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Recap and Review of Lost Episode "Lighthouse" 2010-02-24 05:30:00

Let's Get Lost: "Lighthouse" Recap

Where to even begin? Lost was so chock-full of surprises and little clues, I think the biggest question might be how they managed to squeeze it all into an hour-long show. This week, we switch focus from Locke and Sawyer, as we go back to the temple where Hurley and Jack are still camped out. Oh yeah, and Hurley is still seeing Jacob.

Jacob actually gets a nice dose of screen time this episode, along with another familiar face: jungle Claire. Finally, we discover what she's been doing for the past three years — and just who she's been talking to. But one of the biggest shockers of the night actually happens on the mainland. I don't want to give too much away, so let's dive right in (needless to say, there are spoilers!). Just


  • Jack had his appendix removed when he was a kid?! At least, that's what his mother says back on the mainland, but he appears to have no recollection of it. If you recall, his appendix previously required emergency surgery on the island, so does that mean that Jack's history had to change in order to exist with the events that took place on the island?
  • Huge spoiler: Jack has a son! In this new reality of his, he's father to a boy named David who is quite the piano whiz. Jack has trouble connecting with him (paralleling his relationship with his own father), but shows up to David's tryouts for a conservatory. So is Sarah David's mother? Would seem like the obvious answer, though we never get a glimpse of her. If you want to dig even deeper, the sheet music that David has on his desk is "Fantaisie Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor" by Chopin — which Daniel also plays as a boy and in 2007 in the episode "The Variable."
  • Did you notice that David is reading The Annotated Alice? The Lost writers love to incorporate Alice in Wonderland references in the show via episode titles (e.g. "White Rabbit" and "Through the Looking Glass"), but Jack also reads Alice in Wonderland to Aaron as a baby. This time, Jack mentions two characters from Through the Looking Glass, Kitty and Snowdrop. In the story, Kitty is Alice's black cat, Snowdrop is white — and they're supposedly versions of the Red and White Queens. Yet another good versus evil parallel for us to dissect.
  • Back on island time, Jacob instructs Hurley to bring a new person to the island by going into a secret temple tunnel — but only if he takes Jack with him (side note: I'm dying to know what the hieroglyph on the door means!). Jacob tells Hurley to convince Jack by saying "You have what it takes," and Jack is stupefied by this magic phrase, since his father always told him that he didn't "have what it takes." Dun, dun, dun!
  • If an animal skeleton in a crib isn't proof enough, Claire is not exactly Claire anymore. She saves Jin from her metal claw trap, but takes one of the Others as a hostage, later killing him because she thinks the Others have Aaron — even though Jin tells her Kate's been taking care of him. Jin later backpedals, saying the Others do have Aaron, after all. Good thing, too, because Claire was ready to kill Kate.
  • When Claire is explaining to Jin what she's been doing the past three years, she mentions spending time with her father and a "friend." Who is the mystery man? Smokey Locke. You know what that means: bad things are about to go down at that temple.
  • Dogen, the mysterious "Samurai" guy as Hurley calls him, is on the mainland in parallel world, too! He pops up at the piano tryouts for Jack's son as the parent of another child.
  • The lighthouse! As Jack says, "How have we never seen it before?" Per Jacob, Hurley leads Jack to the tower where there's a set of mirrors. Hurley is supposed to turn them to a certain degree, but as we get a close-up we see that each degree has a corresponding name. Ah, so the numbers are degrees! Jack notices too, turning the lamp toward his, where he gets a glimpse of his childhood house in the mirror. Enraged, he smashes the glass. I was yelling at my TV over Jack's stupidity, but Jacob assures Hurley that it's part of his plan. Sure, but who the heck is Wallace — the name at 108 degrees that the lamp was supposed to be pointed to?!

Whew, I'm exhausted from trying to wrap my head around all of that, but I'd love to hear your theories. Did you catch anything that I missed? Please share in the comments below, or head over to Lost Fans to chat some more!

