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The Results Are In: Recast Reality Bites

Every Wednesday on BuzzSugar, I post a Recast challenge, where I ask you to choose new actors for a classic TV show or movie. The reader who submits the best cast wins a BuzzSugar t-shirt!

There are tons of young actors to choose from for this week's recast challenge of Reality Bites, and it was interesting to see the combinations you all came up with. I love the idea of Thora Birch for Lelaina, as bart simpson suggested, and many of you put down America Ferrera as Vickie — another great choice.

alynn's idea of Devon Gummersall playing Michael made me nostalgic for Brian Krakow — and I also think he'd make a great Michael. Deidre's idea of Joseph Cross (Running with Scissors) as Sammy Gray is totally perfect, and finally, klugea's suggestion of Justin Bobby from The Hills playing Troy made me laugh out loud.

Overall, however, my favorite recast list this week comes from anniemation! To see who anniemation picked, along with a new cast photo,

anniemation's cast:
Lelaina Pierce — Ellen Page
Troy Dyer — Emile Hirsch
Vickie Miner — Alia Shawkat
Michael Grates — Zachary Levi
Sammy Gray — Paul Dano

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MisterPinkNoTip MisterPinkNoTip 9 years
Yay for Ellen Page and Alia Shawkat or however you spell that. I see someone else is an Arrested Development fan!
aras8218 aras8218 9 years
Have not been on teamsugar in months and was excited to see you guys still do this.One of my fave's and you always pick great movies and shows that everyone loves.However got to say i don't know who any of those actors are except Paul Dano.
anniemation anniemation 9 years
Thanks so much!
mellafe mellafe 9 years
Oh, I missed this! Reality Bites is such an important movie for me, I can't think of it being recast, haha. But I like the results. I would've picked someone else for Sammy but I like the choices. I LOVE Ellen Page. :p
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
I'm getting old, too. Congrats anniemation; thanks for choosing young, fresh faces!
lovehenry lovehenry 9 years
now i really feel my age
Advah Advah 9 years
Hmm I'm afraid I only know Alia Shawkat. I agree that they seem a bit young to me, I always thought the film was aimed at people in their 20s/even early 30s. :)
kersalli kersalli 9 years
I love them all but they are too young (I would know, they're around my age). Reality Bites has been a favorite of mine since I was too little to really understand it. I am biased that way in my thoughts that nobody else could do this justice. "The answer is simple...the answer is PIZZA"
dollymama dollymama 9 years
I must be getting old, I only know who the girls are and only because of Arrested Dev and Juno.
alynn alynn 9 years
As a younger cast, I think this is really good. I would go a bit older... but great job!
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
great recasting. emile hirsch and ellen page, that's perfect right there!
penguins268 penguins268 9 years
I didn't think this would be such good casting! Emile Hirsh as Troy--I think thats really awesome though I would have never thought that. :)
bart-simpson bart-simpson 9 years
congrats anniemation! thanks for the mention, buzz :)
Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
From L-R: Paul Dano (the brother in Little Miss Sunshine) Zachary Levi (Chuck on NBC's Chuck) Ellen Page (Hard Candy, Juno) Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild, The Girl Next Door) Alia Shawkat (Maeby Funke, Arrested Development)
msshellokitty msshellokitty 9 years
I have no idea who any of those people are except Ellen Page and that is only because she has a new movie coming out.
pargie pargie 9 years
Ok I recognized Paul Dano, but I had to imdb to see where I knew him from. BTW...I just got done watching Reality Bites like 5 minutes weird is that?
pargie pargie 9 years
Who are these people?
raieven raieven 9 years
ellen page? no way.
beansandsyke beansandsyke 9 years
Zachary Levi seems too old for her but yeah
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