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Recap and Review of Lost Episode "Recon"

Let's Get Lost: "Recon" Recap

This week's Lost features the sideways life of one of my faves: Sawyer. The clever title is a nod to both the recon Sawyer does on the other island at the Hydra station, and a con-man reference to his alternate path in LA.

Naturally, there were a lot of big and little mind-blowers, so let's get to it when you


  • Sawyer's sideways life is, I would say, the most different of anyone else's that we've seen so far. The ep opens with him seeming to be repeating his classic con, but surprise: it's all a setup and Sawyer is a cop! I absolutely, positively did not see that coming. In LA, he goes by James Ford, and (squeal) Miles is his partner and BFF, just like in the Dharma Initiative in the '70s (he also calls him "Jim" now, just like he did there, too). For some reason, Sawyer utters "LaFleur" to the woman he's just set up before the other cops burst in. Thoughts on that?
  • James Ford/Sawyer is still obsessed with finding Anthony Cooper, the original Sawyer who incited his parents' deaths. It seems to make sense, since Sawyer's father killed himself and his mother in 1976, whereas the explosion on the island happened in '77. It makes even more sense that he'd still be pursuing Cooper, because when Jacob touched him at his parents' funeral, he gave him the pen that would finish his infamous letter. Jacob enabled him, then, to keep trying to seek revenge. Why? And if Anthony Cooper is still a bad guy, then why did it seem Locke was on good terms with him in his sideways life?
  • In Flocke's group, Claire acts bizarrely toward Kate, holding her hand and being overly sweet — until she attacks Kate. She wants to cut her for taking Aaron, which she was only pretending to be OK with. Shockingly, Flocke literally slaps some sense into Claire, who eventually apologizes and thanks Kate for what she did for both her and her son. Let's rewind real quick, and discuss the first ever Claire-centric episode, "Raised by Another." When she was pregnant with Aaron, a psychic told her that she had to raise Aaron, and no one else could. So since Kate has been raising him, are we finally seeing what the psychic warned Claire about? It certainly seems so, because Flocke tells Kate that he had a crazy mother (read: look how he turned out), and adds cryptically that Aaron also has a crazy mother in Claire. Because of Flocke's concern for Aaron/Claire, I now think that Aaron is Flocke's "chosen one." And maybe Jacob, knowing this, sabotaged Claire's mental state by sending Christian Shepard to spirit her away — thus abandoning Aaron and plunging her into craziness. Phew, are you still with me?
  • Back in Sawyer's cop life, Miles sets him up with a gorgeous archaeologist: Charlotte. They have instant heat, but when she "accidentally" finds the Sawyer file, James tosses her out into the night in a bed sheet. Now, that seemed like more than a girl rifling through the stuff of the boy she likes to make sure he's a keeper — she was full-on snooping, right? She was born on the island and must have left sometime, so it all seems awfully fishy.
  • Sawyer is sent by Locke on a recon mission to the other island and the Hydra station, where he finds the Ajira plane, completely intact — and a pile of dead bodies. A sunburned survivor, Zoe, finds him and says she's the last one, but the con doesn't last on Sawyer, and he calls her out. Joke's on him — her gun-toting buddies snag him and take him to Widmore's sub. He makes a deal with Widmore to bring him Flocke in exchange for safe passage off the island, but reveals the plan to Flocke afterward.
  • Kate just keeps popping up in every timeline of this Sawyer-focused episode. First, he lingers on the cages where they hooked up long ago (past), then comforts her by the fire (present), and, finally, chases after her and tackles her (!) when she commits a hit-and-run (sideways). They just can't seem to escape each other . . .
  • Other fun stuff:

  • The books on Sawyer's nightstand were Lancelot (about the famous knight of the Round Table), A Wrinkle in Time (deals with time travel), and Watership Down (an allegorical tale that references the end of the world and the same book Sawyer read on the island after stealing it from Boone). PS, that's quite a change from the reading material Sawyer brought on the plane, which Ben commented on last week.
  • Who else random crosses Sawyer's path in his alternate life? Charlie's brother Liam! He's come to check on his brother, who'd been arrested on the flight. With so many crossovers in Sawyer's life, I was shocked to not see Ana Lucia, who had also been a cop with the LAPD.
  • I have kind of a major math question: Originally, Sawyer has always said he was 8 when his parents died, but in the sideways reality he tells Miles he was 9. Goof? Or did this timeline shift, and Sawyer lost his parents to Cooper's con in '77, the year of the explosion, rather than in '76?

Final questions: Who killed all the other Ajira passengers and then dragged them to a mass grave? And how did it manage to land perfectly? Who gave sideways Sawyer the lead in Australia about Cooper? Is Charlotte working on island recon in the sideways world? Tell me your own thoughts and theories about this week below!

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Join The Conversation
desertbanshee desertbanshee 7 years
I happened to miss this episode, so I'm sure glad for the recap :) So many questions still unanswered!
mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
BellaSugar- how could you stop watching Lost during the last season?!? Even if you are fed up with it, don't you want to see how the writers end the show??? I think you should watch this whole season to get the full affect and not rely on people's judgements of the show to dictate it's excitement. While some people are frustrated with not enough answers, I think the show itself is so much fun to watch that you don't need every answer thrown in your face. I love the discussions afterward and the anticipation for the following weeks episodes :) While I don't think episode was so exciting, it is still building up to the final episodes. Hopefully soon we will learn how the 2 realities collide, and everything we have been watching should make more sense. I have my own theory about it which I hope will actually happen: The alternate reality is really the future after MIB/Flocke gets off the island and everyone goes back in time to a new reality, which I think MIB manipulated based on deals he made with the losties.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
I stopped loving Lost last season, and stopped watching it this season. However, I greatly enjoy reading the recaps because it convinces me that yes, the show IS as crazy as I thought it was becoming! None of it makes any sense to me. Maybe it would if I watched it, but honestly, I think I might prefer the recaps.
pianoteacher1 pianoteacher1 7 years
Personally, I only think this episode is OK, especially after last week powerful and touching Ben episode. I'm already abadoning hope that every question will be answered (including some mystifying and important ones)......*sigh*
Read2me Read2me 7 years
I think the best part of this episode was when Sawyer was sitting on his couch in the dark, drinking beer and watching Little House on the Prairie- it had me in stitches for some reason!
bingbingboom bingbingboom 7 years
I'm so glad Richard gets his own episode next week, it's about time!
myfairlady93 myfairlady93 7 years
Loved this episode!!! Sawyer's just so awesome! I wish that they would make a show about him and Miles as cops. The crazy mother thing was so interesting, and if the thought that Jacob and MIB are brothers and that they play on Jacob/Esau theme, then maybe his mother wasn't totally crazy, just playing favorites. I just cannot wait until next week though...I've been waiting all season for the Richard episode and now it's almost here!
mannylove mannylove 7 years
I am so are we possibly going to get all these answers in the next 10 episodes when there keeps on being more questions posed?! I love it though.
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