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Recap and Review of Lost Episode "What Kate Does" 2010-02-10 05:45:00

Let's Get Lost: "What Kate Does" Recap

After the two-hour premiere packed in countless WTF moments, this week's Lost scales us back to a slower pace. As you might guess from the episode title, we're mainly following Kate this time around after she hijacked a cab — and during her escape from the temple (more on that later). Also picking up where last week left off: Sayid's miraculous resurrection, which turns out, may not be a good thing after all.

I've probably already given too much away (this photo alone is too revealing!), so let's go into total spoiler territory here, and chat about the episode in full. Just


  • I'm dying to talk about Sayid's pill. Dogen — the spooky head of the temple who refuses to speak in English — gives Sayid a test by strapping him to a torture device. Sayid supposedly doesn't pass, so Dogen resorts to plan B, which consists of a pill. Turns out it's poison, and Dogen says a darkness is "claiming" Sayid, at which point he'll be impossible to save (read: evil). This could go one of two ways: Sayid becomes bad, or he finds a way to beat it. Where do you think it's headed? And what exactly happened in the water to prompt this?
  • Sawyer threatens the Others at gunpoint, so he can flee the temple. Kate offers to go after him to bring him back, but she's in for a rude awakening when she discovers him in his old house with an engagement ring (anyone else wondering how he tracked down a diamond ring?). Sawyer reveals that he was planning on proposing to Juliet — makes you wonder if Kate will finally end the love triangle and resign herself to Jack. Also, why do the Others say that it's imperative that Sawyer return?
  • As we saw before, Kate holds up a cab at gunpoint with Claire in the vehicle. She kicks her out, but has a change of heart upon discovering Claire's mommy things. They go together to visit the couple who's supposed to adopt Claire's unborn baby, but the woman says she can't because her husband left her. Right then Claire goes into labor, and Kate drives her to the hospital. I don't know why Claire is so quick to trust an ex-con, but we get a great cameo by Ethan, as in, Dr. Ethan Goodspeed, Claire's delivery doctor! I loved the irony here, especially when Ethan says he doesn't want to stick Claire with a needle unless he has to — he certainly wasn't so polite when he was poking and prodding Claire on the island. Do you think Claire will keep Aaron, or do you have any theories on someone else ending up with him instead? Do you think this is the last we've seen of Claire and Kate's relationship on the mainland?
  • Speaking of the hospital scenes, did anyone else notice how Kate almost seems to have a moment of recognition when she hears the name Aaron? More and more, the evidence seems to point — at least for me — that they're experiencing some weird dual reality. Do you agree?
  • Back on the island, Claire's alive! But she's changed. In perhaps the biggest shocker of the episode, we spot a jungle Claire, after she shoots down two Others who are attacking Jin. What's with her new persona? Well, if Dogen is to be believed, she's infected with the same disease as Sayid, as he tells Jack, "It happened to your sister." Let's not forget, Danielle Rousseau told of a "sickness" that forced her to kill her entire team. Does the same fate await Claire and Sayid?
  • Did you miss Locke/smoke monster and Ben in this episode? I did, and I cannot wait to see what Locke does with Sawyer next week, like the promo suggests.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts about anything and everything! What do you make of the latest speedbump in the Kate-Sawyer-Jack love triangle? And what will become of Claire's return? Let's start swapping speculation in the comments.

Photos copyright 2010 ABC, Inc.

