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The Results Are In: Recast Grease!

Every Wednesday on BuzzSugar, I post a Recast challenge, where I ask you to choose new actors for a classic TV show or movie. The reader who submits the best cast wins a BuzzSugar t-shirt!

When recasting these iconic movies, it's so hard to find actors who could live up to the roles made classic by the original performers, but all of you who submitted lists did well to retain the spirit of Grease with your picks! I thought the much-suggested idea of putting Zooey Deschanel in the role of Rizzo was super fun. Christina Ricci would make an excellent Rizzo as well because, as CaterpillarGirl says of her idea, she is the bad girl.

I also loved a lot of the names put forth for Danny, like prbeachbum's James Franco, Wilmer Valderrama as suggested by alynn, and legaeagle's idea to use James Marsden. Finally, many of the ideas for Principal McGee were fantastic, and I especially liked roseannadanna's pick of Allison Janney, along with the ultimate musical dame Julie Andrews, as suggested by Atatakai Sunshine.

Overall, however, this week I most enjoyed Arienne's recast list! To see who Arienne picked, along with a new cast photo,

Arienne's cast
Sandy: Amanda Seyfried
Danny: Adrian Grenier
Rizzo: Anne Hathaway
Frenchy: Britany Murphy
Kenickie: Ryan Phillippe
Principal McGee: Stockard Channing

Join The Conversation
City-Love City-Love 9 years
Who's Amanda Seyfreid?
arienne arienne 9 years
Yay!! I won! Thanks for all the positive comments :)
Ejmcmis Ejmcmis 9 years
truely of all of the re-casts I've seen, this is the best one yet... no joke! AWESOME choice on each charecter Especially stockard as the principal ... phenominal !!!! congrats!!!
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
AHHH Brittany Murphy was a great choice!
LaLa0428 LaLa0428 9 years
Very Cool! And Congrats.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Great cast! Love the Stockard Channing pick, especially.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 9 years
Awesome list! I especially love Adrian as Danny, Brittnay Murphy as Frenchy, and Ryan as Kenickie. I agree that Anne Hathaway is as far from Rizzo in my eyes as it can get.
alynn alynn 9 years
Good job! Admittedly not sold at first on Anne Hathaway as Rizzo, but feel like I keep reading interviews with her where she's all "I'm such a rebel." So, maybe the role would give her a chance to shed the princess diaries image
reese05 reese05 10 years
oh yes James Franco as Danny that would be great!
AtatakaiSunshine AtatakaiSunshine 10 years
Ooh, I was mentioned :D! I love the James Franco idea!! He would make an awesome Danny.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
This is a great re-cast.
Renees3 Renees3 10 years
Awesome! Except I dunno about anne hathaway as Rizzo! She doesn't seem tough enough!! I like the christina ricci idea! The rest is all a good call!!
Dream-Angel Dream-Angel 10 years
Yay, great recast!
jadenirvana jadenirvana 10 years
Awesome recast! I love it! I wish this movie was really happening.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 10 years
Great picks! Britany Murphy would be the perfect person to play Frenchy!
laurarose520 laurarose520 10 years
Stockard Channing is BRILLIANT for the recast! I'm also a fan of Anne Hathaway.
sofi sofi 10 years
love Stockard Channing as the principal- great job.
aras8218 aras8218 10 years
I think it's a great cast, the only one i disagree with is Sandy.I have no idea who that actress is but it has to be somebody fabu to play my Sandy.
Livience Livience 10 years
Great list, Arienne! I think Adrian Grenier would make a GREAT Danny, and casting Stockard Channing at Principal McGee is genius!! Congrats!!
Daylyn Daylyn 10 years
Very good choices!
Pink_Lipstick Pink_Lipstick 10 years
Brittany Murphy would be PERFECT as Frenchy! And I love the choice of Amanda Seyfriend; she's awesome.
pinkflats pinkflats 10 years
James Franco!! Why I did not think of that. This was actually really hard for me because I couldn't really picture the other cast members beside Sandy and Danny. Great job Arienne.
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