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Recap and Review of FlashForward Episode, "A561984"

FlashForward Breakdown, "A561984"

This week's episode of FlashForward isn't simply the holiday show — it's the last we'll see of the cast until March! The show was originally scheduled to return in January, but the date was recently pushed back. So is the Fall finale enough keep audiences satisfied for the next three months? I thought it was good, but not that that good.

Holiday tunes are all over this episode, though the characters are too preoccupied to celebrate. Mark and Demetri head to Hong Kong, where they get a very big shock, Lloyd and Simon go public with some of their information about the blackout, and Olivia and Llyod get a little bit closer. Ready for a chat to tide you over for a while? Then just


Killer instinct: Mark and Demetri arrive in Hong Kong and are greeted by an angry phone call from Stan and a local FBI agent who's been waiting for them. Determined to find Nhadra Udaya, aka the woman behind Demetri's phone call, they ignore their superiors and — after a bout of coercion with a shop owner — find her. She's reluctant to give up any information, but then — surprise! She reveals that it's actually Mark who is destined to shoot Demetri on March 15. Mark is even more shocked than I am to hear this news, and he takes the woman hostage in his moment of rage. Stan is obviously not pleased when the news gets back to him, and Mark turns over his gun and badge to Demetri — just to prove to his buddy that he's not going to do anything to jeopardize his partner's life. Oh and D. Gibbons? He's just hanging out with Nhadra. This lady knows far too much.


Front page news: Staying true to his promise, Simon allows Lloyd to make a public announcement about their experiment, admitting that they may have caused the blackout. Naturally this causes a huge uproar, and a woman is taking shots at Lloyd within minutes. Meanwhile, a disgruntled Simon pays a visit to Stan and asks for a job, where he gets a twist of his own: though Simon believes himself to be the inventor of those structures found in Somalia (as it turns out, they're lasers), they were actually erected in 1991 — one year before Simon came up with the idea. Naturally, Simon's a little peeved, but it's Lloyd who gets burned. At the end of the episode, Lloyd is putting Dylan in an ambulance to send him to a hospital that's a little more safe, but the paramedics are actually there to kidnap Lloyd, leaving Olivia holding a frightened Dylan in her arms as the ambulance speeds away.

Secrets and lies: Demetri's fiancee Zoey makes a call to his parents to beg them to come to her upcoming wedding. Since Zoey sees Demetri's parents in her flashforward, their attendance would ensure Demetri's survival, right? Wrong. At a funeral, Zoey realizes that Demetri's disapproving parents would never acquiesce and attend their son's nuptials to a woman of another race — but they would attend his memorial service. When Zoey confronts Demetri's mom, she admits that she knew what the flashforward meant but had been keeping it a secret because she didn't want to believe it. The bright side is that Demetri's mother is finally accepting of Zoey — but is that enough to save Demetri's life?

Other plot points:

  • Nicole gives Bryce a "good luck in love" gift. But is the gift really meant for Keiko or for herself?
  • With Bryce's help, Janis officially decides that she wants to get pregnant and heads off to the sperm bank.
  • Lloyd and Olivia realize that they narrowly missed meeting each other a few years back. Hmm . . .

How'd you feel about the midseason finale? Did you think the holiday tunes were a bit forced (I did, though I did like The Christmas Carol aspect). Do you think Mark will end up shooting Demetri? In the three-minute preview, it looks like the two guys are at odds.

Photo copyright 2009 ABC, Inc.

zeze zeze 7 years
I liked this episode a lot, especially after a the last episode. I hate that it's not coming back till March, and hearing that it may get cancelled makes it hard to care about the show all the way until then... I also agree with Myfairlady, the Olivia thing did come out of nowhere, you don't go from being rude and mean to avoid what may be to letting him touch your hair and asking him about alternate realities where they get married. It's kind of sad that he had more respect for her marriage than she did and didn't answer that question. On the Demetri thing, my sister has this theory or feeling that Dem is actually a bad person and it will turn out that Mark should have shot him...she is basing it on a feeling and on the fact that he was sooooo against investigating the blackout...
meeshee meeshee 7 years
why isn't this show more popular? i think it's SO good! very upset that it's going to be so long until the next episode.
lccc lccc 7 years
The episode was flawed but entertaining. Why is ABC pushing the new season to March? I'm mad enough I have to wait months for a new Lost episode, and now this. They shouldn't take the audience for granted.
myfairlady93 myfairlady93 7 years
One of the major issues I had with this episode is that the whole season Olivia has been avoiding Lloyd and now all of a sudden they're all chummy and he's touching her hair. Their scenes together made absolutely no sense to me, considering how she acted towards him previously.
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