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Recap and Review of House Episode "Epic Fail"

House Rundown, "Epic Fail"

While last week's episode of House was an awesome look at the inner workings of House the man, it was nice to get back to the medical drama that we know and love, even if it wasn't quite business as usual. It's interesting to see what happened while House was away, and it's also fun to see how House was coping with being away.

Did you watch? What did you think? Let's discuss some of the key moments (spoilers ahead!) when you


  • Was anyone else thrown off by the video game starting? For a few seconds I thought my TiVo had recorded the wrong show. I must admit though, I loved the ridiculous gaming scenes, especially when they come back later with our fave doctors as characters.
  • What did you think of Foreman as boss? Do you think he has the chops to run the department? It didn't surprise me that he jumps at the chance, although I hated how he suddenly doesn't want to listen to Thirteen.
  • While we're on the subject of Foreman and Thirteen, can I just say that I find their pairing totally forced? Were you surprised when he fires her at the end? I literally yelled at my TV when he did. Wouldn't you break up with him if you were in her place?
  • Speaking of Thirteen, did you catch her Jeremy Piven mercury poisoning joke? If not, then as she said, go Google it. Or just read about it here
  • What did you think of Wilson and House's cooking class brodate? It was hands-down my favorite moment of the evening. I just love their old married couple dynamic. Also, what about all the food House is making? I'm going to have to get my gal YumSugar to whip me up some of that ragu.
  • I know I just said that the brodate was my favorite moment, but how can I not mention the scene with Cuddy in the kitchen? I loved it when the random Chinese lady tells Cuddy to kiss him or get out.
  • I was glad to see that Dr. Nolan is still on the show. I find him to be such a calming presence in the rest of chaos, and hope we get to see these therapy sessions for a little while longer.
  • Did you love the twist at the end? I knew that there's no way they could the department without House. Although when Foreman had the breakthrough over pruned fingers, I wondered if it was possible to solve a medical mystery without an epiphany.

Well folks, what did you think? I thought it was a strong return for the show, and I can't wait for next week's episode. How long will House stay clean? And I wonder how long the old gang (Cameron, Chase, and Foreman) will be around. Especially since we know that Jennifer Morrison is leaving the show. I also wonder if Thirteen and Taub will show up again. Something tells me they will, but then again, the writers have proven to be great at throwing us off, so we'll all just have to tune in and find out.

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