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Netflix Challenge: Jake and Jen's Sordid Affair in The Good Girl

It's Editor B here again, bringing you up to speed on the next notch in my Summer of Jake Gyllenhaal belt: The Good Girl. The indie movie is one of those films that has been in my Netflix queue so long it probably thought it would never make it to the big leagues, but alas, it finally arrived last week. After watching Gyllenhaal play a doe-eyed teenager in October Sky, this was definitely a change of pace — but in the end, it's Jennifer Aniston's performance that caught my attention.

Don't get me wrong: this role is definitely a juicy one for Gyllenhaal. As troubled writer Holden, Gyllenhaal shows off his Southern accent yet again, this time tackling some heavier issues like death, an affair with a married woman, and the dangers of eating tainted blackberries. It's more than just another line on his resume, proving early on that Gyllenhaal's talent goes beyond his pretty face (or a set of abs, as the case may be). I was also impressed with how perfectly Gyllenhaal walks the line between depressing and funny; it's hard not to giggle in the face of Holden's petulant and dramatic antics.

I can see why many people over the years have just been not that into this movie: it's kind of a downer, and it's pretty bleak despite the dark humor. Still, I'd recommend it to help you shut down anyone who tries to tell you Jennifer Aniston can't act. Or if you want a peek at Zooey Deschanel in her pre-indie darling days.

In the end though, there's still one question left: how does John C. Reilly always manage to have a hot wife/girlfriend on the big screen?

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jg1219 jg1219 7 years
So coincidence, I hv watched this again 2 days before, Jake's dizzy eyes are so charming, the ending is so sad and impressing!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
Also, I think Jennifer Aniston CAN act, I think she's quite beautiful, and I think as Rachel on Friends, she was 100% amazing. But she seems to choose some very poor movie roles. Remember that one with Steve Zahn? What was it called - Management? Oh lord it was unwatchable.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
I hated this movie. I remember it being very awful.
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