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Review and Recap of FlashForward Episode, "Back Swan"

FlashForward Breakdown, "Black Swan"

It's been two weeks since the blackouts, and in this week's episode of FlashForward, the people of the world are slowing getting back into their old routines. The only problem is, their outlook on the world is a bit marred to say the least. Nicole finally resurfaces, Olivia and Bryce spar over the meaning of the flashforwards, and Demetri and Mark come to blows.

We get a little more insight, a glimpse at Dominic Monaghan and one very big reveal, so just


Can the future really save people?
Olivia and Bryce meet Edward Ned (who hilariously insists on being called "Ned Ned"), a new patient with a constant sense of calm and a conviction that in sixth months he'll have transformed into a black man ("like Oprah black"). At first he just seems nuts, until Bryce uses Ned's vision to diagnose him. Still trying to convince herself that the flashforwards may not come true, Olivia refuses to use Bryce's method and nearly kills Ned before changing her mind. Ned declares that the "future saved him" and Bryce agrees. But what about the people who are afraid of their visions? Can the future save them too, in that they can somehow avoid what they see? (Side note: I almost choked when I recognized Ned as Todd from Wedding Crashers).

Does Nicole deserve to be punished?
Nicole finally picks up her baby-sitting gig again, and it's revealed that she and Aaron are connected through his daughter Tracy. Clearly disturbed by her vision, Nicole seeks out a priest in hopes to start some volunteer work. She eventually reveals to Mark that she's being drowned in her flashforward, and the murder feels deserved. But why? Mark assures her that she did nothing wrong, but we all know it won't be that simple. In the pilot Nicole is gettin' busy on the couch while Charlie is sleeping, so she has a bad girl side. But now that she knows her possible fate, what could she do to warrant a punishment like that? Also, I could be wrong about this — but her attacker looked like he could definitely be Dominic Monaghan, aka Simon.


What's the deal with Alda Herzog?
Referred to as the "female Osama Bin Laden," Alda Herzog is clearly shady — but what does she know about the blackouts? She toys with both Demetri and Mark, sending them on a wild goose chase to the Customer Choice Restaurant Group, and later telling Mark that he's just "a little boy in the dark." She easily gets a rise out of both of them, even prompting Mark and Demetri to start a fist fight. I can't help but wonder if she's got them totally wrapped around her finger, a la Nazi Guyer from last week's episode, or if she's really sent Mark down the right path to get some answers.

How is LLoyd Simcoe involved in the blackout?
Lloyd continues to struggle with caring for Dylan after spending so many years as an absentee father. He continues to try to garner help from Olivia, but she pushes him away in constant fear of her flashforward. Lloyd has a tender moment at Dylan's house as he attempts to learn a little bit about his boy, and the two make a connection back at the hospital. Everything is all puppies and roses until he gets a call from Simon — who implies that the two are responsible for causing the blackouts.

Other points:

  • I loved the Shakespeare in Love throwback when Mark is being silly with Charlie: "You're the Shakespeare of cheesy dad humor!"
  • The opening of the episode, set to Bjork's "It's Oh So Quiet" was a very poetic way to look at the blackouts — especially since we can't hear all the catastrophic noise and commotion that usually defines the incident.
  • There seems to be a long focus on the "Pimp" necklace during the trailer park scene. Is that going to come back to haunt us?
  • What'd you think of this week's episode? Do you think there's a connection between those who see hopeful visions and those that see hurtful ones?

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    Join The Conversation
    zeze zeze 7 years
    LOL lacy, I had the same exact comment to Ned Ned, I was like they need to bring him in as a Linus family member. Thanks for telling me where he's from Buzz, gave me a good laugh. As for the episode, I noticed Alda spoke Farsi, the woman who calls Demetri is Persian and the actress speaks Farsi fluently, so who knows what that may mean. As for Nicole, maybe I am weird, but I thought Mark was a little too nice to her....especially with her antics in the first episode considered and her love of tiny-teeny skirts. It was all very innocent this episode, but enough that might lead somewhere. Maybe I'm paranoid, who knows.
    Entertainment Entertainment 7 years
    Hey gglinn — you can check out all the episodes of FlashForward on Hulu:
    ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
    oh, and one more thing that i thought about during the intro scene, so if only crows or pigeons died during the blackout - then what's the deal there? weren't there birds that continued to fly around during the opening scene? (white seagulls maybe)?
    ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
    see i don't think that lloyd is lying about his flash - he never saw olivia's face in his - he just heard her voice - so i think that it's legitimate. i do wonder about the calls though, and how he could have been tied into the blackout especially if he blacked out. does anyone know what the guy does for a living when he's not by his son's bedside? as for nicole - that's really sketchy to think that the priest tries to drown her - it makes you wonder really what could have happened there. i want to think that alda really has no relation to the blackout but likes to mess with the feds. i don't know - i feel like there's going to be a big twist and that she's just a regular person, and that d gibbons turns out to be someone that we already know as for the kids - i'm still standing by the kidnapping theory.
    Entertainment Entertainment 7 years
    Oh that's a great point mndmay, I didn't even think of that — unless of course, he's lying about his flash...
    mndmay mndmay 7 years
    I'm totally hooked on this show and I think I gasped when we discovered Lloyd was involved with the blackout, especially since he had a blackout himself. . .
    starlotus713 starlotus713 7 years
    I am still wondering how Charlie and Dylan know each other, if Charlie was with D. Gibbons (seemingly somewhere unpleasant) in her FlashFoward and Lloyd hears Dylan playing in the background at the house in his...and how does Dylan know Olivia if he's downstairs and she doesn't recognize him?
    laceykk23 laceykk23 7 years
    i knew ned looked familiar but couldnt quite put my finger one it,lol!! i kind of thought he could pass for ben linus' family member of some sort b/c they kind of look alike!!
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