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Recap and Review of Glee Episode "Throwdown"

Glee-ful Highlights and Video From Episode "Throwdown"

This week on Glee, we find out what happens when two teachers who can't stand each other stop being polite and start gettin' real. It doesn't take very long for Sue and Will to start arguing over how to direct the glee club (even fighting in their voiceovers), and Sue succeeds in turning the kids against each other in the process. Will's problems start to affect his life at home as Terri is still struggling to keep her pregnancy a secret (with the help of her wacky sister).

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  • One of my favorite performances this week is when all the kids sing "Ride With Me" as a group — even though they're not supposed to be seen together. I kinda loved that we get to hear them actually singing freestyle instead of the usual prerecorded in the studio stuff.
  • Sue has her hilarious array of one-liners as usual and wastes no time getting all offensive and dividing the club into "Sue's Kids" (aka the minorities) and handing over the rest of the students to Will. The chain of events are typical right up to the end, when Will finally gets through to her and they call a truce of sorts. But how long will that last?
  • Speaking of truces, the peace between Rachel and Quinn is already broken within minutes of this episode, and surprise — it's all about Finn! I was glad that Quinn finally gets her own solo while standing up for herself to Finn. I know we're supposed to hate her and root for Rachel instead, but she's growing on me — and I kinda think she deserves a better boyfriend. On the other hand, naming the baby Drizzle is kind of hilarious.
  • Quinn gets all worked up when Rachel and Finn are selected to perform "No Air," but I wasn't really feelin' the chemistry on this one. Need a refresher? Check out the video below.

  • Emma is nowhere to be found this week, but there's plenty of tension between Terri and Will to fill in the gaps. Terri blackmails her doctor into conducting a fake sonogram for Will's benefit, which reminded me just how ridiculous that entire storyline is. (Really? We're supposed to believe that Will has never seen Terri change her clothes since she started wearing that fake bump?) It was almost too heartbreaking when Will's eyes well up at the end. Can't the truth just come out already?
  • Sidenote: is anyone else ready for the inevitable episode where Tina starts to gain confidence and overcome her stutter? It's a bit of overkill at this point.
  • Sue drops a big bomb at the end of the episode when she nails Quinn for being pregnant. (Oh. Snap.) I have to admit that while Avril Lavigne isn't my favorite artist, I did like the spin the club put on her "Keep Holding On." Or maybe I'm just a sucker for when they perform in matching outfits. Video below!

What'd you think of this week's episode? Did you miss Emma? Are you ready for Quinn and Finn to call it quits? Sound off in comments and check out the Glee Club in the BuzzSugar Community!

