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Recast The Breakfast Club!

Ever wonder what a movie or TV show would be like if you could be the casting director? Well, now's your chance. Every Wednesday on BuzzSugar, I'll be posting a Recast challenge, where I'll ask you to recast a classic TV show or movie for these modern times.

This week's challenge: the John Hughes favorite The Breakfast Club. Who today would best personify the princess originated by Ringwald or the jock and the basket case captured so well by Emilio Estevez and Ally Sheedy?

Leave your entry us in the comment section below, and I'll pick one winner to feature next Tuesday, Jan. 2, complete with a "new" cast photo.

Characters to recast:
Claire Standish (The Princess)
Andy Clark (The Jock)
Brian Johnson (The Geek)
John Bender (The Rebel)
Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case)

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JennyJen2 JennyJen2 10 years
Claire Standish (The Princess)- Hillary Duff Andy Clark (The Jock) - Orlando Bloom Brian Johnson (The Geek) - Chad Michael Murray John Bender (The Rebel) - Eminem Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case) - Lindsay Lohan
princessmela princessmela 10 years
Claire Standish: Erika Christensen ("Upside of Anger") Brian Johnson: Adam Lamburg ("Lizzie Maguire") Andy Clark- Kyle Schmid ("The sisterhood of the traveling Pants") John Bender- Fancis Copra ("Veronica Mars") Alison Reynolds- Alison Lohman ("Big Fish"/"White Orleader"): If you have seen her with the dark hair in "White Orleader" I can't imagine anyone better than her to play this role.
audreystar audreystar 10 years
the princess - mandy moore (she would work well in this prissy yet endearing role) the jock - jensen ackles (cw dude from supernatural. very cute and has a jock look to him) the rebel - james franco(from spiderman. he would grow his hair out like in tristan & isolde) the basketcase - rachael leigh cook (to me she would be perfect in this ally sheedy role..she would dirty up nice and then clean up nice in that final scene where claire does her makeover) the geek - shia labeouf (perfect geek. he was in even stevens and then ventured into movies. he has a string of movies coming out)
heart-sugar heart-sugar 10 years
Claire Standish (The Princess)- Alison Lohman Andy Clark (The Jock)- Emile Hirsch Brian Johnson (The Geek)- Patrick Fugit John Bender (The Rebel)- Steven Strait Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case) - Danielle Panabaker
bizzyatwork bizzyatwork 10 years
I can't believe I took so long to do this recast (almost an hour!) Claire Standish (The Princess): Nora Zehetner (Heroes/Brick) Amazing actress and could pull this off flawlessly. Andy Clark (The Jock): Ian Somerhalder (Lost) Brian Johnson (The Geek): Matt O'Leary (Brick) if you haven't seen Brick get it on Netflix list now!! John Bender (The Rebel): Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) Perfect brooding guy. Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case): Leelee Sobieski, I think that she'd be the perfect recast for this quirky character.
Alysandra Alysandra 10 years
Ok, here are my thoughts : Claire Standish (The Princess) : Sophia Bush (not Hilary Duff : too "innocent" not enough "Prom Queen" - not Lindsay Lohan : too much "Prom Queen" not enough "innocent") Andy Clark (The Jock) : Jesse Metcalf Brian Johnson (The Geek) : Adam Brody John Bender (The Rebel) : Chad Michael Murray Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case) : Eliza Dushku
haylscomet23 haylscomet23 10 years
Claire- Mandy Moore Andy- Benjamin McKenzie Brian- Joseph Gordon-Levitt (or Patrick Fugit) John- this is kinda hard...I settled on Josh Hartnett but i'm sure there's someone better Allison- Lizzy Caplan (from Mean Girls)
honeysugar28 honeysugar28 10 years
Claire Standish (Princess)-Scarlett Johansen Allison Reynolds (Basket Case)-Rachel Bilson Brian Johnson (Geek)- Topher Grace (Eric from 70's show) John Bender (Rebel)-Jared Letto Andy Clark (Jock)-Jesse Metcalfe
estahrox estahrox 10 years
Because the Breakfast Club cast was great as is, I'd like to do a radical twist (perhaps for SNL?) with the following actors: The Princess- John Travolta in drag The Jock- Shaquille O'Neil The Geek- Andy Dick The Rebel- Pete Doherty The Basketcase- Christina Ricci
alicia44 alicia44 10 years
I am going to try and keep it age appropriate... Characters to recast: Claire Standish (The Princess): Ashley Tisdale (Disney Channel actress) Andy Clark (The Jock):Percy Daggs III (from Veronica Mars-I know he is older but looks young (:) Brian Johnson (The Geek): Lee Norris(Mouth from One Tree Hill) John Bender (The Rebel): Milo Ventimiglia (way TOO OLD but he plays an awesome "rebel" type) Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case): Mary Kate Olsen (have you seen her lately?)or Tina Majorino (Mac on VM)
Aggie Aggie 10 years
Claire Standish (The Princess): Natalia Verbeke Andy Clark (The Jock): Chris Pine Brian Johnson (The Geek): Steve Zahn John Bender (The Rebel): Gael Garcia Bernal Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case): Haley Hudson My cast is pretty odd, but I like it ^^ I had fun finding it, and that is what counts! :D ______________________________________ \Don't chase the beat of your heart/
