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Review and Recap of Desperate Housewives Episode "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid" 2009-10-26 07:30:30

Desperate Housewives Rundown, "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid"

This week's episode of Desperate Housewives is all about judgment (though it's also a little bit about monkey attacks, but more on that later). The Bolen family continues with their shady behavior, while Julie is having some trouble adjusting to life on Wisteria Lane after her attack. Meanwhile, Gaby is accused of being a bad mom and Bree has a showdown with a motel housekeeper.

Ready to talk about it? Just


Gaby: Gaby gets the comic relief once again this week as she tries to prove her mothering skills to the other snippy ladies at school. In order to regain their trust, she lures their children to Juanita's birthday party by pulling out all the stops. Of course things go awry when the trained monkey starts attacking the clown while Gaby is busy having drinks with Susan. In the end Carlos comforts her, but I have to admit — Gaby isn't exactly the greatest mom in the world. That said, Carlos isn't exactly a model parent either — where was he during his daughter's birthday party?

Susan: Susan and Katherine's rivalry reaches new heights this week, when the ladies have a mini-showdown at their neighborhood watch meeting. Susan is paranoid about Katherine coming on to Mike, and it culminates when Susan accidentally shoots Katherine through a window. Susan wouldn't be Susan without her usual clumsy antics, but couldn't she just ignore Katherine? Katherine seems so desperate, but Susan is kinda sinking to her level. Not to mention that calling Katherine a "loon" isn't exactly the best method of telling your friend that she probably needs to see a professional.


Angie: Most of Angie's problems take place without her even knowing it this week, as Danny gives the family gun to Julie for protection. Danny also confronts Dominic about his affair with Julie, and Dominic responds in a typically creepy manner, telling Danny to go ahead and spill to Angie. Angie keeps her distance for most of the episode, but then she plays a big factor in keeping Katherine crazy, to keep Katherine from turning in the Bolen family gun. I know Angie is a tough cookie, but somehow I feel like she may be the moral member of her family.

Lynette: Lynette's "twins" situation (both of 'em) is put on hold this week as she tries to help out her friend Mrs. McCluskey. First of all, McCluskey talking about her sex life — eeew. Lynette agrees to hire McCluskey's boyfriend Roy as the Scavo family handyman, but Roy won't stop going over Lynette's head and turning to Tom for ultimate decision-making. When Roy basically tells Lynette that she's emasculating her husband, Lynette loses it and fires him. But how sweet is Tom explaining to Roy that he lets Lynette have control so that she can feel safe? By far my favorite moment of the episode.

Bree: I thought Bree's storyline was kinda lame this week. The maid at the motel starts judging Bree's cheating ways, so of course Bree does all she can to defend herself. In the end, the housekeeper is just trying to warn Bree that she was once in her shoes, and that everything went awry. (Lesson to all: cheat on your husband and you'll end up a maid?) The maid does get one awesome one-liner: "Cheating's not a sin when you do it in pearls?"

What'd you think of this week's episode? Are Katherine and her crazy antics starting to bug you? Are you more creeped out by Dominick than ever? Let's dish in the comments!

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zeze zeze 7 years
eckie, I thought of that too, they seem to be over-emphasising Julie thinking its a guy, maybe trying to throw us off. As for the good mom bad mom issue, let's remember all the moms in this show aren't so great, the one with the most decent kids, Lynett, had an approach like Gabby, she let them run wild most of the time, and the one that tried to be the perfect mom ended up with the worst kids (Bree). So ya, I'd say Gabby is doing ok all things considered.
eckielauren eckielauren 7 years
Does anyone else suspect that Angie might be the one who strangled Julie? That she somehow found out that Julie was having an affair with her husband and went after her?
Ellenora Ellenora 7 years
I'm going to have to disagree with you about Gaby, Buzz. I think she's a good mom. Yes, she screws up (which we see many times) but that's what's part of becoming a good mom. I love how she doesn't watch them every second of every day and lets them play sled down the stairs. Yes, she didn't make the wisest decision by literally bribing everyone to Juanita's party but she admits it was a bad idea to have the monkey. She reminds me a bit of my own mom; she fights for her kids and to prove she's a good mom, even when all the other parents think she's an unsuitable mother. I loved Tom's talk with Roy. I was pretty pissed off when Roy told Lynette that he was emasculating her husband. Lynette and Tom make a good team.
DCBaxter DCBaxter 7 years
Susan wouldn't be Susan without being insecure and doing crazy things about it. Katherine sure is desperate - I can't wait until she cracks. Then hopefully leaves. The Tom moment at the end was my favorite too! Good episode!
pianoteacher1 pianoteacher1 7 years
Isn't that maid from True Blood? (she's the demon exorcist?) Otherwise, luv Betty more than Housewives.....too bad no Betty recap:(
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