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mandaleebee mandaleebee 7 years
I think Claire seems a bit insane, especially since she just left Aaron by a tree by himself, but we also don't know the details behind that... maybe she was forced to?
zeze zeze 7 years
Demarco - Claire was around when Jin spoke English...she disappeared way after that when the house exploded.
buckeye98 buckeye98 7 years
I thought Matthew Fox was outstanding in this episode. I haven't been a Jack fan for quite a while, so it took so big time acting chops to convert me back :) I'm still a Sawyer girl though :) I want to know who his baby momma is!
crystalm07 crystalm07 7 years
Great episode but looks like next weeks is gonna be super intense! So weird but just saw a preview for Emilie de Ravins new movie "Remember Me" and shows her walking carrying a big stuffed panda and all I could think of was the panda Jin had to buy on LOST and for a minute I was like omg what could that mean. haha. LOST on the mind 24/7!
mandaleebee mandaleebee 7 years
Yeah I doubt Walt is short for Wallace. Walter probably. And comments above are correct - all the names are last names. I also do not think that Christian was being controlled by Smokey. Hopefully we will get more answers soon... but I feel like with every new answer we get a new question!
hokiepokie hokiepokie 7 years
@Anonymous - the names are all last names and Walt's last name is Lloyd. So far, we haven't seen Lloyd on the list of names, but his dad, Michael, is #124. (thanks Lostpedia!)
hokiepokie hokiepokie 7 years
mstrauss - Smokey's not exactly inhabiting Locke's body, since we saw Locke dead on the beach. I do think he was inhabiting or controlling Christian, since Claire was with him the last time we saw her, but it's not quite the same thing. Maybe that has something to do with why Smokey's now stuck in Locke's "body"? (other than when he's in Smokey form, obviously.) And I don't think Claire was actually recruited, because when I watched the Lost for Dummies version of last week's episode, it said that Sawyer was his first recruit. I think Smokey's just using Claire to get to Aaron or something.
luv2blazy luv2blazy 7 years
A friend mentioned that at the beginning, Jack has no hair on his chest when he sees the appendix scar. Did anyone else notice this.
mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
Some new stuff that I just learned: -Interestingly enough, 4+8+15+16+23+42 = 108, so maybe Wallace isn't significant. PS. This episode was during the 108th hour of the show. And the number also brings us back to the countdown timer in the hatch, that reset to 108 minutes. -The line that Dogen said to Hurley was: "You are lucky that you are protected. Because if you were not protected, I would cut your head off." -Claire was recruited by MIB, the same way that he is trying to recruit Sawyer now. By brainwashing Claire into thinking that the Others had her baby (as Christian Shepard), he turned her against them permanently, thwarting any future attempts on the part of Dogen to gather all the Losties at the Temple for the forces of good. This is why he continued to appear to her as her "friend", deliberately feeding her lies, recruiting her in his efforts against Jacob and the Temple.
demarco11 demarco11 7 years
Ahhh that's it Walt, not Wallace. I thought I was wrong :) I'm still confused about Christian's body. Locke's body was still there, but also walking around as Smokey. So I dont understand why Christian's is completely gone. And if Claire is infected doesn't that mean she died at some point? She seemed pretty aware of the happenings of the other survivors, at least knowing they left the island, doesn't that mean she knew other stuff going on? Also, I found it interesting that she didn't react one bit to Jin speaking English, they were just still "friends" even though they never really had a conversation before this since they couldn't speak the same language. The specualtion of Jack's ex is pretty interesting, obviously it's someone associated via the island, I like the idea of bringing Charlotte back in, does that mean we'll could also be seeing Faraday again?
mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
I liked that on Hurley and Jack's journey, they found the cave where many of them used to live. We used to wonder what happened to Jack's fathers body, but now we know that MIB/Smokey must have resurrected his body in the same way he is using Locke's body now. So great that Claire knows that Locke isn't really Locke. I wonder how she knows that...did Smokey show his true face to her? And you KNOW there is going to be a huge falling out between Claire and Kate! That is going to be insane. Does Claire have no memory of leaving her people, and Aaron, behind? What did you think would happen to her son?!?
demarco11 demarco11 7 years
Wasn't Wallace the name of the kid from the first season? Or am I remembering it wrong?
hokiepokie hokiepokie 7 years
I'm pretty sure Wallace will be significant, since 108 is what the numbers add up to. I didn't catch it, but Austen was next to #51, so Kate wasn't left out completely - but it is still interesting that she didn't get one of the important numbers. As for who David's mother is, I'm not sure. There's something about him that seems very familiar (other than his resemblance to Jack) and I'm sure it will make sense once we find out who the mother is. I don't think it's Sarah because he doesn't really look like her. Also, he has blue eyes, which he must have gotten from his mother, Sarah doesn't have blue eyes. The sideways world is really growing on me. I loved Locke's story last week and Jack's this week. And it's really interesting how everyone keeps popping up in the sideways world. When I saw Dogen's kid, I thought he looked familiar ... and then we saw who his dad was! I was expecting Dogen to let it slip that he knew Jack, but I guess he doesn't. As for the island world, Claire is seriously crazy, but I kind of loved that she would only refer to Smokey as her friend so we still don't know what his name is. Either he has a really important name or it'll be like the Janitor on Scrubs. Jacob definitely seems to know what he's doing. When I was watching, I was like, "Uhh if Jacob really knows what's going on with these people, he would know that Jack has a bit of an anger management problem and he would know that Jack would freak out at the lighthouse." Turns out, he did know that Jack would do that. Felt a little bad for Hurley, though, because it really seemed like Jacob only wanted to use him to get to Jack.
mandaleebee mandaleebee 7 years
Pistil - I think if that was the case then they wouldn't have shown the name. I actually somehow missed the name Wallace and thought the same thing as you because of that, but now I am not sure. Also, 4+8+15+16+23+42 = 108, but I still think the name Wallace will end up being significant
Pistil Pistil 7 years
I don't know if #108 - Wallace is significant, if Jacob just wanted Hurley to cycle through the numbers so Jack would see the reflection of his childhood home, and then break everything, and then stare into the ocean wistfully. Jack is so melodramatic. Though that doesn't answer who, if anyone, is supposed to be coming to the island, according to Jacob.
mandaleebee mandaleebee 7 years
I don't think Sarah is the mother... the whole situation insinuates that Jack's past changed to have a kid when he was younger BECAUSE the island was destroyed... so was David's mother on the island at some point before? I imagine it'll be someone with freckles which makes me think Charlotte, but who knows really! They also made a point to make sure that all of the pictures in the home were turned away from us, so I think it is more of a surprise than it just being Sarah... we shall see! The parallel of the sheet music to what Daniel played as a boy is interesting... I wonder if there is a connection there... maybe Jack isn't really the father! Haha it is so easy to stretch these things :P Also, I never saw a name by 108, was it really Wallace?
myfairlady93 myfairlady93 7 years
Another great episode. Hurley was so awesome this week...I especially loved his line about Jacob being like Obi-Wan Kenobi. Even though it apparently is a good thing that Jack destroyed the mirror, I'm so mad that he did because that thing was awesome! Claire was so crazy and I felt so bad for Jin, and it's going to be horrible when Sayid goes nuts too. But Smokey's entrance was totally awesome at the end.
flowergirl flowergirl 7 years
Too many lingering questions..they're starting to lose me again
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