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Revenge Recap of "Masquerade"

Revenge: Ranking the Biggest Scandals From "Masquerade"

This week's Revenge jumps ahead six weeks from Padma's disappearance, and Nolan is on the hunt. He also looks like a crack addict after spending weeks locked in his office sans sunlight. Victoria is preparing for the masquerade ball — vital this year as last year's was called off due to Conrad's imprisonment — but she's getting a bit spooked, suddenly haunted by the ghost of her firstborn. Emily is, of course, behind the pranks, but it's all for a greater good: avenging her father. Right? What's the goal again? It's pretty muddled.

Emily is also back with Daniel — "reunited and it feels so good," as the Page Six article puts it — and Victoria is less than satisfied. Let's go through this week's biggest scandals when you read more.

  1. Victoria's son is alive. Last week's episode leaves the mystery of Victoria's son a little shrouded, but now we know he's definitely alive — or at least he was alive a few years ago. She tells Conrad that she had an abortion, but in a flashback to 1973, we see her go to the convent to track down the nun to whom she gave her baby. In the present, prompted by the notes Emily has been sending her, she returns to the convent to ask the nun about her son. The nun tells her he came by a few years ago to ask about his mother, but she kept her promise not to tell him Victoria's identity.
  2. Emily pretends to be pregnant. Oh man, I hope this gets leaked and people think it's Daniel's baby. Scandal! Emily is continuing her quest to torture Victoria by sending her black roses and notes from her "loving son." It's terribly twisted, and a reminder why we love ruthless Emily. She follows Victoria to the convent and slips in next to the same nun Victoria gave her baby to all those years ago, then lays the boom on the nun: she's pregnant. Not really (I think?), but she's willing to go to any length to find Victoria's son. This has me wondering if it's someone we already know. One of the Ryan brothers, maybe?
  3. Padma is dead. It's the circle of life: as we find out about Victoria's son, Padma's story comes to an end. After weeks, her abduction culminates in death at the hand of the Initiative. Aiden is the one to find her, promptly snapping Mr. Trask's neck after seeing Padma's lifeless body on the table. Trask maintains that she had been killed that very day, but that seems oddly convenient. No one is as distraught about this as Nolan, who banishes himself from the masquerade ball after hearing the news. Is anyone else worried about his welfare? He seems to be having some kind of existential crisis after realizing all the death and tragedy that has occurred since he started helping Emily with her quest.
  4. Jack and Ashley are allies. Seriously, what is Ashley even still doing here? Her character has been a nuisance for a while, but maybe she's lying low waiting to stage a comeback. It's Jack who recruits her, after carrying out a mini sabotage on Conrad at his public Q&A. His plot to take down Conrad is officially under way, but I'm doubting he can pull it off without Nolan, who is now M.I.A. I'm not sure why he chooses to trust Ashley, since she's a snake in the grass, but let's see how it goes.
  5. Charlotte punches someone at the masquerade ball. Charlotte is still reeling from the death of her supposed sister, and when some high society peer makes a few rude comments about Amanda's old drinking habits, Charlotte punches her lights out. I say three cheers for Charlotte, who channels her anger into swift violence instead of roundabout revenge plots that unfold over weeks.

What's your take on "Masquerade"?

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