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Recast Heathers and Win a Prize!

Every Wednesday on BuzzSugar, I post a Recast challenge, where I ask you to choose new actors for a classic TV show or movie. The reader who submits the best cast wins a BuzzSugar t-shirt!

Forgetting about the blight on his resume called Because I Said So, director Michael Lehmann was once praised for having created the ultimate mean girl movie, Heathers, in 1989. This dark comedy really defined the careers of Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, who were perfectly cast as sassy outsider Veronica and bad-boy J.D. Who in young Hollywood could fill those roles — and the all-important triumvirate of Heathers — today?

Leave your entry in the comment section below, and I'll pick one winner to feature Tuesday, June 5, complete with a "new" cast photo. To see a list of characters to recast and a photo of the BuzzSugar t-shirt,

Characters to recast:
Heather Duke (Shannen Doherty)
Heather McNamara (Lisanne Falk)
Heather Chandler (Kim Walker)
Veronica (Winona Ryder)
J.D. (Christian Slater)

The BuzzSugar t-shirt


Sweet-Tea Sweet-Tea 10 years
Veronica: Zooey Dechanel Heather Chandler: Rachel McAdams Heather Duke: Jena Malone Heather McNamara: Bijou Philips J.D.: John Hensley (the son in Nip/Tuck)
paperdahl paperdahl 10 years
Heather Duke: Alexis Bledel Heather McNamara: Amanda Bynes Heather Chandler: Elisha Cuthbert Veronica: Scarlett Johansson J.D.: Jared Leto
BonjourChaton BonjourChaton 10 years
Heather Duke: Rachel Bilson Heather McNamara: Mischa Barton Heather Chandler: Zoe Saldana Veronica: Jena Malone JD: Jamie Bell
robs1325 robs1325 10 years
Heather Duke - Zoey Deschanel Heather McNamara - Katherine Heigl Heather Chandler - Brittany Daniel Veronica - Keira Knightley J.D. - Shia LaBoeuf
Jinx Jinx 10 years
Veronica Sawyer (Winona) - Natalie Portman Heather Duke (Shannon) - Anne Hathaway Heather McNamara (Lisanne) - Lindsey Lohan Heather Chandler (Kim) - Rachel McAdams J.D. (Christian) - Channing Tatum :fingerscrossed:
superfoxml superfoxml 10 years
Heather Duke- Emma Roberts Heather McNamara- Hayden Pannetiere Heather Chandler -Kristin Cavallari Veronica- Michelle Trachtenberg J.D.- Shia Laboeuf
Charmqn Charmqn 10 years
Heather Duke- Rachel McAdams Heather Chandler- Evan rachel Wood Heather McNamara- Sophia Bush J.D- Shia Lebeouf Veronica-Thora Birch
maurakelley maurakelley 10 years
Heather Duke (Shannen Doherty) - Rachel McAdams Heather McNamara (Lisanne Falk) - Zooey Deschanel Heather Chandler (Kim Walker) - Rachel Bilson Veronica (Winona Ryder) - Christina Ricci J.D. (Christian Slater) - Hayden Christiansen
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 10 years
I am pretty sure that for each "recast this movie" there is an answer that includes Hayden Panetierre!
daddio49 daddio49 10 years
This is so much fun!! I love Heathers, and I think Winona is the only actress for the job, but tried my best... Veronica - Eva Amurri Heather Duke - Rachel McAdams Heather McNamara - Amanda Seyfried Heather Chandler - Kate Mara JD - Emile Hirsch
sascha9000 sascha9000 10 years
Heather Duke --> Hayden Panettiere Heather McNamara --> Zoe Saldana Heather Chandler --> Scarlett Johansson Veronica --> Amanda Seyfried J.D. --> Joseph Gordon-Levitt
kashi kashi 10 years
Veronica - Jena Malone Heather Duke - Kristen Bell Heather McNamara - Emily Vancamp Heather Chandler - Leighton Meester JD - Jonathan Jackson
eaker eaker 10 years
Hmm I think Ben Foster may be a little old to play a highschooler, so I'll sub in Jonathan Tucker as my choice to play J.D.
JennaV JennaV 10 years
Testify mels!!!! WWMSS?
eaker eaker 10 years
Heather Duke - Amber Tamblyn Heather McNamara - Hilarie Burton Heather Chandler - Hayden Patenierre Veronica - Jena Malone J.D. - Ben Foster
elynette elynette 10 years
Heather Duke- Zooey Deschanel Heather McNamara- Kristin Cavallari Heather Chandler- Rachel McAdams Veronica - Cristina Ricci J.D.- Milo Ventimiglia
CatarinaBella521 CatarinaBella521 10 years
This is the 1st one I'm attempting! Here Goes: Heather Duke -- Evan Rachel Wood Heather McNamara -- Hayden Pannetiere Heather Chandler -- Beverley Mitchell Veronica -- Rachel Bilson J.D. -- Hayden Christensen IMHO
mels mels 10 years
Heathers is sacred in my book. I can't imagine any of today's bimbettes doing justice to the movie. I would protest a remake if it was ever made! ;)
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 10 years
Heather Duke:- America Ferrera (ugly betty of course, who better to play the bulimic who needs that red scrunchie of esteem?) Heather McNamara- Kaley Cuoco (Bridget from 8 simple rules, she plays the airhead quiet well) Heather Chandler- Adrianne Palicki( Tyra from Friday Night Lights, she has that "lick it up baby" look down pat) Veronica- Tina Majorino (Mac from Veronica Mars,so freaking talented) JD- Zachary Quinto (sylar on Heroes, those eyes do it for me)
chipjimi chipjimi 10 years
I actually want to make a change. JD should be Justin Chatwin not Adrian Grenier Everyone else remains the same. Heather Chandler - Rachel Bilson Heather Duke - Evan Rachel Wood Heather McNamara - Alexis Bledel Veronica - Eliza Dushku
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
Oh the classic line about chainsaws... Heather Duke (Amanda Seyfried) Heather McNamara (Bar Refaeli) Heather Chandler (Mischa Barton) Veronica (Lizzy Caplan) J.D. (Josh Hartnett)
chipjimi chipjimi 10 years
Heather Chandler - Rachel Bilson Heather Duke - Evan Rachel Wood Heather McNamara - Alexis Bledel Veronica - Eliza Dushku JD - Adrian Grenier
asarwan asarwan 10 years
I can't even think. I just loved that movie as is. But.... Heather Duke: Rachel McAdams Heather McNamara: Hayden Pantierre Heather Chandler: Kristen Bell Veronica: Rachel Leigh Cook J.D. - Milo Vertimiglia
aras8218 aras8218 10 years
Heather Duke-Liv Tyler Heather Mcnamara-Ashley Olsen Heather Chandler-Rachel Mcadams Veronica-Rachel Bilson JD-Jared Leto
apeacefulife apeacefulife 10 years
Heather Duke- Rachel Bilson Heather McNamara- Hayden Pantierre Heather Chandler - Jojo Veronica - Camilla Belle JD - Josh Hartnett
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