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cp47 cp47 7 years
I don't think Rousseau's team's sickness is the same as Sayid's or Claire's. I think the team's "sickness" was really MIB taking over their dead bodies to trick Danielle, but she saw through it. In Sayid and Claire's case I don't think MIB is taking over their bodies because he is currently "stuck" in John's.
bastylefilegirl bastylefilegirl 7 years
This is kind of awesome, as we know LOST is all about Destiny, and we have all seen that they haven't truly been able to "change" anything in the past season and nothing has changed now. Yes the flight didn't crash, but everything that has happened on the island is happening in the LA X reality. Jack Saves Charlie, Kate helps Claire/Aaron, Kate Runs, Ethan is Claire's dr etc. And things are repeating themselves on the island as well, Kate runs/helps sawyer, Someone who can speak english refuses to( a nod to Sun), Claire is now the new Rousseu ( rifle and baby-less), and it looks like Sayid is infected like Rousseu's team was.
cordata cordata 7 years
I think Rousseau is now in Claire's body and that somehow Jacob and the MIB are connected to Gods from ancient countries (Egypt, Carthage). I was thinking that because Richard looks like he could be Egyptian and Jacob made him immortal. I wonder about Locke's purpose. It seems like's he died and been revived many times. Maybe he actually died when his "father' pushed him out of the window? Why would his purpose be to let the MIB possess him? Charles Whidmore is supposed to be the ultimate bad guy ... what's his connection to the MIB? IS that his leader?
nimue nimue 7 years
I dont think Sayid is sick with the Jacob thing.. I think its the other guy, the guy that is jacob's nemesis/smoke monster/ locke
syako syako 7 years
zeze, it's called fate! duh! ;)
zeze zeze 7 years
Thanks Mtirado! Suzi, I agree about the Kate thing being ridiculous! Besides all you mentioned, how is it no one tracked her down driving around in a cab that she escaped from in an AIRPORT filled with cop cars and at least 2-3 people who saw her license plate.
mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
Thanks Suziryder. So Ethan was on the island in the 70's but he must have been taken off before the bomb went off. I guess than must have been on one of the subs when they were evacuating and Sawyer and Juliet almost got off the island. I loved the reference to the polar bear cages, even though that time was pretty lame (except for the hot Kate/Sawyer scene). It's nice to connect the Others of the temple to the Others from seasons ago. It's good to remember that they are all one tribe and they just move around from home to home. Such a strange group.
Mtirado Mtirado 7 years
zeze- Here's the video that shows Aldo (the guard) and Kate back in season 3, when Kate and Sawyer were captured by the Others:
suziryder suziryder 7 years
Mstrauss - wasn't Ethan the baby that the dumpy 1970s leader guy with the long hair had with his wife? She called him Ethan when Kate was admiring the baby - the mom was in a hammock at the time. I think I remember her saying Ethan but I'm not sure... I thought this episode was awfully ridiculous. The Kate/Claire thing was the worst part of it. NO WAY would Claire even talk to Kate after Kate wildly waved a gun at her and acted all crazy. She'd run the other way when Kate approached, but instead they're suddenly BFF? Also the whole thing with the pill seemed like forced melodrama. All the "what is it?" "I'm not tell you!" "what is it?!" "I'm not tell you!!" "What is it?!" "It's..." (dun dun dunnn) "POISON!" was a) predictable and b) felt lame instead of dramatic. As for the engagement ring, where did the others get ANYTHING on the island? You think they manufactured books and TVs and exercise bikes in the middle of the jungle? I think they shipped all that stuff in. They probably had regular shipments of supplies and you could probably order something special through it.
Jelly888 Jelly888 7 years
I don't think Claire died. She was alive when Christian took her, so she was never dead.
zeze zeze 7 years
I don't think the "sickness" is the same one as the French people, with that sickness Rousseau's people were alive, got sick and she shot them dead - with Claire and Sayid they died, came back to life infected and then could not be killed by regular things (as in the torture). My other question, did anyone catch the line where the guard that talked too much told Kate she hit him 3 years ago with a rifle during a prison break? I have no idea what he is talking about? Do we know what he is talking about, and if we do then we know what date they are in for sure!
laogles laogles 7 years
The Dharma people left the island at times and brought stuff back. Sawyer could have had some one bring him a ring easily.
greenmass greenmass 7 years
I see the Claire/ Rousseau connection, both had the same trauma of giving birth on the island. We know the island does not treat mothers well, killing all expecting mothers. Perhaps the "sickness" is a punishment for giving birth on the island. This would explain Claire but not Sayid. I do not believe he is infected with the sickness as Dogen believes and Jacob will have a hand in Sayid's fate.
Jelly888 Jelly888 7 years
MStrauss - I like that theory about Kate and Jack. And that would explain the appearance of Ethan because he was told to go and be one of the plane crash people to spy, so it would make sense that he was there at that time in the hospital. Maybe the connection of Rousseau being pregnant and coming to the island is related to Claire being pregnant and coming to the island. I still think that Jacob can't take over bodies like the smokey/man in black can, making him take Sayid's body. Does anyone remember when Christian was in Jacob's cabin, was the ash around the cabin broken then? Making Christian always to be the smokey and therefore giving bad advice or advice that would just improve his strength? like moving the island?
mstrauss mstrauss 7 years
