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Recap of Mad Men Episode "Hands and Knees" 2010-09-27 08:30:29

Mad Men's 5 Maddest Moments: Episode "Hands and Knees"

Oh, how the tables quickly turn on this week's Mad Men. The episode starts off on a promising note for Don; he calls Sally with news of Beatles tickets, which sends her into a screaming fit of pure joy. Even Betty seems impressed with the show of father-daughter love. Then it all goes downhill, as surprise visitors make the ad man lose his cool (and that's putting it mildly). Who comes to his rescue? A reluctant Pete, who is furious about having to keep Don's secret . . . yet again.

Don isn't the only one in trouble. Lane Pryce is in love with a new girl, but his father arrives on the scene to put a stop to all that. Joan has personal problems of her own, which quickly get swept under the rug. As for Roger, he's doing all he can to salvage his last shred of dignity at the agency. Let's recap the big events of the night when you


  • Secrets no more: Don's past catches up with him yet again. Pete's client North American Aviation does a background security check on Don, sending two men from the Department of Defense to question Betty about Don's "loyalty" (I had to laugh at her reaction to the word!). Despite their past animosity, Betty keeps mum about Don's desertion and true identity, but that doesn't make Don any less panicked about the investigation. Later, when he and Faye head to his apartment, the appearance of two mysterious government types in the hallway turns him into a paranoid, feverish mess as he hyperventilates, tears off his shirt, and fears that he's having a heart attack. After a nap and some soothing from Faye, he finally reveals his story to her. She knows the truth now, and best of all, she's willing to help him. The woman's a keeper, Don.
  • Whipping boy: In order to keep Don's secret from the government, Pete has to take the fall with North American Aviation, a client worth $4 million that he's been working on for years. He's understandably ticked, but you know how much Pete loves to play the martyr, telling Trudy "it's honest people who have to pick up the pieces" (side note: Trudy's pink maternity nightie was kind of hilarious, no?). He goes to Don's apartment to discuss the dilemma — where he happens to see Faye, oops! — and Don asks him to drop the account. Pete breaks the news at the partners' meeting, where Roger lays into him with a bleeped-out expletive. Racy stuff. But Roger is angrier than usual because of his own recent failures. For more on those, keep on reading.
  • Not-so-Lucky Strike: During a smoke-filled meeting, Lee Garner Jr. breaks the news to Roger that Lucky Strike is dropping Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Roger is irate about losing the account after 30 years of business and asks Garner for a 30-day grace period so he can buy himself some time to find new accounts. Let's face it: without Lucky Strike, Roger is essentially worthless to the agency in terms of monetary contribution. But hey, now that Garner is out of the picture, can Sal come back, please?
  • An unwanted surprise: The quickie between Joan and Roger has more permanent effects, as she tells him she's late. He makes a few remarks about how he'll take care of it, but she insists on going to get the abortion by herself. A train ride later, she's in a doctor's waiting room as the young mother of a 17-year-old girl cries about her daughter's own "operation." She asks Joan how old her own daughter is, to which Joan replies, "15" (perhaps Joan is referring to her first abortion and the child she never had). Joan deals with this latest procedure so quickly and coolly that it makes me wonder if she actually terminated the pregnancy.
  • Father knows best: When his father comes to visit, Pryce takes him and Don to a Playboy gentleman's club. There, we get to meet Toni, Pryce's new — as he calls her — "chocolate bunny." But when he suggests that daddy dearest and his new love go out for dinner just the three of them, his old man smacks him on the side of his head with his cane (I did not see that coming). He scolds his son to get his life in order and fly back to London, while Pryce quivers on the floor like a child. He announces to his partners that he's taking an absence to fly overseas, but that's all good, because the company is stable financially, right? Oh, if he only knew about Roger's little secret! Looks like Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce may be in a pickle once the finale hits in a few weeks.

What did you think of this week's episode? Did your mouth drop at Pryce's cane-smacking? Why did Don eye Megan in the show's final moments — will he ditch Faye for a fling? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or join the group It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Men World in the BuzzSugar Community to chat more!

