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Recap of True Blood Episode "Hitting the Ground"

True Blood Bites "Hitting the Ground" Episode

The last few episodes of True Blood have actually not been incredibly bloody, but this week really made up for lost time with stakings, beheadings, wrist sawings, dog fights, and just generally a lot of drippy red stuff. Obviously, this series is not for the squeamish, but how satisfying it is!

Ready to let it (your enthusiasm, that is) bleed? I've got the full rundown of everything that went down. Just read on, compadres.

Best totally-out-of-left-field dream sequence: When Sookie slips into a coma at the hospital and "wakes up" in an oddly romantic-looking hospital room, it's clear that this season is about to get (even) weirder. The pool is much deeper than it looks indeed, weird tulle dress-wearing lady (her name is Claudine . . . foreshadowing).


Best comeuppance: This one is a tie, because I can't stand Lorena or the creepy Magister, and it's extremely satisfying to see both of them turned into disgusting blobs of blood aspic. I also didn't like that creepy, evil wolf pack leader, but it just seemed too easy for Alcide to kill him.

Best Kill Bill moment: When Tara shoves Bill out of the back of the van and into the sunlight, it's both incredibly hardcore and a big relief, since he's been seriously messed up lately. Plus, Tara deserves to kick some butt after everything she's been through with Franklin, Eggs, and her mom.

Best Officer Jason Stackhouse moment: For someone who wants to be a cop, Jason is certainly willing to break the law any time it suits his fancy. The look on Lafayette's face when Jason asks him for crystal meth to bribe Crystal's cousin is a great piece of acting, and Jason hitting his head on the pan while trying to explain himself was one of the best comic moments in an otherwise gory episode.

Best chance to see the darkness that lies within Sookie: Maybe Claudine is right about Bill stealing Sookie's light, because the look of total satisfaction on her face when she stakes Lorena made her seem a lot more like Drew Barrymore in Firestarter than the sweet Bon Temps waitress we've come to know. Here's hoping she drops the goody two-shoes act for good soon.

Best, uh, biscuits: Summer has the hots for Hoyt in a big way, and I love that she makes sure to tell him that she hand-churned the butter all by herself. I can totally see this girl turning into Betty White in 50 years. As Jason says, she's going to make an awesome grandma.

Best word play: Speaking of drugs, it isn't very nice of Hoyt to suggest that Crystal's middle name is "Meth," but it's a heck of a lot better than Jason's champagne-related idea. Why can't a girl just be named after a nice, normal sort of rock, or a Jim Henson movie from the '80s?

Best naked man of the episode: Every episode, at least one guy on True Blood is required to strip down to his skivvies and parade around. Since all of the other naked men this week are soaked in blood and gore, the win goes to Sam, who not only looks hot, but also frees a bunch of adorable doggies while in the buff. PETA should recruit him for its I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur campaign.

Best air kisses: After Russell and Sophie Anne are "married," they air kiss like a couple of LA ladies who lunch. We're scared of Russell, but we have to admit that seeing these two together is probably going to be extremely entertaining.

What did you think of this week's episode? What was your take on Sookie's dream sequence? Share your comments below, and check out the True Blood Southern Vampire Series group for even more fun!

Photo courtesy of HBO

pharm_chick pharm_chick 7 years
"go find someones organs to harvest or some s***" hahah gotta love lafayette
kastarte2 kastarte2 7 years
Kae you are not the only one who finds Sookie increasingly annoying. She is being written as a dumb, silly, selfish girl who constantly needs saving. She is much smarter and more self reliant in the books. Tara was awesome this episode. Loved it when she left Bill for dead! And the end of the episode, when Bill comes to visit Sookie in the hospital and the sweet string music of their love theme is playing. Then she wakes up, starts screaming and the music abruptly stops. That was great! I am hoping it symbolizes the end of Bill and Sookie as far as the show goes because this is where their relationship ends in the books.
kea718 kea718 7 years
Am I the only one who find Sookie to be increasingly annoying throughout this season? I'm sick of her whiny, crying, stupidity. She needs a good slap in the face. I wasn't very happy with where the books went with Sookie's "genetics" so I'm not really digging where the shows going with it either.. And c'mon, you couldn't find a better Claudine? I expected as close to perfection as you can find and instead I get some old semi-wrinkled lady... you missed the mark on that one... On a lighter note, I want Eric to get his revenge on Russell, but I REALLY enjoy Russell and his husband and don't want them to go away... hmm, not sure how this should end... maybe Russell and Eric can have a little vampire sleepover and squash their issues and coexsist together as an intriguing and sometimes hysterical vampire team?? Yeah, I'm not counting on that either... I loved the conversation between Jason and Lafayette... Hilarious! Jason's so simple...
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
I was so happy to see Sam release all those poor doggies! I'm usually a little indifferent about Sam's character, but I just wanted to hug him after that, haha. I am glad they finally gave him a storyline that fans can really root for. I agree with you, Buzz, that Russell and Sophie Anne will probably be hilarious. I would have been a lot more intrigued by Sookie's storyline if it wasn't for that anonymous poster of last week's recap that spoiled the surprise for me on what Sookie is! But I'm still interested to see how it all plays out as far as her finding out. Very interested to see how Sookie & Bill's relationship plays out! Sookie seems pretty pissed/scared of Bill now (who can blame her?)
andreakro andreakro 7 years
Well Buzz, I love this episode, even if they steal from us almost 10 minutes of the show, whatever, I laughing when I read the "Best naked man of the episode" and "Best air kisses" because I thought the same. I have a new heroes on this episode: Alcide, Tara and Sam. They rock last night and Russell... I don't know if I want to see him and Eric fight, because he is too powerful, I don't wanna to see Eric to get hurt
jultritz jultritz 7 years
@elramos - That is EXACTLY it. Corny and new-agey and just not how I pictured it.
elramos elramos 7 years
@jultritz they made it seem like she was talking about Bill, because the light fades when he enters the hospital room & you can hear the people talking about never seeing a vampire before. I wasn't feeling the Claudine introduction either. The dancing and everything was pretty corny.
jultritz jultritz 7 years
Was Claudine referring to Bill when she told Sookie to not let him take her light? I thought the statement was vague and was wondering who she was referring to but I might have missed something. I've only watched it once so far (I usually see each episode 3 times). I was pretty disappointed with the whole Claudine vignette. Her character in the book and her relationship to Sookie and what that says about Sookie is one of my favorite themes. I think that this scene is not at all an introduction to Claudine that I would have chosen. Also - what on earth did Hadley say to Eric?!?!?!?!?
Ranaulz Ranaulz 7 years
I loved when Sookie screamed at Bill when he was looking down at her with utmost luvvv and care . And Buzz how could u miss Eric's "hmmm" when he tastes Sookie's Cousin . He should do an ad for something more edible
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
I was yelling at the TV when Sam released all those dogs. I was like AAAA Those are fighting dogs, they could hurt someone!!! But then when he talked to the Rottie, I assumed he told the other dogs to behave :-) I'm really glad his brother went with him, but you know it's not going to be as easy as that. I'm SUPER glad they rescued Pam, the Magister was a creeper guy! Oh and I'm guessing Franklin isn't dead so I'm waiting for him to pop back into Tara's life. I missed Russell's husband this episode, I love him! and we didnt see Jessica either!
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