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Review of Law and Order: LA Premiere

Law & Order Los Angeles: Series Premiere

The following post comes from Buzz Community member gidgie, who posted it in the Law & Order Junkies group.

I feel like I had been waiting forever for the Law & Order: Los Angeles premiere. Well, last night was the night and I obviously set my TiVo (for a season pass) so I wouldn't miss any of the action. Before I get into my thoughts about the new series, I think I should explain my love for Law & Order a little bit. I don't really know what it is but I can watch Law & Order all night, every night. Luckily since the show has been around for so long and since we have several branches of the franchise (the original, CI, SVU), I can basically watch it all the time . . . and I do. It's my favorite show on TV and it never gets old for me. So, you now probably understand why this premiere has been so highly anticipated (for me at least). OK, here are my thoughts about last night's premiere of L&O LA:

  1. I do not like the different tone of the DUN-DUN sound. All the other L&O series use the traditional (and amazing) DUN-DUN sound. Why mess with greatness?
  2. There is a definite LA vibe (as expected). Everything has more sparkle, most glitz. Honestly, I miss the New York grit a bit. But whatever, that is just the way LA is.
  3. To tack on more to point #2, L&O LA is definitely what CSI: Miami is to the CSI franchise . . . if you know what I mean. Oh, and that is not a knock, I like CSI: Miami. It is just the more glamorous, more dramatic sister that we still like but is just a little different.

Overall, I am a fan. It's true, in my eyes, the franchise can't really do any wrong. The series seems so different without New York — a component you just cannot replace. Also, I am not sure if I will LOVE these characters the way I love Benson and Stabler. Time will tell. Regardless, I will keep watching week after week.

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pjs411 pjs411 6 years
I think the thing that turned me off about this LA version was the stereotypes of the uber-rich and superficial that Hollywood is known for; it just is so disgusting that people like this just blow money on ridiculous things instead of doing something good for others with it (I do know that the characters portrayed were fictional, but they are based on reality...all you have to do is watch the Lindsay Lohans, Paris Hiltons, etc). Perhaps if they did put the focus on the real Los Angeles as "Southland" has, we would get more of a gritty nature but of a different sort. I would be interested if the gangs and regular people were the center of the stories, just like they are in NYC based episodes. I will give this another chance, but if the stories are still based on more of the "Hollywood uber-rich stereotypes", I will not be tuning in as a regular viewer. L&O is my favorite series of all time and that includes of course, SVU (the absolute best) and CI (thank God they are bringing back D'Onofrio & Erbe for the last season...good way to tie things up & say goodbye properly). I could see why the L&O mothership was cancelled because the only actors that were memorable on it in the last 2 seasons (post Jesse Martin) were of course Sam Waterson & S. Epatha Merkerson. In my opinion, the latest actors just didn't have the acting chops that the regular cast members had in all the previous years.
OH, I heard it was bad. I gotta watch it tonight myself and see what it's about. I don't know that I am a fan of Skeet Ulrich though
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