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Desperate Housewives Rundown, "Boom Crunch"

Well folks, the moment we've all been waiting for — the big Desperate Housewives plane crash — has finally arrived. Many conflicts came to a head this week: Bree and Orson (then Orson and Karl!), Susan and Katherine, Gaby and Lynette. Plus, we get another clue about Angie's big crime and the crash turns out to be a romantic gesture gone horribly wrong.

Ready to talk about the least wonderful time of the year for Wisteria Lane? Just


Katherine and Susan: As Susan is helping her friends prepare for the annual Yuletide Festival, Katherine is wheeled out of her house on a stretcher. Before she gets into the ambulance, she implicates Mike in her stabbing (shocker). Susan goes to the hospital and begs Katherine to confess, but Katherine claims that Mike stabbed her because Katherine said she was with another man. Susan takes matters into her own hands, bringing Dylan into the situation (and, um, committing fraud right in front of a lawyer). When Dylan arrives we learn that Katherine is even crazier than we thought: she's led Dylan to believe that Katherine and Mike have been married all this time, and when Dylan confronts her mother, Katherine has a breakdown in the hospital. Hey, better to be locked up than to be hanging out at the plane crash pad.

Lynette and Gaby: Lynette and Gaby continue their cat fight, spilling their dirty laundry (and secrets) to their friends and neighbors. Both sides of the feud are suffering: the Scavos are clipping coupons (is it just me or does it seem like they should have some more savings?) while Carlos realizes that getting sued isn't going to help his reputation (no kidding). When Lynette tries to apologize, Gaby rebuffs her — and they even manage to ruin the "Jingle Bells" concert at the festival. Though they haven't made amends by the end of the episode, Lynette pushes Celia out of harm's way. I'm thinking that Lynette is sadly going to lose those twins, but her heroism will patch things up with Gaby and Carlos.


Bree: Bree finally slaps Orson with divorce papers and is surprised to hear that Orson never intended to actually send Bree to jail. Later on, Orson is pained to overhear Bree happily making plans with "her darling" and asks Bree to keep her boyfriend a secret so that he can enjoy the festival. Too bad Karl has other intentions — he's hired a plane to fly by with a marriage proposal banner. Upon Bree's request, he breaks the news to Orson, and they fistfight in one of the Christmas cabins. After the crash, all we see is a bloody hand in the cabin and Mary Alice's ominous voice over. My money's on Orson, but it seems like he was on the way out anyway — what say you?

Angie: After Danny wakes up in the hospital and declares himself "Danny" again, his nurse confronts the Bolens about their son's mixed up situation. When she suggests that the Bolens are in the witness protection program, Angie and Nick go along with her theory (um, though they also jokingly threaten to have Mona "whacked"). When Mona gives Danny a ride home, Danny misunderstands her and accidentally tells her "everything" — but all the audience learns is that there's terrorism involved. Mona tries to blackmail Angie for $67 grand, but the Bolens catch a break when Mona becomes the first victim of the tragic crash.

So who else do you think will fall victim to the crash? Will Lynette lose her twins? And what will happen to Katherine now that she's committed?

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LovelyLiLKatie LovelyLiLKatie 7 years
so over katherine i was doing cart-wheels when she was dunzo, although the part where shes running in tiny circles and no one can catch her is kind of ridiculous.
bethinabox bethinabox 7 years
Can people please not post spoilers that they've read elsewhere in the discussions on here? :( It's kind of annoying. I really hope it's Orson that dies... I hated Bree and Karl at first, but now I kind of like them! It would be soo sad to end right as I'm warming up to them! And I'm happy that there is finally an opportunity for Gabby and Lynette to make up. Fighting is no fun! Can't wait to find out more about what Angie did! Wish we didn't have to wait until January for more!!!
vouninou vouninou 7 years
I read elsewhere that Karl is the one who dies in the cabin. Too bad, I liked him better than Orson so I hope it was just a wrong spoiler. It seems that in a future episode, Susan will "inherit" something special from Karl. On another hand, if Orson dies, I guess Bree would feel guilty and have some regrets which prevent her to go any further with Karl. I'm also pretty sure that Lynette lost her twins in her heroic gesture. It saddens me, I think it's a very high price to pay ... furthermore as I think that while she not all white in this conflict with Solises, she's not the one to blame here.
amibja amibja 7 years
I think it's Karl who is dead. Lynette's probably gonna lose the baby and things between her and Gabby will patch up thanks to the heroic Celia rescue. I feel bad for Katherine, although I liked her more in season 4
Fixe Fixe 7 years
this was such a good episode!!!! i can't wait to see what happens!! katharine is crazy lol
msshellokitty msshellokitty 7 years
I stopped watching when I read Lynette will lose a twin.I hate how tv shows are so quick to kill a baby.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 7 years
I liked this episode. As for the hand, it looks like a woman's hand to me... hmmm... either way, I hope it's not Karl as I have really started to like his character. Orson was getting old. I used to love him when he was with Bree but their constant fighting is getting old. I hope Mona dies, she is a B-Itch. Also, it's about time Katherine gets locked up. Sheesh, I am so over her craziness. Lastly, I think lynette will be injured and may lose both or just one baby... but for sure that is how they are going to patch up things with Gaby and Carlos.
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