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Review and Recap of Grey's Anatomy Episode "Suicide Is Painless"

Grey's Anatomy Recap, "Suicide Is Painless"

As if one flashback episode wasn't enough, on this week's Grey's Anatomy, Owen found himself reliving some seriously heavy memories from Iraq. While Dr. Hunt faced some demons from his past, Callie struggled with telling Arizona the truth about an unresolved issue and Derek stole a brain surgery from Meredith. The former chief, Richard, continues struggling with his new role, and things finally start to get spicy between Mark and Teddy.

Even without the return of Izzy to tie up loose ends, the gang kept the drama in high gear. For all the happenings in and outside of the hospital (spoiler alert!), just


  • The central plot of the episode revolves around Teddy's terminally ill cancer patient who wants to take her own life, with medical assistance. When Teddy needs the consent of another doctor before she can proceed, she turns to her true love, ahem, colleague Dr. Hunt. To her surprise, Owen refuses to help and consequently launches into a series of flashbacks to Iraq. With Owen off in dreamland and no one left to turn to, Teddy asks Mark, who agrees to play the role of Prince Charming and aids in her rescue.
  • Owen continues jumping back and forth from memories of Iraq to the ER. He's still plagued with post-traumatic stress from the war, and Teddy's assisted-suicide case is adding a new layer of anxiety with memories of his own assistance in the death of his commander in Iraq. He's not sleeping, barely alert in the ER, and finally sent home to deal with his problems when Derek's troubled by his behavior.
  • Speaking of Derek — or should I say The Chief — he's a busy guy around Seattle Grace, but not too busy to swoop in and steal a surgery from Meredith. She gets fired up about the stolen surgery but gets some friendly advice and lets it go. McDreamy flashes a smile and adorably apologizes, and then they anticlimactically kiss and make up.
  • Callie's still trying to crack the code on growing cartilage in the lab, but she's figured out what's missing in her personal life. After some coaxing from Mark, she comes clean to Arizona about wanting children and is met with an extremely cold response.
  • We see the sweet and caring side of McSteamy. After weeks of moping around, he's turning into a truly likable guy, aiding Teddy on a difficult case and even giving Callie and Richard helpful advice. Teddy is so spent after her assisted patient suicide, she shows up at Mark's place in the wee hours of the night, the shirt comes off, I think you know the rest!
  • Lexi, Alex, Christina, and Jackson (who gets hotter as each week passes) are up to their same old routine. Christina helps Owen cope with his ongoing post-traumatic stress. Alex lurks around ogling female nurses and ENTs, though it seems his brother will keep him occupied next week. Lexi is still pining away after Mark, and Jackson is on his way to becoming the next McDreamy.

What did you think of the episode? Tell me in the comments, or head over to the Grey's Anatomy McAddicts group to chat more!

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Maria-Camelia3112474 Maria-Camelia3112474 5 years
I can't believe that none of the people who love this show realized the importance of this episode. These flashbacks are not here only to shape a more well-rounded Owen, they are not from outside the story, but from the inside. They provide av very good, though hidden explanation for a part of the show I never fully understood and therefore accepted as credible: the chocking in `Elevator Love Letter` (season 5 episode 19). Owen was not trying to save his life in that nightmare he had, as he said during the therapy. Why would have he chocked the enemy instead of hitting him, let's say? There must be a reason why Shonda chose this action. I bet you can now see the similarities. In Iraq, Owen had to put pressure on the neck of his wounded commander in order to save his life. When he finally accepted his death as inevitable, he took his hands off the commander's neck. But one minute after Owen saw the propellers of the helicopter! If only he could have kept the bleeding for a few seconds more! So in `Suicide is Painless` we see the fan blades that remind him of the helicopter. And realizes he must keep his hands around the neck of someone he didn't want to die. In fact, Owen we was trying to save the life of a person he loved very much. That chocking was actually a proof of love.
stephley stephley 7 years
The second Owen showed up, you knew the show was going to go here. It's too predictable, not done in a compelling manner at all.
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
i say it every week, but i really like teddy. i feel like some of the old cast storylines were getting a little stale and she's new and mixes things up. the fact that teddy is very vulnerable but still isn't afraid to kick ass and tell hunt off is awesome (almost as bad ass as addison was at seattle grace). i really like her and mark together. i like callie and mark better, but this will do for now!
pharm_chick pharm_chick 7 years
i didnt see lexie at all! and i guess chistina was trying to help but owen wouldnt let her. it was a nice episode though
AnaMC AnaMC 7 years
I was quite disappointed in this episode. I understand the issue of PTSD being an important one but I wasn't just all that interested. It felt like part deux of ER's Iraq/Africa episodes. And those were good. What happened here? Hunt isn't a strong enough character to carry an episode entirely. I loved the little bits of the other characters though. I like this transformation of Mark Sloan. Teddy is doing a lot more good for him than I thought. Loved the little MerDer conflict but would like to see Derek apologize to Shadow Shepherd too. All this baby talk and no pay off is starting to bother me.
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