A really good theory that I read form another blog (although I'm not sure I believe it yet): "In the ATL, where the turbulence subsides and the plane doesn't crash, Jack heads to the bathroom at some later point and doesn't recognize Kate. But in the simultaneously occurring timeline where the plane does crash, he hasn't necessarily met her yet. Kate and Jack don't cross paths on the island until after the crash sequence when Jack goes for some alone time to stitch himself up. There's no way to be certain how much time has elapsed, but it's quite possible that outside the plane bathroom, Jack and Kate don't remember each other because they haven't yet met on the island. But by the time Kate's making her escape in the taxi, several hours have come and gone since the turbulence. On the island, Jack and Kate are forming a tight bond. And that is why, upon seeing him now, Kate is transfixed. Maybe." I loved that Ethan was in this episode. One of the only really good things that happened actually. You have to think that he gotten off of the island before the bomb blew up, or was he actually on the island in the 70's? I don't remember. I will have to go back and check that out, unless someone else remembers. So I guess Claire set up those traps in the forest, just like Rousseau had done many years before. They have alot in common...possibly infected with something we are not sure about yet and missing their children. Is Claire really infected? Makes you wonder how crazy Claire must be now. I can't wait to see more about her.
Jelly888 Jelly888 7 years
City Girl - Wow! That is a good assumption. Is it just me, but all of these explanations are really super confusing but somehow make sense in a way.
The-City-Girl The-City-Girl 7 years
I actually don't agree that it's a dual reality, because then nothing would be coincidingly at stake in either one. They would be disconnected, and so there would not be much room for that cause/effect and action/reaction that the Lost writers love so much. And it would definitely take down the drama/suspense by a lot. I think that it's the same reality, but different times: 2004 storyline = the future. I believe that Juliet said “it worked,” not because detonating that bomb worked in and of itself, but that that action set them on the path that would eventually lead them to *actually* reset the island. This is an action that has not occurred yet, but when it does, that is what will actually cause the “reset.” I believe that whatever action they take at that time will also sink the island. . . Speaking of the sunken island, we are given evidence that it is the same universe because there is an image of Kate, Hurley, and others in the 1977 Dharma picture under the water. This indicates that those events *did* actually happen, and that therefore this is the continuation of the same universe, despite being “in the past.” Miles (I believe?) attempted to explain this to Hurley when he said that even though they were in the past, and had lived in the future, they shouldn’t be assured that they would survive because for them, THIS WAS THEIR future, even though it was the past, according to the linear concept of time. By that same token—because the LA universe hasn’t happened yet—the current Losties would have no memory of that. It’s actually in their future. To illustrate: I believe whatever cause Jack to get that cut on his neck has not happened yet. But it will happen, and be revealed to us, right before the TRUE reset occurs. One of the producers said in an interview that the LA universe is just as important as the island universe, and that the viewers should be just as invested in it. I believe that this is because the outcome of the former dictates the Losties’ final fate. Whatever they do in the LA universe (again, after the current actions on the island lead up to the actual reset) will result in their ultimate redemption or destruction. . . ALso: Backwards storytelling is in the LOST style - introduce the viewer to the "outcome," and then take us back throughout the season to explain how we got there. examples:... See More (1) the plane crash. who are these people? how did the plane crash? (2) Desmond in the hatch, season 2, episode 1. we see what's inside the hatch. throughout the season we find out there are more hatches, and how they all came to be. (3) "Flash forwards" - we find out that six Losties make it off the island, and then we find out how it happened. WOW. Sorry that that was so long.
myfairlady93 myfairlady93 7 years
If Jacob was in Sayid's body, why would they poison him? If he is now possessed with their leader, why would they do something harmful to him? Personally, I'm guessing that the dirty water means that Smokie is in control and now has his 'claim' on Sayid, and that the medicine contained ash that would neutralize the 'darkness.' I seriously hate Kate and of course she's all like 'I can track things' to which I thought, how can Kate track things better than the Others can? They've lived on the island for how long, are super sneaky and quiet, and have good fighting skills, and somehow Kate is more equipped to find Sawyer than they are? Ridiculous. But seeing Claire at the end was awesome, and Ethan as the doctor was pretty cool too. I'm just glad we got the Kate episode out of the way already.
Jelly888 Jelly888 7 years
I thought about that connection too with Claire and Rousseau. Maybe that's who those Other guys were going to say when they were talking about that trap in the jungle with Jin and Kate; they were going to mention Claire. But she never died?? Did she? I guess Rousseau never died either? I don't know if I liked that Ethan was the doctor, that was a bit corny for me. But I agree that it did seem like Kate recognized the name Aaron and it looked like she recognized Jack when they drove by him in the taxi at the airport. And if it was Jacob that was in Sayid's body, wouldn't those Others be happy it was him if that's who they were following? Maybe Jacob isn't able to take over bodies like the man in black can. Maybe he is the only one who can and that's why they are scared because of him?
syako syako 7 years
Buzz, that was my first thought when I saw the ring! As I've said before, this love triangle just does not interest me at all. Kate doesn't really deserve anybody. Gah. Now that we know that the "sickness" or "infection" happens to dead people, I wonder if Christian was infected when he first "landed" on the island? I hadn't even thought about Rousseau's people... that's interesting... I forgot how stinkin' cute Claire is. It's nice to see her back around. I can't wait to see what "Jungle Claire" is up to.
mallorycurtis mallorycurtis 7 years
Here's what I think is going on (and I may be completely wrong, but it's just my theory): I think Jacob is trying to take over Sayid's body because when Hurley saw Jacob after he died, he told him he had to save Sayid by taking him to the temple. Then I think Jacob went into Sayid's body and is trying to take it over completely like the man in black/smokey did to Locke. This is in preparation for the ultimate good vs. evil showdown at the end which will ultimately cause the island to sink and Flight 815 to not crash there. I don't think there is a dual/alternate reality thing going on, I think the island scenes are flashbacks and the mainland stuff is happening in the present, which was changed by the island sinking. That makes sense to me but I don't know if it will to anyone else, haha.
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