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Recap of The Office Episode "The Chump"

The Office, "The Chump": Best Lines of the Night

Michael is kind of horrible (you know, human being wise) on The Office this week, but despite him, this episode is pretty hard not to love.

Though Michael knows about Donna's husband, he stubbornly decides to keep seeing her, much to the disdain of his employees. Andy tries to give him a little lesson in what's right, but teaching Michael Scott isn't easy. Meanwhile, Dwight and Angela are trying to agree on the legal settlement terms of their baby arrangement, and Pam and Jim are, well, just trying to keep their eyes open. Each setup leads to some really funny interactions, so let's highlight a few favorites.

  • "You say radon is silent but deadly, and then you expect me not to make farting noises with my mouth?" — Michael
    In the opening sequence before the title credits, Toby gives the staff a very boring talk on the importance of the radon detectors in the office — which Michael has thrown out not once, but three times. He can't help it if they look like ant traps! But after being reprimanded, Michael launches into his hatred of Toby, which results in Dwight giving a demonstration of how to kill Bin Ladin, Hitler, and Toby with just one bullet. It's totally terrible towards Toby, but of course, hilarious.

For more funny quotes from the episode,


  • Pam: "I'm sorry, I was up all night with Cece; otherwise, I'd be running this."
    Erin: "That's okay. You probably shouldn't keep a baby up that late, though."

    Pam is clearly in need of a little shut-eye when she keeps yawning during her on-camera chat with Erin. The two are trying to cheer Michael up by pulling together a ton of badly named ice cream flavors (and shooing Toby away). Only thing is, Michael hasn't broken up with Donna yet.
  • Andy: "In any cheating movie, the person getting cheated on is the hero. You're Ali Larter. I'm Beyonce."
    Michael: "I am Beyonce always."
    Andy: "Not this time."

    Yes, Obsessed reference, awesome! As someone who was once the person who was cheated on, or a "cuckold," Andy tries to show Michael the error of his ways by taking him to a high school baseball game where Donna's husband is the coach. After awkwardly asking the man if he loves his wife, Andy gets Michael to come over to shake his hand. Unfortunately, even that has no effect, and Michael returns to the office only further insisting that cheating is okay. That is, until everyone shuts him out, at which point Michael's guilt and need to be liked get the best of him, and he breaks it off with her.
  • "Five times for $30,000 dollars? Not a bad stud fee. Better than most horses." — Dwight
    Dwight's legal negotiation with Angela finally comes back to bite him in the ass. Remember how the two agreed to procreate? Now that Dwight hasn't lived up to his end of the bargain, a lawyer is stepping in to go over specifics — which include a beet juice cleanse (Angela has beet-colored teeth!) and a Benjamin Button clause in case the baby comes out looking like an old man. But when the settlement payment winds up around $30K, Dwight agrees to sleep with Angela five more times to solidify her chances of having a child. And then they go do it in the freight elevator.
    Honorable Mentions:

  • Kelly thinking the book on anthropology in the library was about the store Anthropologie
  • Dwight trying to damage his sperm with the microwave
  • Jim and Pam going to the secret sleeping spot in the warehouse — and overhearing Angela and Dwight getting it on

Did you enjoy this episode as much as I did? Have a favorite part or line that I missed? Do you think Dwight got a fair deal? Speak up in the comments or head over to The Office! group to chat more.

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