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Review and Recap of Desperate Housewives Episode, "Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover" 2009-10-12 10:30:08

Desperate Housewives Rundown, "Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover"

Is it just me, or do the housewives seem even more desperate than usual this week? Susan takes some drastic measures to scare Danny away, which in turns sets Angie off with a few crazy antics of her own. Meanwhile, Bree's jealousy sends an innocent woman to the hospital and Lynette makes Tom look like a fool to cover up her pregnancy at a company dinner.

Jesse Metcalfe also makes his (triumphant?) return and Katherine is pretty much nowhere to be found. Ready to hash it all out? Just


Gaby — Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Wisteria Lane, Jesse Metcalfe is back. Again. Both Gaby and Carlos are taken by surprise to see John at one of their restaurants of choice, especially when they learn that he's the owner. Naturally John is immediately making eyes at both Gaby and Ana, and I think we all know where this one is heading. Gaby later convinces Carlos that she doesn't have feelings for her former gardener anymore, but then she gets all nostalgic looking at photos of him. (I love that they had time to head to a photo booth during their affair — isn't the mall a little high profile for that?) One thing that really bothers me about Gaby this week is that suddenly she's all frumpy again, when she's been pretty much flawless since she and Carlos were back to being rich.


Susan — We don't get any updates on Julie's progress this week, but it's clear that her condition is taking a serious toll on Susan. Susan wastes no time spreading the word about Danny to all her neighbors, even when Mike gently reminds her that Danny hasn't been convicted yet. This leads Susan to start her own investigation for proof — which seems like a perfect opportunity for one of Susan's klutzy, over-the-top schemes, but instead takes a very dark turn when she basically tries to kill Danny herself by squishing him under a car. I give Susan a free pass for her antics this week since in the end she reaches out to Angie and starts to make amends when Danny's alibi comes through.

Angie — Angie's mama bear side really comes to the light this week. She's pretty scary trying to scare off prank calls, and even more threatening when she comes at Susan wielding a baseball bat. There are a few allusions to the Bolens' previous life (like that they change their name constantly and had to raise Danny "on the run"), but in the end Angie seems more like a protective mom with a secret than an evil person. Her husband on the other hand. . .

Bree — Despite her requests for pain au chocolat in lieu of a burrito, Bree begins to realize just how much she actually likes slummin' it with Carl. When she tells him that she's not looking for anything serious, Carl totally plays her by bringing a date to a function Bree is attending with Orson. In a matter of minutes Bree's all green-eyed about the idea of Carl taking someone else to their beloved motor lodge, and eliminates the other woman — literally. Meanwhile, Orson thinks he's making major strides and that Bree was jealous of the other woman for dancing with Orson. Though Katherine isn't around this week, I still think the whole thing will be smoothed over once she and Orson get together.

Lynette — The Scavos get to be the comic relief this week, which is refreshing after all the doom and gloom that was previously surrounding Lynette's pregnancy. The reactions she gets from her kids are priceless, particularly Porter's little speech about how she and Tom were irresponsible about birth control and are "destroying their futures." (I kinda agree about the birth control thing — may I suggest something permanent, like a vasectomy?). Right on cue, Lynette's career path is tested when Carlos admits he wants to give her a promotion after passing on another co-worker who is pregnant. Tom helps cover for her, but we all know she won't be able to hide twins for very long.

So what did you think of the episode? Are you happy to see Jesse Metcalfe again? How long until Gaby and Ana are vying for his attention?

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Join The Conversation
pianoteacher1 pianoteacher1 7 years
Wow, this, plus the mediocre Simpsons, really wasted my Sunday nights. Are there no good programs anymore? I wish I have showtime and hbo, then I could watch Dexter and Curb your Enthusiasm. I thought the season opener was great, but the show has gone downhill. Isn't every clue pointing to the husband being a total creep? "I went out to check on my son...." (yeah, you also checked out Julie when she came over to your house). Susan's rage is surprisingly effective, and pointed to her dark side, which is refreshing from her clumsy self. True, when does Gaby become frumpy again? Her storyline is still interesting to me at least, and next episode her niece ran into her and Jesse kissing.... Lynette and Tom......I think Porter is absolutely right about their irresponsible behavior. Their plot is old and boring and lame. Don't even care about Bree's storyline, even though I think she and Carl looks good together:)
bethinabox bethinabox 7 years
The wine thing with Lynette and Tom bugged me (so many better ways to handle that), but other than that I really liked the episode.
pillsbury pillsbury 7 years
This show has gone downhill, fast. What are the writers thinking?
zeze zeze 7 years
This show went from funny to boring, to just plain irritating. I don't give Susan a pass, that was attempted murder...if I was Angie, I would press charges...she isn't the only mother in the world. I'm sick of Bree...and she did go overboard on the weight loss. Gaby, Carlos, John...with a splash of new teen...seriously? Does this show even have writers anymore? And Lynett and Tom story was lame, how about taking a small sip (which won't do much harm) and acting normal...or refusing saying wine doesn't sit well with you, or something as simple as Tom not drinking 2 cups within seconds...even if she wasn't pregnant she wouldn't do that.
aeryn aeryn 7 years
Does anyone else find Bree to be a bit freaky looking lately? Marcia Cross: please eat a bacon&cheese burrito. It will do good things for your skeleton... I mean body.
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