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Revenge Recap of "Intuition"

Revenge: Ranking the Biggest Scandals From "Intuition"

What a tangled web Revenge weaves! And black widow Victoria Grayson is at the center of it all. The show takes some interesting and unexpected turns this week, as it opens on a bloodied Grayson manor as a grimacing Victoria feeds the fire with a stained sign-in sheet and crumpled check. What could have transpired here? And why is that maid so calm about sopping up gallons of blood? The episode answers these questions — well, one of them, anyway — and creates many more. Emily's mom is back in the fold, Nolan gains a lady friend, Daniel is getting hip to the con game, and someone is out to get Jack's bar.

This is by far the soapiest episode of this season, deliciously filled with meaningful pauses and dramatic music swells. Thus, cue the music, and let's talk Revenge when you read more.

  1. Victoria is responsible for Amanda's coma. I think I can safely say that Amanda's is the least successful baby shower in the history of baby showers. I don't even know who to blame here — Emily, for using Amanda to do her dirty work, Amanda, for agreeing to do it even after Emily pretty much ruins her relationship with Jack, or Victoria, who literally ends up with blood on her hands after struggling with Amanda over the check. I'm not surprised that it happens, but I did full-on gasp when she falls over the balcony. At least the baby is OK.
  2. Emily's mom tried to kill her. Until this week, I wasn't sure what to think of Emily's mom. I had faith that maybe the former Mrs. Clarke would be Emily's savior, but it's pretty hard to defend a woman we now know tried to drown her small child. Not only that, but she is/was officially married to the white-haired man and they were both working for the Americon Initiative. I was shocked to see her at the hospital stroking fake Amanda's hair. Surely she must know this isn't her daughter, but will she be able to tell when she looks into Emily's eyes?
  3. Daniel finds out Ashley is a double agent. Talk about sleeping with the enemy, am I right? Daniel, who up until this point I've passed off as being the dummy of the Grayson clan, finally decides to check up on his girlfriend, Ashley. He cleverly finds out she's been spying on him for Conrad, but like a true Grayson, he doesn't confront her. Her takes this information and stores it for later use. Ironically, this is directly before Ashley decides she's done with Conrad. Too little, too late.
  4. Nolan's got a girlfriend. We all saw this romance from a mile away, but Nolan finally, awkwardly, kisses Padma. Nothing like a little make-out session in your dead father's dusty storage locker to ignite the passion. I still don't trust her, especially after that close-up shot of her holding the framed voided check. I hope I'm wrong, though; I don't want to see Nolan with a broken heart (or a drained bank account).
  5. Someone is after Jack's bar. I knew there was something up with that guy Declan stole from, Mr. Let's Handle This Robbery Without the Police. So the whole thing is a setup to extort that rundown bar from Jack, but we still don't know why that preppy kid would be interested in it. And if he wants to own the bar, why not just offer to buy it? Clearly Declan and new daddy Jack are hurting for the money.

Other questions that arose: am I the only one who was really uncomfortable when Amanda reads Victoria entries from her fake father's fake journal about their love affair? Is there even a speck of chemistry between Daniel and Ashley? Does no one tell Daniel or Ashley about Amanda's fall from the balcony? Despite the circumstance, how cute is it to see Charlotte and Declan together again at the hospital?

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