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Recap and Review of Lost Episode "Everybody Loves Hugo"

Let's Get Lost: "Everybody Loves Hugo" Recap

This week Lost flips the alternate reality switch on Hurley with the episode "Everybody Loves Hugo" — a juxtaposition of the wording of season two episode "Everybody Hates Hugo."

While things certainly are different in Hurley's other life, the lines of the two worlds are starting to blur as some characters are becoming aware of another distinct life. Let's get down to business when you


  • In Hurley's alternate world, Pierre Chang is dedicating an award to Hurley and his great life. The paleontology wing is named after him, and we see his other charitable efforts, which include things like a hospital and an "experimental farm." His mom wishes the ladies loved cool H, though, and she sets him up on a blind date. It's Libby who appears, not as his date, but because she recognizes him. She asks him if he thinks people can be connected, and in soulmates, then says, "You don't remember me, do you?" as well as "I meant everything I said." She's just another in the growing list of folks in the alternate timeline who realize that they experienced the original timeline. Dr. Brooks (Hurley's old therapist) pulls her away before she can say more. Shaken, Hurley visits a branch of his famous Mr. Clucks. Among those there: Samm Levine! And Desmond, who recognizes him from the flight (orrr does he recognize him from their previous entanglement?). Desmond is intrigued by Hurley's tale of Libby, which I think is because he now believes.
  • Back on the island, Hurley is tending to Libby's grave when Ilana tells him her plan to get the dynamite to blow up the plane. Just after hearing the whispers again, he sees Michael, who tries to discourage the dynamite plan. Could Michael be on Flocke's side, having made a deal with him? Hurley takes the advice seriously and warns the group about the dynamite, specifically citing its instability. Ilana promptly blows up (!) in front of everyone (a Tricia Tanaka allusion?). Guess I didn't like her much anyway.
  • At Flocke's camp, Flocke says all the passengers have to leave together on the plane the way they came, just as Ben had told the Oceanic six in LA. Sayid returns and shows Flocke Desmond tied up, though there was no need — Des is there willingly. He doesn't know why he's been brought back by Widmore, but I have a feeling Flocke knows why. While strolling through the jungle, Desmond and Flocke see a young boy, and Flocke bristles as he did when that blond kid showed up and told him he couldn't kill Sawyer. Are these kids young versions of island inhabitants, or some sort of messengers? Was he going to tell Flocke that he couldn't kill Desmond?
  • In his alternate life, Hurley goes to the Santa Rosa Mental Institute, the same place he'd been a patient twice before. Though Dr. Brooks tells Hurley that Libby has "issues with reality," a quick payoff gets him access to her. In the room at the institute, we see a man playing Connect Four, as Leonard Simms once did. Also of note: there's a drawing of an island on the chalkboard with a large monster (a crocodile?) overtaking it. Libby says seeing Hurley on TV brought back memories of another life, and divulges everything from the "normal" timeline — the plane crash, the island, Hurley and her liking each other. He still has no recollection of her or anything she's talking about, but he asks her out anyway.
  • Back on island time, Hurley finds a book with a Russian title and a mysterious bag. The bag seems to convince him of something, and then we see what that is: he destroys the dynamite (Black Rock go boom), explaining to Richard, "I'm protecting it." It? What is it — the Black Rock, the island, the plane? Richard doesn't believe he's acting on Jacob's orders and refuses Hurley's suggestion to talk to Flocke. Miles and Ben join Richard, but new man of faith Jack believes in Hurley. And a long-lasting Lost mystery is revealed: the whispers! Hurley figures it out via Michael, who is one of the souls stuck on the island who can't move on because of what they did there. To that end, Michael asks Hurley to tell Libby he's very sorry if he ever sees her again.
  • On the real date they finally get to have, Hurley takes Libby to the beach (awkward choice, dude). He questions why she likes him, and when she kisses him, he gets flashbacks to the original timeline, like Desmond, Charlie, and Daniel had.
    Desmond is watching them, which I suspect is because he knows Hurley is connected to the weirdness with Penny, Daniel, and Charlie. But it could also be a Widmore directive, right?
  • At a well in the jungle (the well Locke went down during the flashes?), Flocke explains that the creators of the well were looking for answers, because it made compass needles spin (from electromagnetism?). The whole thing kind of parallels Locke's experience looking over the hatch with Jack. Just after he tells Desmond that Widmore is only using him and interested in power, he wonders aloud why Des isn't afraid of him. One creepy smirk later, Flocke tosses him down the well. To me, it's another indication that Flocke knows Desmond is a crucial element.
  • Hurley surprises Flocke by entering his camp to talk, and finally, the two sides meet. Tellingly, Jack and Flocke have a familiar rapport, but boy is that "Hello, Jack" foreboding. Anyone else notice that Jack has now assumed Locke's old man of faith role, and even echoes Locke's famous line when he says he doesn't like when people tell him what to do?
  • In the alternate reality, Desmond is watching Locke at the high school where he and Ben work. When Ben asks what he's doing there, Des says he's checking it out for his fake son (and uses his real son's name in the other world, Charlie). I did not expect what came next: Desmond brutally runs over Locke in his wheelchair! Is this a Widmore order, or is he flashing from the original timeline and exacting revenge on Locke just after Locke threw him down the well?
  • Let me know what you think of this episode below, and you may see your brilliant insight in my comment roundup. And if you're insatiable, you can always join the Lost Fans group in the Buzz Community!

