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Revenge Recap of "Penance"

Revenge: Ranking the Biggest Scandals From "Penance"

With a title like "Penance," I wouldn't expect a completely pacifistic episode of Revenge this week, but boy is there a lot of (near) violence. The truth is valuable, but it's also dangerous when revealed to the wrong people. This week, Mason finally learns what really happened to Amanda Clarke, though not because he figures it out on his own. Kara finds out about the Graysons' transgressions against her ex-husband, and she is not happy. Daniel also moves forward with his plan to take over the family business and Emily and Aiden's bond grows stronger.

The Initiative, ever lurking around this season, also pays a visit to Grayson manor during an investors meeting. Let's figure out if the punishments fit the crimes when you read more.

  1. Emily reveals her true identity to Mason. How good does it feel watching Emily finally spill the beans to someone? I thought Mason had put together Emily and Amanda's past in last week's episode, but it turns out he's on a completely different track. It's a good thing Emily catches Amanda just in the nick of time, though if she had smashed in Mason's head with that stealthily concealed giant crowbar, I'm sure Emily would find a way to frame someone else for the crime — but then who would we turn to to improve our vocabularies with fancy words like "antipodal" and "felonious"?
  2. Kara almost kills Victoria and Conrad. And at their own investors party, no less! I suppose it's their party and they can die if they want to, but that scene is dark. I know Kara is hard-core, but she goes full-on execution style — blindfolds and all. Hell hath no fury like an unbalanced woman scorned, eh? The best part of this ordeal to me is the fact that it seems to bring Conrad and Victoria closer. Is Conrad just pretending to care for Victoria or does the trauma really help him see he still has feelings for his betrothed?
  3. Daniel appeals to Grayson Global's board to overthrow his father. Talk about scandal. While Conrad is holding a Q&A (aided by triple-crosser Ashley) for his investors, Daniel is literally in the other room staging a coup. Unshockingly, the woman from the Initiative is right in line to oust Conrad. Something tells me if Daniel takes over, his time as CEO will be short-lived. I like him, but he just doesn't have what it takes to compete with the big players.
  4. Emily gives in to Aiden. Emily is going through a lot this season and she really just needs a shoulder to cry on — not that she has a lot of capacity for tears. This whole episode, Aiden is there for her; in fact, he's really taken over the sidekick place formerly occupied by Nolan. She keeps giving him the brush-off, until the very end. Can Aiden and Emily's relationship last or will she kick him out in the morning again?
  5. Mason agrees to take the fall for Gordon's death. In the worst deal-making of the century, Mason accepts Emily's offer to take the heat for Gordon's murder. OK, it's not like he has much choice when he's planting evidence implicating him anyway, but who really thinks she's going to confess to everything and exonerate him once her work is through? Doubtful.

What did you think of "Penance"? Will Kara and Mason reappear or are they out of the picture for the time being? What's the deal with Kenny and his hot brother? Are you rooting for a Conrad/Victoria reconciliation as much as I am?

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