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Recap and Review of the Vampire Diaries Episode "Friday Night Bites"

The Vampire Diaries: The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

The Vampire Diaries must be doing something right, because the CW just ordered nine more episodes of the freshman series. I'm pretty psyched — with its third episode, "Friday Night Bites," Diaries has become one of my favorites of the Fall season.

Even though I've been gushing over Ian Somerhalder's Damon, this week the episode belonged to sensitive Stefan, who put down the blood bag, picked up the football, and brought out the high-school girl in me, who roots for the hot quarterback. Of course, the show hasn't lost all its cheesiness, which I'm ready to talk about (spoilers ahead) when you


    The Good:
  • Nina Dobrev really won me over in this episode — her portrayal of Elena got a little more complex this week, which, I guess, is due to Elena getting more complex. I cheered for her when she slaps Damon after leaning in for a kiss, declaring unwaveringly, "I am NOT Katherine."
  • Speaking of that interaction, the sexual tension between Elena and Damon is out of control, rejections notwithstanding. Her chemistry with Stefan is also great, but the Damon-Elena dynamic is worthy of Eric and Sookie on that other vampire show.
  • The atmosphere has gone from cheesy (the fog) to palpably creepy. It's not just about the vampiric stuff, either; when Bonnie sees the numbers that have been playing in her head (so Lost-y!) around Coach Tanner's murder scene, I got chills. By the by — can Bonnie predict deaths? That's so much better than a vague psychic or seeing the future ability, but I have a feeling it won't be that specific.
  • The dialogue seems to get better and better with each episode. It helps when you have Kevin Williamson writing and people like Ian Somerhalder delivering it with such ease: "BTW. That means by the way." You can educate me about acronyms all day, Damon.
    The Bad:
  • This is a complaint about many vampire shows or movies, but why do people always think a vampire attack is an animal attack? I get it, a wild animal would bite and go for the neck, but is it really the only possibility to people? Elena: "What kind of animal could be doing all this? Why would it come out of the woods and attack someone in the middle of town?" Exactly. What kind of crack police force does Mystic Falls have?
  • Thanks for listening to me about the diary writing, Vampire Diaries, but I still saw one crow! It's not really creepy, it's just weird.
    The Bloody:
  • So apparently every episode is going to open with a scary scene. I can handle that, now that I know to be prepared. This week's opener is pretty small potatoes in the gore department, but I was still terrified as I watched Damon breathe and sleep (such a faker!) while Caroline tiptoed around the room.
  • Damon didn't do much to disprove Stefan's humanity theory when he kills Coach Tanner in front of him. The guy was a total douche, taunting his students, and Elena's aunt called him an "asshat" last week. Asshats don't last long in the horror genre. Good riddance.

So were you rah-rahing this week's episode with me? I'm really intrigued for the next few episodes — I want to know more about this Katherine-Damon-Stefan love triangle and, surprisingly, Bonnie. What did you like and dislike about "Friday Night Bites"?

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Sofia-Florentina Sofia-Florentina 7 years
ohh...and.....I just love the characters. ..and the actors/actresses.
Sofia-Florentina Sofia-Florentina 7 years
I am soooo into TVD. I love this new series. Keep it up!!!
Olivia-Pierre Olivia-Pierre 7 years
I saw the second episode thinking that this show would be over before it began but, It turns out I actually like and the darn thing. The cast seems pretty good.
cibele cibele 7 years
Yeah, Buzz. He's so cute, but he has some growing up to do. And he needs to find a new, cute girl to take care of him so he can cry on her shoulder until he sleeps LOL That's what he needs: some girl and some crying :P
Entertainment Entertainment 7 years
Ugh, cibele, the little brother bugs me too. Scratch that — the actor is OK, but the storyline, especially with him and Matt's sister, just doesn't make me care about him yet. But I have faith — I was really unenthused about Bonnie's "ability" until this week's episode.
slikkback slikkback 7 years
by far, my favourite ep to date. I hope this show lasts! If it can repeat the same success this ep had going for it, then i'm all in =D
cibele cibele 7 years
Ian is doing a great job. Last week I wasn't sold about that, but this week he did a great job. And I loved Damon's and Elena's scenes, especially the one in the kitchen. They kinda opened up to each other and she understood right away that he missed Katherine too. But I got disappointed he killed the teacher. I was hoping the show not to go that bad boy x good boy, evil vs good route. I was just hoping he was misunderstood and creepy. And I still don't like Stefan. And I really like Matt. He's a good guy. And the little brother is starting to annoy me.
Entertainment Entertainment 7 years
Ha, cheechee524, I know what you mean. When she was having that fantasy of hooking up with Stefan, I was distracted form the hotness because she flipped all that hair on his face. How annoyed must he have been? There was a picture of her from her old happy cheerleading days and her hair was MUCH better. Maybe as her mood improves, so will her hair's volume.
cheechee524 cheechee524 7 years
I missed the second half of last night's episode so I don't really know if they explained more about who Katherine is supposed to be, but that is what I'm curious about right now. Overall the show is somewhat entertaining but Elena's hair bugs me so much, it is always so ridiculously straight and right up in her face. last night, even when her hair was up it was still oddly straight and pulled in front of her shoulders. i find it irritating.
LovlyRita LovlyRita 7 years
I like this show so far, it's helping me get through the impossible wait for New Moon. Plus I'm a huge Lost fan so I'm loving that Boone is now Damon! Ian Somerhalder you have been missed!
lizbeth485 lizbeth485 7 years
buzz -- until I saw the season premiere, I had no idea that "dick," "douche," and "stoned" had become acceptable on prime time teen dramas. I was like, "whoa, kids today."
esmerb esmerb 7 years
I am SO hooked!
tellmemorex2 tellmemorex2 7 years
I still havent seen an episode!
Entertainment Entertainment 7 years
tracy5s--you heard correct, although the first time I ever heard that word on a primetime show was on Dawson's Creek.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 7 years
I loved it!! I agree with the animals getting blamed, stupid!
Akasha Akasha 7 years
While I'm enjoying the show, I'm still bummed about the extreme departure they have taken from the books. I read them as a teen, multiple times, and there is very little of that great series in there. They got rid of a very important major character from the books, added a crackhead little brother, and changed the back story of Stephan and Damon from an interesting one to something much more generic. I don't know about anyone else but 400 year old Italian royalty, is much more interesting than 100 year old east coast farmers, especially when they get around to the flashbacks... I just love boys in doublets.
tracy5s tracy5s 7 years
This is the best I've ever seen Ian...he's doing a great job of being hot & creepy. My question is: on 8am national TV did Elena's old boyfriend actually say he was acting like a DICK? I watched this show live and was surprised by what I thought my ears had heard.
flowergirl flowergirl 7 years
I am so hooked on this show. Can't wait til next week!
Angelica Angelica 7 years
The love triangle is getting really entertaining and I think the chemistry on this show is bloody good — might just be that all three of the main characters are more traditionally attractive than say Bill and Sookie. I was happy to see Elana's character be a little spunky after the first two episodes of weepy cute girl too.
Your complaints are spot on, Buzz. Why are animals getting the bad rep here? Has ANYONE ever been attacked or killed behind a gym by an animal?
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