Desmond. Only thing is, it appears that someone helped him escape. If it's not Jack and that group, who is it? Flocke is actually happy about this news, however. He reveals to Ben what Widmore whispered to him — that Desmond was a fail-safe in case Flocke killed all of the candidates. Flocke says he wants to find Desmond so he can help him do the one thing he couldn't do himself, which is destroy the island. My guess is this somehow involves electromagnets.

So there you have it — we got a few answers, but there are still plenty of looming questions left over for the finale this Sunday. Something tells me that we'll never learn the truth about everything, though (the show has to keep some mystery). Do you think Jack will succeed in killing Flocke? Or will he be stuck spending the rest of his days warding him off? As for the sideways, I can't wait to see his ex-wife. We know she's going to be at the concert, and this build-up for her reveal better mean that she's a huge surprise. Tell me what you thought about the episode in the comments below or in the Lost Fans group in the Buzz Community.

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