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Recap of The Office Episode "Sex Ed"

The Office, "Sex Ed": Best Lines of the Night

STDs are spreading on TV this week. First, there were the rumors about Serena on Gossip Girl, and Michael has a situation of his own on The Office. Despite his attempts to cover up with a fake mustache, his employees spot a sore by his mouth. It's bad news for his former lovers, but good for us: we get to see Jan, Helene, and Carol again! Actually, the only major love interest who doesn't appear in person is Holly (although we hear her over the phone). By the end of the episode, Michael realizes that she's the only ex that he still cares about, perfectly setting things up for her return. I hope it's soon!

Meanwhile, Andy instructs his fellow co-workers on the importance of safe sex with some photos to really drive the point home, and Gabe is on to Andy's lingering feelings for Erin. It's fun seeing Michael's ladies return for the episode, though it's heavy on the herpes talk. Keep that in mind as you look over some of the funny lines of the night. Check them out when you


  • "Look, it's a pimple, Phyllis. Avril Lavigne gets them all the time, and she rocks harder than anyone alive." — Michael, after he reveals his supposed cold sore
  • Meredith: "I know tons and tons of people who've had herpes. I had it myself. That's what it is."
    Dwight: "I've never seen herpes on you."
    Meredith: "Because it's on my genitals, genius."
  • Andy: "Now, I'm going to show you a picture of genitalia."
    Pam: "Oh, Andy."
    Andy: "What? Is it because he's black?"
    Jim: "No, it's because it's genitalia."
  • "Just a quirky, indie movie, weird sort of thing, breaking all the rules, but had to end, because the Summer was over . . . for you." — Michael, when Helene asks what he thought their relationship was
  • "I asked you if it was OK if I asked her out. You said, and I quote, 'Well, good sir, nothing would make me happier than to hand you the hand of the hand once in my hand.' I specifically remember it, because you said it in such a weird way." — Gabe, while confronting Andy about Erin

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy seeing Michael proclaim his feelings to Holly? Did the show push the herpes jokes a bit too far? Sound off in the comments or click on over to The Office community group!

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Join The Conversation
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 6 years
The Office has got its old fire back! The past episodes have been great! BTW, this episode had me laughing out loud so much.. especially with Andy's antics during his "talk". :D There were so many wonderful lines in this episode, I'm so watching this again. In like... right now. lol
lizcrewzn lizcrewzn 6 years
You left out the end of the conversation with Meredith revealing her herpes... it was the best part. Kevin: "You have a penis?"
ameliajc ameliajc 6 years
I loved Michael's honesty at the end of this episode. Forget Erin and Andy. Michael and Holly are the new Jim and Pam on this show.
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