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Review and Recap of Desperate Housewives Episode "The Coffee Cup"

Desperate Housewives Rundown, "The Coffee Cup"

Some shows bring out big guest stars for November sweeps, but Desperate Housewives is getting back in touch with its sexy side instead. Susan tries to set a new record with Mike while Bree narrowly escapes an Orson interruption when she's with Karl. Meanwhile, Lynette's pregnancy secret is finally out and Nick Bolen continues to be creeptastic all over town.

Now that Mad Men's long gone, I'm hoping the housewives will kick things into higher gear for my Sunday nights. Ready to get into it? Just


Susan: Susan manages to avoid jail time for shooting Katherine, but the cheeky judge sentences her to garbage pick up for all of her "trash talking" (get it?!). Katherine and Susan's little courtroom drama re-enactment is ridiculous (as is Susan's cleavage baring dress for the hearing) but unfortunately the catty antics don't stop there. Katherine taunts Susan and her orange jumpsuit, prompting Susan to turn the tables on her rival. Katherine has a hissy fit and reveals that she and Mike once had sex five times in one day, which of course gets Susan all worked up. When her endless array of lingerie and come-ons still can't land Mike in the sack more than three times in 24 hours, Susan has one of her typical annoying tantrums. Mike comforts her in what's meant to be an "aww" inducing moment, but I was too busy rolling my eyes. Usually Susan doesn't bug me this much, but I couldn't be more over the love triangle.


Angie and Bree: Gaby usually has the best lines of the show, but it looks like Angie is right on her tail — "Have you seen Avenue Q? With the puppets? Now that's theater." Anyway, Angie's now got herself a balancing act between giving Nick grief about his affair with Julie and being too involved with Bree's life. After Orson admits to Angie that he suspects Bree is having an affair, Angie immediately tells Bree. Though she refuses to spy on Bree, Angie still gets all tangled up in the web when she plays Rear Window — looking on as Orson enters the house while Bree and Karl are upstairs getting it on. Angie intervenes and saves the day, but how long before she asks Bree to return the favor. Also, when Orson is discussing the plot of Madame Butterfly, is he insinuating that he might kill himself when he inevitably finds out about Bree's affair? Personally, both Karl and Orson kind of bug me so I'm just as torn as Bree is about which man to choose.

Lynette and Gaby: The latest update in Lynette's secret pregnancy? Menswear. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, when she and Gaby start squaring off over one of Lynette's colleagues. Gaby convinces Carlos to transfer Terrence, the colleague in question, to Florida so that Juanita can take Terrence's daughter's spot at a Catholic school. Realizing that she won't be able to take maternity leave without Terrence, Lynette turns the tables and convinces Terrence to reject the transfer. The tables turn on Lynette when Gaby discovers that she's pregnant — and Carlos is pissed. He gives Lynette an ultimatum — take the spot in Florida, or quit. Though Carlos's anger is understandable, I think I'm on Lynette's side here. Carlos had been complaining about another co-worker's pregnancy, so Lynette had every right to be scared to tell him. I also think it's a bit rich for Gaby to admit how selfish she is but then point fingers at Lynette for keeping her secret.

How'd you feel about the scandals this week? Are you on Team Orson or Team Karl? Do you think it was Nick who kills the coffee shop girl at the end? Sound off!

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lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I thought weeks ago that they were in witness protection. To me, it's starting to seem like it might not be that, just because it would be such an obvious conclusion. Although, as someone else brought up on a DH thread earlier this season, this show has lost some of its sparkle and the last few seasons have been slightly more obvious.
Jen-Erate Jen-Erate 7 years
I dont think it is Orson that is doing the strangling. The way he was talking about suicide in the last episode it seems as though they are maybe going to explore that plot element a bit more. The strangler is probably someone from the past of the show that no one is thinking about now. Anyway that plane crash is about to happen, I guess two weeks from now and that is going to shake everything up. It may be that we don't find out about the strangler until the end of the season.
Allyace Allyace 7 years
Have you guys heard the theory that it is Orson who is doing the strangling b/c the two girls--Julie and the waitress--have red hair like Bree? Seems far fetched, but would be an interesting twist.
Ellenora Ellenora 7 years
The triangle thing is getting on my nerves. Both Susan and Katherine need to grow up a bit. I was wondering when Lynette's pregnancy and her not telling about her pregnancy would get her into trouble. I don't think it's fair (or legal, for that matter) to give Lynette an ultimatum though.
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 7 years
oh good call Jen Erate... i didn't think of them to be in the mob but does make sense... i'm really over the susan/katherine/mike triangle. yawn...
Gossamer Gossamer 7 years
hmm, so over this should recap brothers and sisters instead
Jen-Erate Jen-Erate 7 years
In real life the guilty person is always the one you most suspect, in fiction it is the opposite. So I don't think it is Angie or Nick. Too obvious at this point. My impression about their past two is that they are former memebrs of the mob and now in witness relocation program because no one else seems to be thinking of that.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I didn't get why they didn't just lie about when they found out, either, smiley. And I am really thinking it's not Nick who's doing the strangling now, just because they are obviously wanting us to think that. I think it's a character we really haven't seen yet who is somehow related to Nick and Angie.
smileyface smileyface 7 years
I thought that maybe Angie was spying on Nick at the coffee shop at the end and that she was going to do something to the girl. I also thought that Angie was the one who attacked Julie. But when whoever walks into the coffee shop at the end the girl asks them if they forgot something, so I'm thinking it was Nick since he was just in there. But totally creepy. I want to know what he and Angie did in their past life. Also, I feel really bad for Lynette and I thought that Gabby should have respected her right to tell Carlos first since he is her boss. Also, I don't understand why Lynette and Tom didn't just say that they found out about the pregnancy after Lynette got promoted. They had just found out right before Carlos promoted her, so they could have switched the order things happened. And especially since she is having twins, they're most likely going to be early anyway, so no one would know when they got pregnant and found out.
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