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Revenge Recap of "Confidence"

Revenge: Ranking the Biggest Scandals From "Confidence"

This week's Revenge has me yearning for the simple days of last season. Remember last Summer in the Hamptons? It was just one girl, out to take down the family that killed her father. Well, no more. Now we've got a dead white-haired man, illegitimate children, fake kidnappings, and at the center of it all is the Grayson family. This week, they're forced to stand together against the media after a surprising display of truth on Victoria's part. Jack is having some baby-mama drama with pseudo-Grayson Amanda, and Emily uncovers a startling truth about her mother.

There's not enough therapy in the world that can quell the extreme discord in the Grayson home, and I'm loving the dysfunction. I'm counting down the week's biggest scandals when you read more.

  1. The Whited-Haired Man — aka Gordon Murphy — was an item with Emily's mom. So . . . this seems icky, no? The plot point feels a little forced to me, but I do like that it brings new challenges to Emily's situation with her estranged mom. Before, Gordon was literally a nameless bad guy, but now if Emily's to reconcile with her mother, she has to do so armed with the knowledge that she's responsible for the death of her mother's lover (or whatever he was to her).
  2. The truth about Victoria's relationship with David Clarke is out. Of course, it's only a small sliver of the truth (she may never admit she faked her own kidnapping). Admittedly, Victoria doesn't do anything without a plan, so there has to be a method to this madness.
  3. Jack and Amanda are through. Amanda has become collateral damage of the Grayson family chaos. Watching her join the Graysons during the press conference just seemed wrong, and she's definitely beyond the point of no return with this whole assuming someone else's identity business. I'm still not convinced that Jack's reaction is completely necessary, but truth be told, it's probably best that he raise that baby on his own anyway.
  4. Emily and Aiden are ex-lovers. I could have called this from a mile away, given the tension between those two. I'm wondering how this will affect Emily's decisions; does she want Aiden out of the picture because she's mad at him for leaving her years ago, or because deep down she still cares about him and she's worried about him getting tangled up in her dangerous game? My favorite part about this episode is that we get another peek into the bizarre training rituals Takeda put them through. A trek through a snowy maze while being hunted by rabid dogs? That's some real The Shining-type stuff.
  5. Declan becomes a full-on cat burglar. I know Declan is but a footnote in this whole big scheme, but his transformation from young bartender to robber is incredibly swift. One week he's stashing some jewelry for a peer, the next he's sacking a house for valuables? The most unsettling aspect of this story is the man that Declan stole from. The guy comes to the bar, talks with Jack, and then just lets Declan off the hook? That's not how life works. That guy is up to something and I do not like it.

Other burning questions: Will Nolan get with Padma, and am I the only one still sensing something fishy from her? How good was Aiden's American accent? Will Daniel ever catch up to his family's insanity?

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