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Recap and Review of Lost Episode "The Package"

Let's Get Lost: "The Package" Recap

Lost visits one of my favorite of its themes this week: soulmates. The lovers in question are Jin and Sun, and we get a reunion of sorts in the mysterious sideways universe.

As has been the trend these last few episodes, we were treated to a few mind-boggling reveals and juicy tidbits, but you know I can't chat for real without revealing spoilers, so to get down to it, just


  • In Jin and Sun's sideways life, they're not married, but very much in love. A sum of $25,000 is confiscated from Jin at customs, and they go back to their hotel and separate rooms for a little stripteasin' and secret lovin'. Sun suggests they run away together — ironic since she originally wanted to run away from him. Also originally, Jin was allowed to marry Sun by disowning his father, so in the sideways timeline, has he just not done that yet, or did he refuse to do it? (BTW, his father actually suggested that Jin run off with Sun to escape Mr. Paik in a first season flashback). Anyway, the intended recipient of the money and the watch shows up, and it's Martin Keamy, alluded to in the earlier Sayid-centric episode. Keamy works for Sun's dad, and is angry about the money not being there. Korean-speaking Jin and Sun can't communicate with him, so Keamy gets his buddy Mikhail (from the Flame station) to translate. At the bank, Sun finds her account has been closed by her father, no doubt due to Keamy's big mouth about her romance with Jin.
  • Back on the island, the members of Flocke's camp are being surveilled (by Widmore, I presume). Speaking of spying, Claire creepily listens in on Flocke and Jin talking about candidates, and then asks Flocke if her name is on the wall of candidates. It's not. When she asks if Kate's name is there, he says it's not . . . anymore. So Kate's name was there before, but not now. Did one of her actions, like killing her stepfather, get her ousted from candidacy (remember her episode titled "What Kate Does")?
  • Jin tries to abandon the Flocke group, but a sudden attack by Widmore's army prevents him. He wakes up in Room 23 on Hydra island — where Alex's boyfriend Karl was once kept — and accidentally turns on the subliminal message tape. If you're curious, the flashes include images of Dharma founder Gerald Degroot, fireworks, images of a boat at sunset, doll faces, clay figures, tribal masks, a graveyard, a fluorescent bulb, the moon, a Buddha figure, a compass, a mannequin face, an early projector, and keyboards. Phew! If you didn't catch the text, it reads "THINK ABOUT YOUR LIFE," "we are the causes of our own suffering," and "Everything changes." (What does it all mean?!) Zoe (who reveals later she's a geophysicist) strides in, with maps of the island and its electromagnetism that Jin had signed while working for Dharma. It's not all friendly, though: she tasers him when he tries to leave.
  • At the beach camp, Ilana insists Richard will come back, but Sun is frustrated and disbelieving. After sulking in the garden she planted years ago, she brushes off Jack, only to be confronted by Flocke. He says he has Jin, but she doesn't trust him and seizes the moment to run. A tree stops her short, literally smacking the English right out of her. Of all people, Ben finds Sun and takes her back to the beach. Isn't he so sweet now that he's been absolved? Not being able to speak English is a real side effect, Jack confirms. Her knowledge of English was pretty key when she first came to the island, so I wonder if there is any significance.
  • Richard does return, to the relief of Ilana, and when he finds out that Flocke has been nearby, he tells the group his plan: to destroy the plane Flocke and his crew are hoping to leave on. (Snicker-worthy: when Sawyer finds out Locke wants to take said plane, and asks "Can't you just turn into smoke, fly your ass over water?") Sun hates the plan, though, and storms off in refusal.
  • Widmore and Flocke: they finally meet! Widmore claims to only know "Myth, ghost stories, and jungle noises in the night" about him, but Flocke scoffs at that, citing the pylons on the beach. What do those do, exactly? The meeting is not exactly successful, and Flocke declares that a wise man had once said a war was coming to the island, and it just got here.
  • In sideways LA, Keamy binds Jin while taunting him about Sun, saying that "some people aren't meant to be together." Later, Jin hears the shots of Sayid wasting Keamy and Omar, and like we'd seen, finds Jin taped up. Sayid gives Jin the razor blade to free himself, telling him good luck. Outside, Mikhail and Sun arrive, and surprise — Keamy isn't dead. Mikhail and Jin struggle, but Jin gets the better of the Russian and shoots him right in the eye (the same eye he wears a patch over on the island). Sun is hit in the crossfire — and tells Jin she's pregnant. A thought: on this show, taking another person's life seems like it may be one of the barometers for whether a person is "good," and now Jin has killed someone. If the sideways world is parallel to the current one, does this mean Sun is now definitely the candidate?
  • On Hydra, Widmore instructs Zoe to get "the package" from the sub and take it to the infirmary. He then speaks to Jin and shows him a camera of Sun's, which is full of photos of his daughter. It's the first time he's ever seen her — goosebumps, you guys! Widmore uses this to segue into the fact that he has a daughter too, and if either of them ever wants to see those children, they have to stop Flocke from leaving the island. So Widmore is on Jacob's side! This is kind of huge; now we know specifically why the Man in Black can't be allowed to go. It's not just a Pandora's box of evil that would be opened — the Man in Black escaping the island would cause the end of the world, according to Widmore. The other huge thing is that Widmore tells Jin about the package, and that it's not a what, but a who. We find out who it is when an amphibious Sayid swims to the dock: Desmond! I cannot express how psyched I am to see him, even barely conscious.

Other random stuff: When Keamy is tying up Jin in the restaurant, it sounds like he says he's doing it "just in case you figure out what's about to happen to the island." Did anyone else pick that up, or were my ears playing tricks on me? Also, there's a very short scene with Miles and Lapidus playing cards, and Miles says "Play your card, Captain." It seemingly had no significance, but I'm wondering if Miles's line is a wink at something Lapidus will do in the future.


As usual, there are a ton of questions that need to be answered, and I am so ready to discuss with you. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below and you may see your theories in my comment roundup later!

Photo copyright 2010 ABC, Inc.

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