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Report from Fringe Panel at TCA

Fringe Talks "Over Here" and "Over There" at TCA

Remember when Fringe was going to be the less-complicated, easy-to-follow JJ Abrams series? The show's season finale, in which we learned of an alternate universe where characters we already know — or possibly their doubles — frequently appear would seem to have changed all that. But at TCA on Thursday, the producers stressed that they weren't going to give the audience more than they can handle.

For one thing, there won't be an additional universe that we discover later. They're only dealing with the two we've seen (basically, "over here" and "over there," over there being the home of William Bell). And producer Jeff Pinkner stressed that through visual cues and other things, it will be easy to tell what universe you're in at any given time. "We have no desire to be cute or confusing," Pinkner said. "We always want and take great pains . . . to take the audience with us."

The alternate universe twist was always planned, producer Alex Kurtzman said, but it wasn't supposed to be until the end of season three. But the feedback they got signaled that fans were ready — so they decided to jump ahead with it. For more on what's to come,



This season will still have plenty of stand-alone stories — as Joshua Jackson pointed out, the simple fact that each investigation has a beginning, middle, and end gives every episode its own separate plot — but they'll be tied more into the characters. (Having seen the first episode of the new season, I can confirm that's certainly true in the premiere.)

Speaking of "over there," Leonard Nimoy will be back as William Bell "as much as he wants," Pinkner said. They've already filmed one additional episode with him, and there will be several more to come.

Do you like the direction Fringe took at the end of the season? Will you be back for season two now that it's moved to Thursday nights?

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