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Revenge Recap of "Retribution"

Revenge: Ranking the Biggest Scandals From "Retribution"

It may have taken the death of a major character, but after this week's episode of Revenge, it looks like Emily has finally rediscovered her primary purpose. Amanda is dead, her body recovered by the coast guard. Jack, gripped with grief, is struggling to put the pieces back together. He's getting some of it right, but his accusations are suffering from a case of mistaken identity. Charlotte is also attempting to come to terms with her "sister's" passing — will she ever realize Amanda wasn't related to her? "Retribution" is slower than most episodes, but I think that's a positive thing. Lately I've found the show to be packing so much in, but not all of it is good.

I'm looking forward to seeing Emily go back to basics, even if she's coping with the guilt of Jack's discoveries and accusations. Let's go through this week's biggest scandals when you read more.

  1. Emily's long-lost foster brother appears. Charlotte keeps busy by planning Amanda's funeral service, but the fact that Amanda has no family to speak of makes her even more upset. If only she stayed to mourn a little longer; she would have run into a mysterious stranger claiming to be Amanda's brother. Instead, it's Emily that he finds weeping by the grave. For those keeping track at home, that guy is actually Emily's foster brother, and it looks like it's only a matter of time until he realizes the truth. I'm still wondering what he means by "She burned our house down."
  2. Jack finds out about Emily's plan, sort of. Jack is understandably overcome with grief, and he channels his sadness and anger into following leads about his late wife. In a moment of upset, he smashes a jar of sea glass and finds a key to a locker at the wharf (such a good hiding place!). In the locker, he finds the computer Emily has been using to spy on everyone, except he can't figure out the code. He confronts Emily about the rest of the items he finds, including papers that indicate that she and Amanda were in juvie together. The lies are piling up and he really lets loose on her. Though the hurt in her eyes is visible, I think the jolt of reality is what Emily needs to get back to business.
  3. Emily throws the computer into the sea. Once Emily realizes Jack has the computer, Aiden sneaks into his place and steals it. I didn't realize there's so much tied up in this one computer until this week. I'm left wondering if she really wanted to destroy it, because there are probably more efficient ways than throwing it into shallow water (it can't be that deep if she's standing on a pier). Also, isn't that a waterproof case? If not, that's some serious hardware for a laptop. OK, I know, it's a symbolic gesture. But still.
  4. Nolan gives Carrion to Padma. Padma's father is being held hostage by the Initiative, so Nolan spends all night working on the program they're after and hands it to Padma. Reminder: Carrion is the program that could shut down civilization as we know it. I really think Nolan deserves a vacation. He spends all night helping Emily attempt to rescue Jack and Amanda on the high seas, just to come home to complete this incredibly complex code? I miss carefree Nolan.
  5. Daniel realizes his family's empire is built on blood money. And the "duh" award this week goes to . . . Daniel! At least he unwittingly gets rid of the clock the Initiative has been using to spy on him. I doubt Mr. Trask will wait long before planting a new bug in his office, though.

Other questions: Does Mr. Trask sound like Christian Bale as Batman to you? How glad are you that you didn't have to identify Amanda's body, like Charlotte does?

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