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Revenge Recap of "Victory"

Revenge: Ranking the Biggest Scandals From "Victory"

This week's Revenge finds our recently wayward heroine getting getting back on track with her plans for vengeance, with a little unexpected support. Emily's foster brother, Eli, is in town, and guess what? After burying "Amanda," he knows Emily's real identity and calls her out on it. Meanwhile, Nolan is busy trying to help Padma get her father back from the Initiative (that plan goes less-than-smoothly), and Jack has really started to annoy me. I know his wife just died, but maybe it's time to let it go and stop with the amateur Hardy Boys routine.

The best part of "Victory" is that Eli seems intent on helping her get back on track to destroy the people who wronged her, starting with their former caretaker. Let's go through the week's biggest scandals after the jump.

  1. Victoria has another son! I was so excited to see Mason Treadwell back on the screen that I almost missed this week's big reveal that Victoria gave up a child at 16. How do we know this? Allegedly, Emily's father sent Emily letters while she was in foster care, letters which her foster mother withheld then eventually sold to nosy journalist Mason. The letters were destroyed when Emily burned down Mason's house (really shot herself in the foot there), and now he's the only one who knows what they said. I'm still wondering why Mason is cooperating with Emily; does he really think she's going to free him? As if.
  2. Eli reveals to the press that his and Emily's foster mother is a monster. What kind of scheming, vengeance-seeking kids did this Mrs. Hayward woman create? Though Emily bribes him to stay away, Eli sticks around town, befriending the Graysons and taking part in their new charity endeavors. He uses the opportunity to put his and Emily's old foster mother — the one who used to lock them up in a chamber in her basement, deprive them of food and water, and say things like "no parent will ever want you" — in the spotlight and call her out on her cruelty in front of the press. Even though it isn't Emily pulling the strings, I say huzzah for the return of good old-fashioned revenge.
  3. Eli is the one who set the house on fire. There are a lot of flashbacks in this week's episode, and Eli's mysterious "she burned our house down" comment is explained. He means she literally burned their house down while they were kids at the Hayward House, which is why Emily ended up in juvie for five years. The twist is that even though she was a little pyromaniac, Emily didn't actually burn down the house. It was Eli the whole time! He makes a sort-of apology: "It was selfish, I know, and I'm sorry." The girl spent her teen years in juvie because of you. Sorry's not gonna cut it.
  4. Jack goes to work for Conrad. I used to root for Jack. I still believe bringing him and Emily together is the show's underlying purpose, but I am so sick of him. After tracking Kenny Ryan down, Jack finds out Kenny's not the one who rescued him from the boat wreck, but Kenny does give him leverage over Conrad. Now Jack is set to take Conrad down from the inside, starting on the campaign trail. I have little to no faith that Jack has any clue what he's doing and am pretty convinced Emily is going to have to save him at some point. Doesn't he have a baby to take care of?
  5. Padma gets taken by the Initiative. I wish I cared more about Padma. Having said that, no one should be kidnapped by the Initiative, including her boring self. Padma discovers that her father — whom the organization kidnapped and held hostage — is still alive. They orchestrate a meeting between her and Mr. Trask, but things go awry, and even Nolan and sniper Aiden (watching from the rooftop) can't save her from being pulled into the evil SUV. How about we just let this one ride, Nolan?

Who's excited for next week's masquerade party?

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