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jadenirvana jadenirvana 6 years
I'm wondering if Dr. Faye's Mafia connections will come into play in helping Don out of this scrape, either in helping him set up a new life, or bribe a few officials, etc.
bisou002 bisou002 6 years
Joan's expression as she road the bus back...I kept looking at her and trying to figure out if it was a subtle look of happiness/contentment after deciding to keep the baby. Between Don's complete unraveling & Joan's ambiguity, what a great bunch of actors!
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
Onlysourcherry, thanks!!!!
LovelyLiLKatie LovelyLiLKatie 6 years
- i totally do not think that joan got the shmashmortion. I think being asked how old her daughter was made her realize she is getting to old to not have a child. - I like dr. faye (the character) i like that she's kind of a good influence on him and he feels like he can share wit her. When you flat out told her his secret that was a big step for him. And her reaction, saying she would help was phenomenal. I hope that he doesn't frick it up.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
Faye insinuated that her father's candy store was a front for the mafia. So she's not exactly in the mafia, but has some loose ties. She told Don about it during their first date dinner at the italian place.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
I also read a review stating Faye has mafia connections...I must have missed that insinuation on an old episode, anyone pick that up?
marcied23 marcied23 6 years
honestly, the way he looked at meghan i wondered if he didn't just take her to the seemed really iffy there. i don't hate faye, she's the one person who seems able to put don in his place...she's also one more person in on his secret so i wouldn't dismiss her so fast. i have a feeling that joan decided to keep the baby...she may just feel that it's time for her to have a child of her own. can't wait till next week's episode!
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
More references to Roger dying this week. Even though *I* wanted to smack him in the head with a cane when he was yelling at Pete and giving the thumbs up when asked about Lucky Strike, he is one of my fav characters and I will be bummed if he dies. And I can honestly say I have forgiven Pete for his weasly ways in the first three seasons. I really think he has grown up and he is 100% justified in being mad at Don! He has been a huge contributing force to SCDP, bringing in just about all of their new business and being thrwarted by the personal choices of Don and Roger. PS where is Freddy Rumsfeld? Did he get fired? Haven't seen him around the agency in ages.
care0531 care0531 6 years
Kudos to whoever it was that called the Joan pregnancy after last week. I am glad that I am not the only one that doesn't think she terminated the pregnancy. I think all of Rogers talking to her about it being a sign and military men get so excited they never do the math and know the difference...I think it all had something to do with it as well. I'm with you Woodlawngirl- I never really liked Faye but I am not totally sure why. Even though I don't like her it was a refreshing change to see Don actually seem so committed to one girl for once and to be able to share something so openly with her about his past while he kept it a secret from Betty for 11 years....but I hate to say it I got excited when I saw him looking at Megan that way at the end. I bet they ended up going out that night (after he told Faye he needed to be alone). I am loving the relationship that Sally and Don cute....and it makes me really happy. That poor little girl needs that.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
I LOVED this episode-I was just discussing that there weren't too many 1960's references in some of the other episodes and then-BAM! Playboy, BAM! The Beatles! BAM-the 'government'/communism! Awesome! I'm curious as well, BuzzSugar, if Joanie actually did terminate the pregnancy. That small conversation with the mother in the waiting room made me wonder if Joanie now thinks she's too old to *not* have the child-especially since the woman thought Joan was there with her own daughter. Joanie also said, 'we avoided a tragedy.' The question is: was the tragedy that was avoided the riddance of a baby that was not Greg's, or was the tragedy avoided the abortion?! And I can't believe I'm saying this-mainly because I love Peggy-but it was nice to have a break from her character. There are so many characters that deserve time on the show that don't get it, so it was a nice change of pace. Also, am I the only one that hates Faye? I just don't like her...maybe it's because I think the actress playing her is not up-to-par with the other actors on the show. Anyone else notice that longing look from Don toward Megan during that final scene?
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