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Revenge Recap of "Sacrifice"

Revenge: Ranking the Biggest Scandals of "Sacrifice"

As promised, this week's Revenge brings drama, trauma, and loss of life. "Sacrifice" picks up directly after Jack and Amanda set off for what becomes the honeymoon from hell. It's all sexy time and sleeping on the deck, until they realize — dun, dun, dun — there's a Ryan brother hiding out on their boat, and he sure is angry! Back on dry land, the Grayson clan is getting ready to announce Conrad's candidacy for governor. Emily and Nolan aren't in attendance because they're busy being lifeguards and patrolling the high seas to save Jack and Amanda. I know, it's a lot to take in.

We lose not one, but two Revenge regulars this week, but I'm only kind of sad about one of them. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty scandals when you read more.

  1. AMANDA DIES. Promos assured us that we'd see the passing of someone Emily loves this week, and to be honest, I was kind of rooting for Amanda. A married man's bloated, waterlogged hand is teased in the beginning, hinting that it may be Jack that drowns, but that just got my mind running about every other guy on the show who has a wedding ring on. In the end, Amanda takes a hit for the team and gets injured fleeing from the boat right before it explodes. (Amanda gets killed by The Amanda; how's that for irony?) I'm glad she at least gets to pass away with Emily at her side. Rest in peace at the bottom of the sea, Amandas.
  2. Nate Ryan shoots Jack. Rewind: before Amanda dies, Jack attempts to save himself and his bride from the crazed Nate, who then shoots him in the stomach. What I don't understand about this situation is that Amanda pushes Jack in the lifeboat, then shoves him off, "saving him." She doesn't know Emily and Nolan are on their way, so wouldn't he just be left to bleed out alone in the life raft? Getting shot in the stomach is not an injury one just recovers from with some "me time." Thank goodness Emily and Nolan scoop him up.
  3. There's a creepy new guy taking Helen's place. The Graysons couldn't possibly be under the impression that killing Helen would free them from the Initiative, but I don't think they expected that she would be replaced so swiftly. This new gentleman, Mr. Trask, has a considerably chillier disposition than Helen, and given that he's already busted into an invite-only party — the nerve! — and someone's home, he's not messing around. Will he go after Padma next?
  4. The Graysons shift the blame to Amanda. Victoria, Conrad, and Daniel are hot off killing Helen, so they've got to think quick when Mr. Trask shows up to take them to task about what happened to Helen. Victoria tells him it's Amanda he has to be worried about. What will everyone make of the situation once they realize Amanda's gone?
  5. Nate Ryan perishes in the boat fire. Remember the bloated hand? Turns out it belongs to Nate. A scuffle with Amanda results in pierced propane tanks, and when he realizes he's not getting out of the cabin alive, Nate lights the boat on fire. I'm glad he's gone. Can that terrible Stowaway story line die with him, too?

What did you think of "Sacrifice"? Did Emily's tears inspire you to cry as well? Will you miss Amanda?

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