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jenniferg jenniferg 7 years
I sooo disagree with you here Buzz...why is Finn all of a sudden the bad boyfriend? Yes he has feelings for Rachel but he is staying with Quinn and supporting her, and isn´t she the one who has been lying to him all this time and the one who cheated on him in the first place? In my opinion it´s Finn who deserves a better girldfriend, not the other way around...and I also disagree with SexyNeverLeft78, to me Quinn has never seemed guilty about lying to Finn, and the emotions she was portraying when they were performing Keep Holding On was all about her feeling sorry for herself, because now everyone at school knew about the pregnancy, because her parents would probably know soon, and because she would soon be kicked out of the cheerios, so again, it´s all about her
melissaS melissaS 7 years
I missed Emma! Sometimes I just can't stand Terri. I think Quinn is growing on me too. I wonder if she's ever going to tell Finn that the baby isn't his. Puck's going to have a solo nextweek! Its on youtube but I'm trying to ignore it till the episode shows
DCBaxter DCBaxter 7 years
This was probably my favorite episode, besides episode 2 (the "season premiere") - so many laughs and so much growth. Quinn is growing on me too - when she got emotional at the end of "Keep Holding On" I felt for her! Of course I agree with everyone else - Sue Sylvester makes this show. And as crazy as she is, I love Terri, mostly BECAUSE of her craziness. "Oh Will. You don't think they were drunk when they wrote their papers?" Ha! But agreed that the fake pregnancy needs to come to an end. I missed Emma - and I really hope the marriage doesn't go through. I care so little about Tina, I don't care about her stutter. I find it interesting that they've paid more attention to some of the lesser known characters (like Mercedes and Kurt) than others (Tina and Artie). I'd like some back story on those two please. Every week, I love this show even more.
zeze zeze 7 years
All of you that love Sue, need to watch Role Models. That movie is hilarious because of her!
pianoteacher1 pianoteacher1 7 years
I don't know, maybe I was in a bad mood, but I think this is one of the worst episode of Glee so far! I think all the songs arrangements are not successful. The one saving grace is when they all sing "keep holding on". It's so emotional and it feels like they are finally united to support Quinn. I think she's a good character, but omg, she can't sing if her life's depend on it. And I mean come on, Terri's storyline is too soap-opera and her sister is just someone I wish a car would run over her. Not believable at all! The only believable thing is Mr. Schu's tears (so touching). If your wife is lying to you about being pregnant, that's a DEALBREAKER! (I love the premiere of 30 Rock, I hope the show is still strong this season!) BUT I love all the fighting between Sue and Mr. Schu, and I am sure that Sue is plotting something and pretending to call a truce. Overall, I like the dramatic part so much more than the musical numbers.
amybdk amybdk 7 years
That was one of the highlights for me, Buzz.
popcorn19 popcorn19 7 years
I loved this episode-- I think it was very emotional...yet funny and the music was great. And I too love Quinn now, as she seems one of more three-dimensional characters. I too thought "Holding On" was so moving. However--I think all of these storylines/lying needs to stop because it's getting old fast. If this is the final episode of the deception, I will probably love it even more. But if it continues to be dragged out, I think it might drag the quality/emotion of this episode down with it.
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 7 years
they need to have people find out it's puck's baby stat. and that terri isn't preggers... poor mr. shue. but seriously, give me more sue! jane lynch is AMAZING.
Yunaskam Yunaskam 7 years
I pretty much loved this episode! I completely agree with sexyneverleft, the moment where finn grabs both quinn's and rachel's hands is so emotional. This episode was fantastic because of Jane Lynch. She was hilarious in it. My opinion of Mr. Shue went down though because he should be aware by now that his wife isn't pregnant. He's either completely self involved, or just stupid. I miss Emma too! She better not be married by the next episode.
SexyNeverLeft78 SexyNeverLeft78 7 years
Oh Buzz, you had me with the Real World reference hahahahaha! Great epsiode all around, but I was actually moved by Quinn's performance when they were singing Keep Holding On. Quinn's feeling increasingly guilty about lying to Finn about the baby, so in a way she's holding onto Finn when she knows she should let him go and be with Rachel. When Finn grabbed both Rachel and Quinn's hands, I was touched. ok maybe I'm an old softie, but I appreciate how Glee is tackling teenage pregnancy instead of glamorizing it. But Sue Sylvester's "roll call" of cripple, gay kid, asain, other asian, Aretha and me rolling! Sue Sylvester is the female Michael Scott, hiliariously ignorant and I love it!
divinedebris divinedebris 7 years
I really do love this show, it's just fantastic and so much fun to watch. I like all of the characters and I hope they give a lot of the Glee clubbers more screen time and we get some more fleshed out characters, love Puck he's got hottie potential. And I hope they make Rachel less annoying, I can't root for her if she bugs me like she does. And why are girls fighting over dimwitted Finn? I agree, "Ride Wit Me" was fantastic, I loved it.
tarabara1229 tarabara1229 7 years
I can't stand Terri, but I think her sister is hilarious- calling her children "creepy ginger kids" haha So glad we got to see a lot of Sue in this episode!
care0531 care0531 7 years
I am finding one week they do more musical #'s and then the next week not so much- but I did really enjoy this week with all the musical numbers. I would like them to start showing a softer side to Puck like him caring a little more about what he has done to Quinn and trying to do right by it. Then maybe she will see him in a new light. I love Sue. Her crazy phrases and comments remind me a lot of Vince Vaughn- anyone else see that?
Juiceee Juiceee 7 years
Ever since the Say A Little Prayer video, I knew Quinn was going to be my favorite character of the show. Love her. Of course the highlight was Nelly's Ride Wit Me.. I loved how everyone pulled that off.
cibele cibele 7 years
Agree with bleached. Now Finn is the bad boyfriend? Yeah, she deserves another boyfriend: Puck. The girl lies, cheats, play innocent with a straight face, but hey, she's pregnant and can get away with it. And she does not grown on me, she's just meh. And I didn't like her song/solo. But maybe it was the song selection. And Sue is just hilarious. I missed Emma, she's cute.
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
soooo many performances this week...i loved it!! ride with me was awesome! i'm starting to like quinn also...she's not just a b*tchy cheerio anymore, she's actually struggling!
bleached bleached 7 years
Can we not forget that the baby isn't even Finn's? How is Finn the bad boyfriend when she is the one who cheated on him in the first place? Or does my missing two weeks of Glee make these questions moot...
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 7 years
I totally missed Emma in this episode. She's my second favorite, after Sue. I liked all of the solidarity among the Glee kids this week. I loved when they all jammed together, just to hang out. And when they all walked out on Will and Sue fighting (especially when the jocks helped Artie get up the stairs). I also am glad that Quinn got a solo. I think it's time Puck got one, too.
suziryder suziryder 7 years
I'd say it's misleading to say "Terri is still struggling to keep her pregnancy a secret," because it's the fact that she's not pregnant that's the secret. Quinn was growing on me in this episode, too. As for Tina's stutter, I'm looking forward to the episode when all the characters can start chilling out on their One Distinguishing Personality Trait and start being more three-dimensional characters.
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