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tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
Pierre Chang confused me. He was the same age in alt reality that he was in the 70's on the island when Sawyer, et al worked there. How is that possible?
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
I actually have thought the whispers were ghosts for along time. Recently I thought maybe they were the voices of the alt reality maybe, but I don't see how them being ghosts are far fetched. I definitely think Desmond has some kind of understanding between his alt reality and his island self. That must be why Flocke wanted to get rid of him. Maybe he's the next Jacob and that's why Flocke didn't just straight away kill him, he pushed him into the well. And we saw next week maybe Sayid shooting down the well, so maybe like before, Flocke got someone to do it for him (or try). I love Des, I'm so happy he's back! I hope Penny and Charlie are okay though!
kismekate kismekate 7 years
bingbing, Oh my god! It scared me too! I half expected that to be brought up in Buzz's recap, it gave me chills! So creeepy.
zeze zeze 7 years
The question is why does Jack's dad still walk around on the island and what is with the white tennis shoes? And Richard's wife also didn't die on the island. I don't like the answer for the whispers, it's sloppy, it doesn't make sense with anything in the past. The whispers were always associated with the others - you could say they were a warning, but even that is a pretty sloppy stretch.
bingbingboom bingbingboom 7 years
The preview for next week's episode scared me. That willie wonka song, argh!
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
maybe i'm wrong about Jack...his new 'tude just throws me!!
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
i wonder if Desmond hitting/maybe killing alt reality-Locke in the wheelchair has anything to do with real-Locke having to die to get all the Losties back on the island? but how would alt reality-Desmond know that yet? Jelly-Keamy did seem to know what was going on when he was talking to Jin, when he was tied up. Also, Libby, Charlie and Daniel seemed to really know what was really going on in the alt world and they all died on the island. So far the only ones missing are Charlotte and Michael (i think). Maybe the people who died on the island are the only ones able to give clues to Des in the alt reality?? anyone else notice how Jack's new laid back way of thinking is kind of similar to Jacob's? remember how jacob was all about letting the people make their own decisions and richard did all his dirty work off the island?
jannam jannam 7 years
I think everything that’s going on in the alternate timeline is working towards the two time lines converging. In order for that to happen all of the “candidates” need to remember the island and Desmond is working on helping them remember and bringing them back to the island (similar to how Locke worked on rounding everyone up to go back to the island). I think he is trying to kill Locke because Locke needs to go back the same way he went back on the Ajira flight – in a coffin. I definitely think Desmond sought Hurley out (he asked before for the list of everyone on flight 815).
kismekate kismekate 7 years
I'm sure it's not a coincidence. Nothing is on that show. It's just like Sun "returning" to the island from the alternate reality and not being able to speak English anymore.
Jelly888 Jelly888 7 years
Oh right. I couldn't remember what happened to him but it seemed odd that the bandage was in the same place as where that bruise was.
kismekate kismekate 7 years
Jelly, Desmond, in the alternate timeline, was driven off the bridge in his car by Charlie, and he hit his head.
Jelly888 Jelly888 7 years
Also what was behind that bandage on Desmond's head in the alternate timeline? Did it have anything to do with his bruise on his face in the same spot on the island?? It also seems like whomever died on the island, they seem to remember it in the alt. time line. Which makes me wonder if Keamy did remember!
kismekate kismekate 7 years
The most crucial lines of the night were. "Do you know who I am?", "Of course, you're John Locke." Once Desmond was tossed down the well by "John Locke" that memory was instilled in Desmond in the alt. reality, but not the eventual (i'm presuming) memory of him finding out that that really wasn't Locke at all. Hope that made sense.
Jelly888 Jelly888 7 years
I thought that it was Jacob's ashes in the bag Hurley picked up afert Illana blew up. For some reason, I thought Hurley's eyes were very shifty this whole episode. Like when they showed him at the end with Flocke.... I got chills when Flocke said 'Hello Jack'. Can't wait to see what happens there. As for Desmond, I think he knew that wasn't the real Locke in the wheelchair and so he might have tried to be killing him because he knew he was evil. I think maybe that is Flocke and this is the world when he escaped?? Also I think on the island, Flocke couldn't kill Desmond for some reason (otherwise, why wouldn't he have??) so that's why he pushed him in the well, so he would be out of the way.
mannylove mannylove 7 years
These past couple of episodes are making me so sad that it's almost coming to an end. They are so good! Next week looks just ridiculously amazing.
demarco11 demarco11 7 years
Ahhh! Lost! I love you!! I want you to end, but I dont! So good. I thought Desmond was tracking down Hurley since he'd asked for the names of all the passengers. I thought he'd actually sought Hurley out, egged him on with Libby, etc. Desmond is such a great character, and I cant imagine anyone else playing him, he owns that role. I gotta say though, I dont like dead in the eyes Sayid!
Pistil Pistil 7 years
Dude, I did not see that ending coming! At first I thought it was revenge, but I'm not even sure what Desmond knows and what's going on in his head (I thought maybe he would be able to travel back and forth between realities, but I don't think this is the case). He is trying to collect all the Losties and get them to remember the island, and what was one way to do that (as illustrated by Charlie)? Near death experience. How awesome was the preview for next week's episode?
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