tresequis20 tresequis20 10 years
Claire Standish (Princess)-Lindsay Lohan Allison Reynolds (Basket Case)-Evan Rachel Wood Brian Johnson (Geek)-Chad Michael Murray John Bender (Rebel)-Millo V (Gilmore Girls, Superheroes) Andy Clark (Jock)-Benjamin Mackenzie
Loz2Hi Loz2Hi 10 years
Andy Clark(Jock)- Benjamin McKenzie (OC) Claire Standish(Princess)- Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill) Brian Johnson(Geek)– Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle) John Bender(Rebel)– Garrett Hedlund (Georgia Rules) Allison Reynolds(Basket Case)- Alison Lohman (Matchstick Men)
rubialala rubialala 10 years
Claire Standish - The Princess: Cate Bosworth (with brown hair like in Superman Returns). Brian Johnson - The Geek: Richard Rubin (from Beauty and the Geek). Andy Clark - The Jock: Justin Hartley (Green Arrow from Smallville). John Bender - The Rebel: Wentworth Miller Allison Reynolds - The Basketcase: Zooey Deschanel
SpecialSmoothie SpecialSmoothie 10 years
The Princess - Hayden Panettiere The Geek - Paul Dano The Basketcase - Amber Tamblyn The Jock - Emile Hirsch or Channing Tatum or Milo Ventimiglia The Rebel - Milo Ventimiglia in the original, Emilio Estevez was going to play Bender but Hughes couldn't find anyone for the joc so he changed... that's why I can accept Ventimiglia as both maybe... so much harder than it loos since the original is so great.
LaLa0428 LaLa0428 10 years
Claire Standish (The Princess):Mila Kinis, kate bosworth, mandy moore Brian Johnson (The Geek): Liam Aiken (The kid from stepmom) Andy Clark (The Jock): Channing Tatum Allison Reynolds (The Basketcase): Amber Tamblyn, Amanda Bynes (She could pull it off), Zooey Deschanel John Bender (The Rebel):Brad Renfro (If he can stay sober enough), Jonathon Jackson Style Before Comfort!
snickerdoodle snickerdoodle 10 years
Andrew "Andy" Clark: Jake McDorman (Aquamarine) Brian Johnson: Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine) John Bender: Damaine Radcliffe (Step Up) Claire Standish: Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) Allison Reynolds: Eva Amurri (Saved!) Principal Richard Vernon: Hugh Laurie (House) The original stars of The Breakfast Club were from the teenybopper crowd too!
Nat Nat 10 years
Here's my list... Claire Standish (The Princess): Maggie Grace Andy Clark (The Jock): Channing Tatum or Mike Vogel Brian Johnson (The Geek): Jonathan Tucker John Bender (The Rebel): Jared Leto AllIson Reynolds (The Basketcase): Zooey Deschanel
controlledspin controlledspin 10 years
Claire Standish (The Princess) - Hayden Panittiere Andy Clark (The Jock) - Ryan Phillipe Brian Johnson (The Geek) - Justin Long (from the Mac ads - the Mac guy, and from 'Ed') John Bender (The Rebel) - Josh Hartnett (without the buckwheat hair) Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case) - Lindsay Lohan (I know, too easy)
ninab ninab 10 years
I'd say: Claire Standish (The Princess): Sarah Michelle Gellar Andy Clark (The Jock): Chris Evans Brian Johnson (The Geek): Topher Grace John Bender (The Rebel): Ryan Gosling Allson Reynolds (The Basketcase): Rachel McAdams
shopnscabies shopnscabies 10 years
Studio Guy ---Me---On DRUGS The Princess---Lindsey Lohan---Sienna Miller---Ashley Olsen The Jock ---Chris Brown---Tom Welling---Benjamin McKenzie The Geek---Haley Joel Osment---Yao Ming---Clay Aiken (Chinese guy from Hero's) The Rebel---Ryan Gosling---James Franco---Brandon Davis The Basket Case---Thora Birch---Alison Lohman---Mary Kate Olsen
shopnscabies shopnscabies 10 years
Studio Guy Me On DRUGS The Princess Lindsey Lohan Sienna Miller Ashley Olsen The Jock Chris Brown Tom Welling Benjamin McKenzie The Geek Haley Joel Osment Yao Ming Clay Aiken (Chinese guy from Hero's) The Rebel Ryan Gosling James Franco Brandon Davis The Basket Case Thora Birch Alison Lohman Mary Kate Olsen
sillygirl29 sillygirl29 10 years
Clair Standish - (the Princess) - Jessica Simpson or Reese Witherspoon Andy Clark - (The Jock) - Jerry O'Connell Brian Johnson - (the Geek) - Jason Biggs John Bender - (The rebel) - Johnny Depp Allison Reynolds - (The Basket Case) - Parker Posey Although I LOVE the orginal, it is fun to recast and Park Posey would be PERFECT as the Basket Case **age was not a factor for me when choosing**
swwonder swwonder 10 years
Claire Standish (The Princess)- Mandy Moore Andy Clark (The Jock)- Chad Michael Murray Brian Johnson (The Geek)- Adam Brody or Jamie Bell John Bender (The Rebel)- Channing Tatum or James Franco Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case) - (agree with pink rabbit)or Thora Birch
Pinkrabbit Pinkrabbit 10 years
Allison Reynolds - Jenna Malone or Anna Paquin Claire Standish - Hilary Duff Andy Clark - Gregory Smith (he grew up pretty well) Brian Johnson - Frankie Muniz or Adam Brody (Blondesugar is kidna right) John Bender - Drake Bell (I don't his acting but I wouldn't mind seeing him in this roll; if he could do it)
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