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The Vampire Diaries "Haunted": The Good, The Bad and The Bloody

Sorry for the hyperbole, but I'm pretty sure this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, "Haunted," is the best one of the season so far. The Halloween setting is perfect for playing out Vicki's vampiric transition, Bonnie's exploration of her mysterious genealogical history, and the exposing of "The Council."

There's plenty to talk about, so let's chat about the good, the bad, and the bloody (spoilers aplenty ahead!) when you


    The Good
  • So much is good this week, but the episode belongs to Vicki, who's having issues turning into a vamp — which also provides us with more exposition on the mythology of The Vampire Diaries as well as Stefan's personal journey as a bloodsucker. However, Vicki isn't long for even the undead world, and her story ends both abruptly and shockingly (more on that later).
  • I love this show's balance of humor and intrigue, which Damon and The Council storyline provides this week. Damon overhears Tyler's parents, the Lockwoods, discussing the search they're on, just after he's noticed that Logan's murder hasn't shown up in the papers. I loved the tête-à-tête between Damon and Mrs. Lockwood at the restaurant; it doesn't take much booze to get the woman blabbing, and soon Damon knows that she's trying to procure vervain (which I finally googled; apparently it's a variant of verbena) and that she not only knows about the vampires in town, she's hunting them.
  • I want to know more about Bonnie, and her glamorous, witchy Grams. I still can't believe Whitley is playing someone's grandmother. Aside from having the scoop on the family and being a witch herself, she teaches Occult at the University. How cool is she? Oh, and Bonnie's great-great-great-great grandmother, Emily Bennett? We've seen her before.
  • I've said it a couple times recently, but I love a good Halloween episode. The costumes are priceless: Vicki goes as a vampire, Tyler's a character from 300, and Mrs. Lockwood channels Daisy Buchanan, someone Damon would certainly recognize.
    The Bad
  • Not much bad to report this week, except for one gripe. Coffee as a vampire's secret to blending in with humans? Pretty silly. "It's the caffeine," Stefan says with a straight face. At least he didn't complain about Starbucks.
    The Bloody
  • The Hunger rules Vicki's life as a vampire, and all she wants to do is feed . . . and see Jeremy and Matt. First she takes a love bite out of Jeremy's lip, and then, in a desperate fight, chomps right into Elena's exposed shoulder (so that's why she needed a sexy costume). Her attack on Elena pushes Stefan to stake her, killing her immediately. I literally gasped, then held my mouth open for a good five minutes as I watched this all play out. I'm still pretty stunned.

Lastly, are we witnessing Damon's evolution? His encounters with Elena this week take a major detour; she lashes out at him for being responsible for Vicki, Jeremy being in danger, and finally, Vicki's death, angering him until he tells her, "You need to leave." This would normally be a threat from Damon, but there's another dimension to it; is the man who insists he'd kill anyone, anytime, telling Elena to go because he wants her to be safe? Is he forming feelings for her? The climax of this really occurs in the final moments, when Elena begs Stefan to erase Jeremy's memory. Explaining that his human-free diet won't allow him to do it correctly, we hear a voice volunteer. "I can do it." It's almost seductive, and Elena lets him — though she doesn't say thank you, on principle, but I felt like she wanted to.


What do you think — were you surprised to see Vicki exit so soon? I was hoping to see more of her development as a vampire, but her death evoked so much more of an emotional reaction from the characters (and me) that I can't imagine it another way. And if you want to talk more about the show, join Hooked on Vampire Diaries in the Buzz Community!

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qtpie qtpie 7 years
I think we find out about the Bonnie-Damon thing later, I was pretty confused and curious too. Damon is awesome, he is the reason the show is so good. And I agree that VD is a perfect balance between the polar opposites of Twilight and True Blood.
pinkflake2 pinkflake2 7 years
I love this show too....I cannot get enough! I might be the only one, but I think Stefan is so much cuter than Damon...that's just me. Does anyone understand what happened with Bonnie and Damon when he tried to take back his necklace? What power does the necklace have? Initially I thought he was able to communicate with the blond (forgetting her name), but when she finally went to release him from the dungeon a few episodes back, she wasn't near the necklace I thought. I could be wrong. Anyway, are we going to find out the significance later? Or did I miss something?
JLMac JLMac 7 years
Here's some of my thoughts of this weeks episode.... 1. best episode yet - hands down...vicky being staked? Who saw that coming 2. if anyone denies that ian somerholder is an absolute god that show is therefore out of there mind. He delicately balances the line of absolute bad boy and super's enough to drive a girl crazy 3. speaking of damon - he is totally in love with elena...unless we find out next week that he put some 'other" memory in to jeremy's mind, then i'm totally convinced that he has fallen for elena, especially given there little argument by the school busses. 4. bonnie's grandmom is awesome can't wait till next week. i definitely see the love triangle developing between stefan/elena/damon developing. i am glad vicki is gone - she brought to much drama to the show i thought. too much that they only really touched on it here and there. it either needed to be developed futher or left. i kind of felt damon created her on a total whim, he really didn't care about her.... i guess that was kind of touched on in this episode. that's all i have for now....but just want to say thank you to this show for being SO much better than twilight, yet not as freaky as true blood. and i appreciate your balance between the two, and yet at the same time...being your own entity.
qtpie qtpie 7 years
Agree that this was the best episode yet! Although I think that every week lol. It does keep getting better every episode! I thought they'd keep Vicki on the show for a bit longer than that, but oh well. Am really curious about Bonnie's powers, can't wait to see how that develops.
sonya-ina sonya-ina 7 years
Loved this episode! I may have to watch it again ;]
bchicgrl bchicgrl 7 years
I was shocked when he staked Vicki but at the same time I'm glad she is gone. This show is definitely getting better and better, I loved at the end how Damon actually showed a nicer side by helping Elena even though I'm sure he has something manipulative planned. Love this show.
flowergirl flowergirl 7 years
I knew Emily Bennett looked familiar! I'm very intrigued by this storyline and I hope we learn more soon.
esmerb esmerb 7 years
Best episode yet! I am still in shock from Vicki's death. I was really starting to like her character. But, I like that this show will not spare anyone. If it's important for the plot, characters will be killed.
khameel khameel 7 years
This show keeps improing each week. I loved this episode, and I can't wait to see more with Bonnie's character and family history. I also can't wait for next week's episode with Stefan's ex-girlfriend!
jennaboa jennaboa 7 years
Vicki's death was really well-done. I'm kind of sad to see the actress go. Definitely the best show to date.
totonlaura totonlaura 7 years
I agree that this episode has to be the best one yet!! I really wanted to see more of Vicki too...
care0531 care0531 7 years
The actress that plays Elena bothers me a little but I am liking the show. It seems to have a good mix of Twilight type vampire storyline and True Blood- and I am a fan of both! I want more shirtless Damon please! :)
ktc71 ktc71 7 years
My jaw hit the floor when Stefan staked Vicki! I totally did not see that coming. This show continues to get better each week.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 7 years
I loved it and agree with everything you said, to a T :)
Kazagirl Kazagirl 7 years
Hmm well I just started watching because Bones is not on because of baseball but I like it so far. I watched the rerun that aired on Wednesday also. I will have to return next week and see if it is as good.
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