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Revenge Recap For "Revelations"

Revenge: Ranking the Biggest Scandals From "Revelations"

This week's Winter finale of Revenge starts out with your friendly neighborhood skeet-shooting party and ends in spilled blood on the docks. Jack and Amanda host a baby christening while Emily watches on through clenched teeth, and Ashley ends up in the dog house with Victoria after her affair with Conrad comes to light.

Meanwhile, some bad business goes down. NolCorp's old CFO returns, fueled by righteous anger over his dispute with Nolan, and after weeks of campaigning, ownership of Grayson Global is finally put to a vote. To get this week's round of scandals, just read more.

  1. Ashley's affair with Conrad is revealed. Don't these people know by now? There are cameras everywhere. I'm not so keen on the fact that Ashley's accidental sex tape with Conrad was spoiled in the promos, but I was surprised by the way Victoria handles it. I genuinely thought she was about to break the phone in half. First she heads straight to Conrad, who assures her it happened while they were divorced. Apparently, Victoria finds this answer unsatisfying, which brings me to . . .
  2. Victoria convinces Ashley to sleep with Mr. Grobet. Never one to throw away a great blackmail device, Victoria then confronts Ashley with the tape. Ashley breaks down and begs forgiveness, but Victoria doesn't want her tears. She wants Ashley to sleep with Mr. Grobet, the exotic lady-lover/investor whose vote will be the deciding factor in whether or not Daniel will oust Conrad as CEO of Grayson Global. Am I a fan of forced prostitution? No. Did I kind of enjoy sneaky Ashley getting her butt handed to her? Yes.
  3. Daniel is the new CEO of Grayson Global. Thanks to a little manipulation, Daniel finds out where Ashley is and busts in just in time to find her and Mr. Grobet in their robes, Champagne by the bed and all. He is upset on a number of levels, but not too shattered to immediately snap a photo to blackmail Mr. Grobet with, thus securing his vote for CEO.
  4. Daniel blackmails Nolan into giving him control of NolCorp. Daniel is really stepping up to the plate when it comes to embracing the inherent Grayson wickedness that runs through his veins. Now on the prowl to make the company his own empire, he finds Marco, Nolan's former CFO/lover, and learns of the little matter of the missing $500 million bank account. Using his knowledge of the mysterious theft as collateral, he forces Nolan to hand over a 51-percent share in the company. Not bad for a would-be poet, eh? I'd be pretty upset if I didn't think Nolan was crafty enough to beat Daniel in the end.
  5. The Ryan brothers beat Matt Duncan to a pulp. Hot on the heels of last week's episode, in which we find out Jack's dad was an accomplice to murder, Matt Duncan — the man who pulled the trigger — shows up at Jack and Amanda's christening. He gives Jack an ominous warning about getting into business with the Ryan brothers, but it's a little late for that. They may be bad guys, but Matt did shoot their dad. Jack finds him bloodied down by the dock at the afterparty, then discovers the gun hidden beneath the floorboards of his father's boat. Dun, dun, dun! To be honest, Jack's whole stowaway story line is a bit of a snooze to me. Can we get back to the love triangle, please?

What's your take on "Revelations"? How creepy is the Initiative's boardroom?

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