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Recap of Mad Men Episode "Waldorf Stories" 2010-08-30 09:47:15

Mad Men's 5 Maddest Moments: Episode "Waldorf Stories"

Forget the Emmys, because this week on Mad Men, there's another coveted trophy: the CLIO awards! Don, Pete, Joan, and Roger attend the ceremony, where the agency (well, mainly Don) is up for honors for its Glo-Coat ad.

The win creates some jealousy, as Roger envies Don's prize — and the fact that Don kisses Joan probably doesn't help, either. Do you think the writers are setting the men up for a friendship fallout? At least they have one thing in common: they both love booze. Don spends most of the episode in a drunken haze where he doesn't remember anything. Luckily I do, so let's recap when you


  • Roger's memoirs: Hooray for flashbacks! As Roger works on his book, he reminisces about the beginning of his affair with Joan and his first meeting with Don when Don was just a sales guy at a fur shop (note the ad featuring Betty on the store wall as a wink to the viewer). At the time, Don was just a dreamer trying to get his foot in the door at Roger's agency through any means, even "bumping" into Roger at his office elevator. Roger takes all the credit for discovering Don's creative talent, but we know the truth: Don just got Roger to agree to hire him when Roger was too drunk to care otherwise.
  • Feeling liberated! Peggy is turning into quite the free spirit. First she starts hanging around beatnik artsy types, and now she's baring all? After hitting writer's block with her unfocused, fratboy-ish creative guy Rizzo, she decides to do something that is sure to get his attention by taking her clothes off. All of his talk about her being too stuffy and not "liberated" enough, and Peggy really one-ups him. Best of all, they get a good Vicks campaign out of it.
  • The CLIO Awards: Don, Joan, Roger, and Pete head to the Waldorf as nominees for an advertising CLIO Award (an off-the-wagon Duck makes a cameo, as well). Don gets soused at the affair, and then returns to the office, where he pitches a slew of bad slogans to Life cereal before heading to the afterparty at the local bar. He hits on Faye (called it!), but when she turns him down, Don goes home with another interested woman instead, followed by another woman. We always knew Don was a Lothario, but sleeping with two women, two nights in a row (and then forgetting it, no less) seems like a new low for him.
  • Team Cosgrove: We'll be seeing a lot more of Ken Cosgrove very soon. After meeting with Pryce, the former associate is returning to the fold, which of course makes Pete furious. Pete tells Pryce that he doesn't want his nemesis on his team, but Pryce insists that Cosgrove's clients will be a coup for the company. So Pete does what he does best: he brings Cosgrove in and belittles him. I think Pete is due for another swift kick to the ego sometime soon, and here's hoping Cosgrove is just the man to do it.
  • It's all about who you know: Roger sets Don up with a meeting with Jane's cousin, Danny (Jonathan from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer!), an ambitious but clueless ad hopeful much like Don's former self. After Danny shows his book of cliched ads, Don basically laughs in his face and kicks him out. But when drunk Don is in the middle of the aforementioned Life cereal meeting and reaching for ideas, he hands out one of the same slogans Danny had pitched. Peggy calls him out on the error, and soon Don is giving the kid a job. It'll be interesting to see how someone so clueless meshes with the office know-it-alls (looking at you, Peggy).

What did you think of the episode? It really felt like the show was putting Don up on a pedestal only to knock him down, and I loved it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or join the group It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Men World in the BuzzSugar Community to chat some more!

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Home Home 7 years
I like how the show is highlighting the dysfunctional nature of the drinking at SCDP, which we saw this episode through the Life cereal meeting, the 24-hour blackout, and Roger's drinking and lame memoirs. I was also struck this episode by how the women are the only ones who seem to be holding things together, whether they want to or not. If it weren't for Peggy and Joan that place would implode.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 7 years
oops, *24 hour blackout. I also wanted to say that I don't think pete was *too* out of line with Kenny. He's been a major force at SCDP and has some a LOT of good for the company, he doesn't want to worry that Kenny will swoop in and undo all of that because he's more likable. Also, Pete is a partner and Kenny will likely report to him, so it's not that crazy to need to establish the pecking order.
Entertainment Entertainment 7 years
Wow, he lost an entire day to drinking! Thanks for setting me straight on the time lapse, everyone. I assumed they went out for a late night bite after their time in bed, and then he just brought the waitress home right after.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 7 years
Yeah, it wasn't two in one night. He brought home the brunette woman on Friday night and woke up with the blonde on Sunday morning. Remember, when Betty called, he thought it was Saturday. He lost a whole day to drinking.
marcied23 marcied23 7 years
oh, his sister was the woman from friday night, the one that he met at the bar after they were out celebrating the win. yeah, he didn't sleep with two women in one night, he met one on friday hung out with her saturday and then took the waitress home on saturday night. also, danny is nothing like don before, mainly because he has absolutely no talent (he uses the same tagline for everything), the only reason he's there is b/c don was to drunk to realize what he was saying. either way i hope we see danny's departure really soon. also, pete is a nut, cosgrove is not out to get him...pete is just to big a baby to realize when someone else has talent. overall the episode was a solid one, although so far my favorite of the season is last week's episode (i really want to hear what sally has to say in therapy).
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Yeah, I was thinking it was the woman from the night before, but then I thought maybe it was another (third) woman. I'm glad you think it was the woman from the night before, too!
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 7 years
lilkimbo, I think you're right that Don was just on a 14 hour blackout. His "sister", I think, was the brunette from the night before who probably got annoyed with his drunken antics and left in a huff (hence the blonde's reaction of "was that your sister? i don't want to get in the middle of anything"). I also think it's not a coincidence that he was going by "Dick." Giddy, blacked out Don at that meeting looked a lot like early Draper/Whitman in the fur store. I know that Don will probably hook up with Dr. Faye eventually, but I'm not excited about it. It seems too obvious. Same with Joan, I hope that never happens. A respectful professional relationship is much more interesting than another notch on Draper's belt.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Oh, and I forgot to mention that I thought it was very intriguing when Doris (the waitress Don took home) called him Dick. And who was his sister?
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I thought it was a pretty solid episode. I feel like for a while the show has been hinting at the possibility of Don and Joan developing a closer relationship (not necessarily sexual/romantic, just closer). I'm interested to see that explored more. As far as Don and Roger goes, I don't think the two have ever really liked each. I'm pretty sure each resents the other, but I doubt there will be a big blow up; I think it will simmer under the surface for at least this season. Perhaps at the end of this season we'll see things come to a head. It was great at first to see Don kind of get his mojo back, but it quickly became sad when he forgot an entire day. On a side note, I don't think he was with two women in one night. It was Friday when he took the woman home from the CLIO after-party and it was Sunday morning when he woke up with the waitress, so I assumed he took her home Saturday night. Or am I missing something?
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