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Revenge Recap of "Union"

Revenge: Ranking the Biggest Scandals From "Union"

This week's episode of Revenge sees not only the beachside marriage of Jack and Amanda, but the dissolution of a few unions — mainly that of Helen and her life. Yes, Jack and Amanda are now happy newlyweds, but probably not for long. Amanda is struggling with feelings of abandonment, we discover where Padma's allegiances lie, and Aiden gets some bad news about his sister (the one that has been kidnapped and held captive by The Initiative).

For my money, this has been Revenge's best episode in a while. I love that something big finally happens with The Initiative — there's only so many ominous discussions I can take. My heart breaks a little bit for Emily, too, who has to watch her childhood sweetheart marry the girl she met in prison and passed over her identity to. The humanity! Let's go through the biggest scandals of the night.

  1. Victoria kills Helen. Oh, snap! Er, bang? Helen should know better than to turn her back on Victoria, underestimating the Grayson instinct to defend at any cost. Then again, I was duped by Victoria too. I thought it was a little fishy that she would come clean to Daniel in his office (where she knows there might be bugs), but it makes sense that she would be playing the long con to take out Helen. She has to know that the buck doesn't stop with Helen, though, and I'm wondering who The Initiative will dispatch now that she is down for the count.
  2. Amanda tells Conrad she's been spying on him. How do you like that for stealing someone's thunder? Amanda overhears Jack's conversation about losing the bar and takes matters into her own hands — because that always works out so well. She breaks into Emily's computer — I don't believe for one second supergenius Emily would use something so simple as "infinity" as her computer password — and threatens to expose Conrad if he doesn't sell his half of the bar back to Jack. It works, but not without repercussions . . .
  3. Nate Ryan is hiding in Jack and Amanda's boat. Did anyone else get a feeling of impending doom when Declan snaps the final pictures of Jack and Amanda boarding their honeymoon vessel? Of course their fairy-tale story is too good to be true. Hell hath no fury like a Ryan brother scorned. My question is: did nobody do a cabin check before push-off?
  4. Padma's dad is being held hostage by The Initiative. This dastardly organization has its paws all over this episode. Padma's been supersneaky around Nolan, and we knew she was working with Helen, but like Nolan, we didn't know the "why." (I definitely laughed out loud when he whispers that in her ear, as it's by far the cheesiest moment of the episode.) It's because they've got her dear dad! Looks like she's changed teams, but can she and Nolan get past her betrayal? I'm thinking no.
  5. Aiden's sister is definitely dead. If Revenge has taught me anything, it's that people who appear dead may not actually be dead. However, in this case, it looks like Aiden's sister is definitely dead. At first he doesn't believe it, but it takes Nolan's snooping for morgue pictures of her to really seal the deal. Is there anything Nolan can't find? Next time I lose my keys, I know who I'm calling.

What's your favorite part of "Union"? Am I the only one getting a kick out of the fact that big businessman Daniel still lives with his mommy?

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