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Recap, Quotes, and Video From The Office Episode "Shareholder Meeting"

The Office, "Shareholder Meeting": Best Lines of the Night

Looks like The Office is trying for a little economic relevance. While it sort of knocks you over the head this week — e.g. showing the Dow Jones sign — you can't blame the writers for making the story timely. Michael travels to New York for a shareholders meeting with Dwight, Andy, and Oscar in tow, but instead of being honored for his work at the branch, he steps into what's essentially a sounding board for grievances.

Lots of great quotes in this episode, so let's recap some of my favorites, shall we? (Don't worry, I've included Michael's big speech.)

  • "Recyclops will drown you in your over-watered lawns."—Dwight
    Obviously the writers had to plug NBC's Green Week like the rest of the network, but The Office's is one of the most creative. I especially enjoyed Jim's side story about how Recyclops's fictional planet was attacked and he "vowed to destroy the planet he once loved." Oh, and his nemesis Polluticorn, which is actually a Power Rangers reference. They could've made the entire episode about Recyclops, and I would've been happy — if for nothing else, just to see Dwight rock that weird eye headband.
  • For more quips from the evening, including a deleted limo scene,


  • Dwight: "Oh, I'm sorry were you raised in a household with no consequences?"
    Woman in line: "It'll just be a second."
    Dwight: "Oh, if onlys and justs were candies and nuts, then every day would be Erntedankfest."

    Dwight lays into the woman in the microphone line when she wants to use the bathroom, but his special comeback phrase really made me laugh. I plan on reciting it myself at least once this week. (By the way, I googled "Erntedankfest" and it's Germany's Thanksgiving. Dwight taught me something!)

  • Pam: "Well, I can't really imagine you yelling at anyone."
    Jim: "Oh, I yell, you've heard me yell."
    Pam: "Oh, okay. I've heard you exclaim, like the time you said, Hey look, we parked over here."
    Jim: "Well that was apple picking day. There's no need to yell that day. You know, I was just excited to find the car. Perfect end to a perfect day."

    Aw, Jim. You try so hard to be tough. But you've got to admit that putting Ryan in the closet is genius. Not only does it teach the guy a lesson, but I'm considering it payback for all of those weird getups that Ryan's been wearing recently. (Remember the fedora?!)

  • "We're gonna come back with a plan for you, it's a 45-day plan, 45 days to get us back on track, 45 points. It's a 45-day, 45 point, one point per day, we get the 45 points. We are back in business. And you can take that to the bank. And limo lady, we are going completely carbon neutral! I love you New York!"—Michael
    Best. Speech. Ever. God forbid anyone ever give Michael Scott a mic — serves them right. Oh, and speaking of limos, check out this funny deleted scene of the boys in their ride.

  • "I just want to say that I believe that there are options out there. A take-a-number option like they have in a deli. What about line varieties? Like an express line for quick comments of ten words or less that could move much more efficiently. What about ropes along the lines that you can hold on to?"—Dwight
    I was always welcome a ridiculous Dwight rant, and this was one of his better ones.

Alright, so your turn! What'd you think of the episode? The whole situation has me questioning what's going to happen to Michael in next week's episode. The guy destroys the shareholders meeting, his CEO is annoyed, and then he runs off with the limo — are there going to be repercussions?


If you're a Dunder Mifflin fanatic, head on over to The Office! group in the BuzzSugar Community!

Photo and videos courtesy of NBC

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