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Revenge Recap, Forgiveness

Revenge: Ranking the Biggest Scandals From "Forgiveness"

I want to begin the discussion of this week's Revenge with the most exciting news: Mason Treadwell, slimy journalist extraordinaire, is back — and his hair is crazier than ever! Yes, the morally challenged, Sinatra-whistling dirt digger has returned, but he's not the only one pushing his luck with the high society of the Hamptons. The estranged Kara has also taken little time to ingratiate herself with the Graysons, though they're not buying her schtick. Meanwhile, Nolan's new love interest might be bad news, and Creepy McGee still wants to buy the bar out from under new daddy Jack.

At long last, this week also saw Emily's reunion with Kara, though only Emily knew who she was. Oh, the pain! Let's go ahead and break down this week's biggest scandals when you read more.

  1. Kara reunites with everyone. I trust Kara as far as I can throw her. She may be making the rounds and clearing away her emotional wreckage with the Graysons and Amanda, but I think she's singularly there to find Gordon. (And we all know that mission is going to be fruitless . . . because he's dead.) I had to pause and rewind a couple of times to see if I could detect even a hint of recognition in Kara's eyes when she meets Emily in the hallway, but alas, nothing. Either she truly doesn't know Emily is the real Amanda, she's a top-notch actress, or she's a psychopath void of emotions who once tried to drown her own child. Might be that last one.
  2. Victoria and Conrad have some big secrets to protect. I know, I know, the Graysons have secrets blah, blah, blah. But did you see the fear in Victoria's eyes when Kara approaches her? We've seen many things in Victoria's eyes, but it's not usually fear. Whatever dirt Kara has on The Initiative or otherwise, it's enough to prompt Victoria and Conrad to renew their vows. Thank goodness, too, because the Hamptons really needed another party. It's been getting boring up in here.
  3. Padma is up to something. I feel like Revenge is playing its cards close to its vest on this story line. I've never trusted Padma, and this week she further raises my suspicions by going to Grayson Global and inquiring about Nolcorp's involvement with David Clark. Despite this curious act, I'm now wondering if maybe she's truly got Nolan's best interests at heart. We have yet to get any shots of Padma making a sinister face (patented Revenge move) or any real indication that she's secretly evil.
  4. Mason Treadwell is back to shake things up. How could you not love someone who shamelessly wanders into Victoria's bedroom and spits out lines like, "Being dead is de rigueur around here" and "Do you gag a little when you say that, 'honestly'?" We've been in need of a character determined to investigate, since this season Emily's lost her way a little bit with the return-of-dear-mother plot .
  5. Jack sells the bar, sort of. The mysterious Mr. Ryan really makes an appearance at the right time in Jack's life. He's got a new baby to take care of and the promise of stacks of cash is too much to pass up. What is Mr. Ryan's deal, though? Why does he want The Stowaway so badly and how terribly could this really go?

All in all, this week's episode provides some key moments of the season so far. Between Emily's encounter with Kara, Kara's encounter with Amanda, and Jack and Nolan's bro-hug at the hospital, this is one for the books. What did you think of "Forgiveness"?

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