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Recast Jerry Maguire

Recast Jerry Maguire and Win a Prize!

Recast challenge, where I ask you to choose new actors for a classic TV show or movie. The reader who submits the best cast wins a BuzzSugar t-shirt!

For this recast challenge, let's take a look at director Cameron Crowe's Jerry Maguire, which earned Cuba Gooding Jr. an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and launched Renée Zellweger into stardom.

If you could cast this movie with new actors, who do you think would convey the magnetism of sports agent Jerry Maguire? Who else besides Cuba could pull off the "show me the money" sequence, and what other actress could endearingly utter, "You had me at hello"?

Finally, Jonathan Lipnicki ran away with every scene he was in as Dorothy's son Ray Boyd. Is there a little guy out there you think would be adorable in that part as well?

Leave your entry in the comment section below, and I'll pick one winner to feature Tuesday, March 18, complete with a "new" cast photo.

To see a list of characters to recast and a photo of the BuzzSugar t-shirt,

Characters to recast:
Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise)
Dorthy Boyd (Renée Zellweger)
Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.)
Ray Boyd (Jonathan Lipnicki)

The BuzzSugar t-shirt

Join The Conversation
poffenbergeryfj poffenbergeryfj 9 years
Jerry Maguire,He is a great actor.Any film of Jerry Maguire is confirmly done.People knows the keymen actors in U.S.A. ------------------------- sanju
poffenbergeryfj poffenbergeryfj 9 years
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lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
OK, it took me forever, but I'm going to go with: Jerry Maguire: Ryan Reynolds Dorothy Boyd: Rachel McAdams Rod Tidwell: Donald Faison Ray Boyd: Cruz Beckham (I know he's not technically an "actor," but he so could be.) Alright, now I am going to read what everyone else put! It's hard to do these without reading the other comments.
Grantz Grantz 9 years
Sorry, I did my first cast without breaking away for time to think, so if its ok, Im going to re-do my list: Jerry Maguire- Ashton Kutcher, hes still the one I think is perfect Dorthy Boyd- Emily Blunt, I saw her deep range in The Jane Austen Book Club. I could see her nailing "You had me at Hello". Ellen Page is great, but Ive havent seen her do vulnerable yet.So I wouldnt want to risk it. My backups for Dorthy would be Katherine Heigl and Kate Hudson. Rod Tidwell- Gaius Charles..(Smash Williams) from "Friday Night Lights" hes my first choice Ray Boyd- Preston Bailey, Im sticking with him. I think hes great as the little boy in "Dexter" This is a lot of fun.. Sorry, I didnt take the time to make sure I had my best list the first time. Cheers~ Grantz
Cucumber334 Cucumber334 9 years
Jerry Maguire- James McAvoy Dorothy Boyd- Anne Hathaway Rod Tidwell- Terrence Howard Ray Boyd- Daniel Goldman (the first Cody on "Dexter")
alynn alynn 9 years
Jerry Maguire - Bradley Cooper Dorothy Boyd - Keri Russell Rod Tidwell - Gaius Charles (FNL - a bit young maybe) Ray Boyd - Iris Apatow (Knocked Up)
cbombnewell cbombnewell 9 years
Jerry Maguire-Liev Schreiber Dorthy Boyd-Elizabeth Mitchell(Lost) Rod Tidwell-Donald Faison Ray Boyd-Jackson Brundage(Jamie from One tree hill)
sarahrah sarahrah 9 years
Jerry Maguire: Jason Dohring Dorthy Boyd: Jenna Fischer Rod Tidwell: Donald Faison Ray Boyd: Cruz Beckham!
luckyme luckyme 9 years
Jerry Maguire - Matt Damon Dorothy Boyd - Michelle Williams Ray Boyd - Elle Fanning Rod Tidwell = Omar Epps And I like Jeremy Piven as Bob Sugar
ohmondieu ohmondieu 9 years
Jerry Maguire - Christian Bale Dorothy Boyd - Drew Barrymore Ray Boyd - Cole Sprouse (cody from suite life - disney star) Rod Tidwell - Will Smith
supertramp supertramp 9 years
Jerry Maguire- Jason Bateman Dorthy Boyd- Claire Danes Rod Tidwell- Donald Faison Ray Boyd- Field Cate (young Ned on Pushing Daisies)
sorano916 sorano916 9 years
Jerry Maguire- Steve Carell Dorthy Boyd- Julianne Nicholson Rod Tidwell- Dule Hill (instead of football, it could be b-ball... ;) Ray Boyd- Jackson Brundage (OTH)
azulskies azulskies 9 years
Jerry Maguire: John Krasinski Dorthy Boyd: Gabrielle Union Rod Tidwell: the Rock Ray Boyd: Jaden Smith
hollister-chick hollister-chick 9 years
what about jamiefrom one tree hill to be Ray??
ChrissyBaby ChrissyBaby 9 years
Jerry Maguire: Topher Grace Dorthy Boyd: Melissa Joan Hart Rod Tidwell: Hosea Sanchez (Malik on The Game) Ray Boyd: Zane Huett (Parker Scavo on Desperate Housewives)
shopper10024 shopper10024 9 years
Jerry Maguire - Josh Duhamel Dorthy Boyd - Michelle Williams Rod Tidwell - The Rock Ray Boyd - Mitchell Gray (Nikki's kid on Big Love) BONUS - Bob Sugar (Jay Mohr) - Matthew Fox
Yv Yv 9 years
Jerry Maguire - Jeremy Piven Dorthy Boyd - Gwyneth Paltrow / Michelle Williams Rod Tidwell - Vince Vaughn Ray Boyd - Freddie Highmore (Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) would be perfect! i guess he's too old now.. but i'd change the script for him ;)
weirdy weirdy 9 years
Jerry McGuire - Ben Affleck Dorothy Boyd - Reese witherspoon Rod Tidwell - Will Smith Ray Boyd - nobody could replace Jonathan Lipnicki as Ray
Mel475 Mel475 9 years
Jerry Maguire - Ashton Kutcher Dorothy Boyd - Rachel McAdams Rod Tidwell - Derek Luke (Antwone Fisher and Friday Night Lights) Ray Boyd - Clay Moncure (Army Wives)
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
Jerry Maguire - Kyle Chandler Dorthy Boyd - Anna Friel Rod Tidwell - Donald Faison Ray Boyd - Lorenzo Brino (from 7th heaven)
Brittfish Brittfish 9 years
Jerry Maguire - Matt Damon Dorothy Boyd - Amy Adams Rod Tidwell - Donald Faison (I've been trying to come up with another of my own, but you guys nailed it - he'd be perfect) Ray Boyd - Riley Stewart (this kid is seriously adorable)
mishale1 mishale1 9 years
Jerry Maguire - Jerry OConnell Dorthy Boyd- Kate Hudson Ray Boyd - Maddox Jolie Pitt Rod - Donald Faison
KenzieChevelle KenzieChevelle 9 years
Jerry Maguire (Ryan Gosling) Dorthy Boyd (Sarah Chalke) Rod Tidwell (Donald Faison) Ray Boyd (Alex Wolff)
Grantz Grantz 9 years
Jerry Maguire: Ashton Kutcher Dorothy Boyd: Ellen Page Rod Tidwell: Will Smith Ray Boyd: Preston Bailey
alethe16 alethe16 9 years
Jerry Maguire: Casey Affleck Dorothy Boyd: Ginnifer Goodwin Ray Boyd: Elle Fanning (just to switch things up) Rod Tidwell: Gael Garcia Bernal (maybe as a baseball player instead of a football player
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