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Review of Middle Men Starring Luke Wilson and Giovanni Ribisi

Colbie Reviews Luke Wilson and Giovanni Ribisi's Middle Men

The following post is from colbie, who posted it in the Movie Reviews group in the Buzz Community.

I had gone to the theater to see Salt, but the show was already sold out. I bought tickets for Middle Men, but I must admit I thought it was the comedy The Other Guys (men, guys nearly the same, right? ). Well Middle Men wasn't a fabulous comedy, but it was a great loosely-based true story about the beginning of the Internet. Way back when in 1995, Wayne Beering and Buck Dolby both are going nowhere, but are both rather smart and come up with a rough business plan and code for collecting credit cards over the Internet to distribute porn. Jack Harris comes on board to help these guys get better organized, so they can keep collecting their $9.99 subscriptions. Apparently the Russian mob were some of the first venture capitalists to invest, and needless to say, it gets ugly! The Internet has come a long way since 1995, but apparently most money transactions use the same code these two developed, who knew! While it might not require the big screen, it is a great movie and well worth renting once it comes out.

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