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Revenge: Ranking the Biggest Scandals From the Season Finale

Revenge's second season has come to a close with this week's two-hour season finale, which is basically Revenge: The Full-Length Movie. Seriously, there is a lot crammed into this double episode, beginning from the moment Carrion is activated and the lights go out in Manhattan. The show has been muddled this season by subplots and superfluous characters, but I appreciate how the finale closes out a few lingering story lines (turns out The Initiative isn't quite what we were led to believe . . . or is it? And — hold for dramatic pause — somebody dies! Not a dry eye in the house, as Conrad would say.

Yes, death, explosions, tears, and screaming: everything we've been missing from Revenge lately turns up in the finale. The final moments also contain a huge reveal. Sure, it's something we already know, but Jack Porter sure doesn't. To go over the biggest scandals from the last great episode of an otherwise so-so season of Revenge, just keep reading.

  1. Declan's heart ruptures, and he dies! Farewell, Declan. This is actually really tragic. Declan's just discovered that he's about to be a (very young) father: too bad he only has a few hours to enjoy the news before he's fatally injured in an explosion at Grayson Global. From the hospital bed, he tells his baby mama Charlotte that he's fine, because he doesn't want her last memory of him to be one of sadness. Jeez, cue the Kleenex. He makes Nolan promise to take care of Jack, then he promptly goes into surgery and dies. What will Charlotte do now that she has no boyfriend and no friends, not even psychotic stalker ones? Why, Revenge, why?
  2. Emily reveals her true identity to Jack, right before he's about to assassinate Conrad. Reeling from the death of his brother, Jack sets up shop to assassinate Conrad during his speech. Emily busts in right before he can pull the trigger, stepping in front of the bullet and forcing Jack to look at her. Even before she says, "I'm Amanda Clark," he flashes back to little Amanda on the beach, and it's clear he finally recognizes the truth. I can't even imagine how this is going to play out. I could see Jack going both ways with this information (immensely grateful or filled with rage). I just hope Revenge starts out right from this moment next season.
  3. Nolan is framed for an explosion at Grayson Global. Right in the middle of Conrad's campaign speech, a bomb goes off at Grayson Global. I thought the blackout would be the biggest catastrophe of the episode, but all the debris flying off the building proved me wrong. At first, it looks like Aiden is the patsy, but later on, Nolan is arrested for the crime. The police have a video of the now-deceased Padma stating Nolan is a genius anarchist. Obviously, we know The Initiative is behind this video, and she probably has a gun to her head, but will the police ever figure that out? Nolan's too pretty for prison! Who's really responsible for the explosion? Keep reading.
  4. Conrad knew about the bomb — because he's in The Initiative. Oh, snap! Victoria confronts Conrad once she learns he knew about the bomb, and he cavalierly pours himself some liquor and admits that he's been a part of The Initiative since Helen Crowley approached him when he was in prison all those months ago. He then attempts to convince her that The Initiative isn't some evil organization that runs the world — it's simply a group of "savvy businessmen" who understand that when disaster strikes, people spend money, which is good for the economy. Thus, they plan their own attacks on the country. So . . . that actually sounds exactly like what I thought The Initiative was.
  5. Victoria's first son Patrick returns. While Conrad is out making a speech at his campaign party, Victoria is at home getting boozy when the doorbell rings. (Sidenote: if I had as many enemies as Victoria does, I would have a full-time security guard answering my door for me, especially after hours.) She almost immediately recognizes the visitor as her long-lost son, Patrick. I'm very excited about the doors this opens up for next season — no pun intended.

Are you satisfied with the way Revenge concluded the season?

Image Source: ABC
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