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House Rundown, "Private Lives"

After a month-long hiatus for House (and a Cuddy-centric episode), the Princeton-Plainsboro team returns this week to shed light on another mysterious case. I waited in anticipation to see what they'd cook up after time off, but dare I say, I'm somewhat let down. Not that the night didn't have storyline gems, but the patient plot of an over-sharing blogger (Laura Prepon) feels like the show is trying too hard to tap into the 21st century. See how millennial we are? OK, to cut the writers some slack, I do love the battle between Wilson and House, and there is one particularly interesting reveal. It almost seems like we're getting hints about where the characters are headed in coming episodes. Ready to go over some of the night's important questions? Let's get down to it when you


  • I'd hate to be the speed dater stuck with House. When he, Wilson, and Chase head to a mixer, House bets Chase that he'll get the most phone numbers due to his pretty face. Chase agrees — optimistic about the women's lack of shallowness — and pretends to be a slovenly video game player who makes fat comments, while sympathetic Wilson gets stuck with sob stories about cats with cancer. As for House . . . well, he's himself. It isn't a vital scene per se, but hey, it entertained me. Who do you think will actually be the first to start dating next — House, Wilson, or Chase?
  • Speaking of Chase's love life, once again I think I sensed a connection between him and Thirteen, like the writers seemed to allude to several weeks ago. When Chase is disappointed by the outcome of his speed dating trial (several women want his number despite his behavior), he turns to Thirteen to validate that he's more than his looks, and the two doctors seem to bond. Would you like to see Chase and Thirteen get together?
  • Let the hijinks continue! House discovers that Wilson is in a porn tape and lets everyone in the hospital know — with posters. To Wilson's credit, it's a video he did for his college film student roommate, and he's not actually in the XXX portion. I do love seeing House and Wilson one-up each other and was dying to watch Wilson get him back. What about you — are you getting tired of the House and Wilson prank wars, or do you still love them as much as ever?
  • Wilson does return the favor: with a book. With Chase's clever deduction (seriously, it seemed too easy for him to realize House's fake book swap), Wilson finds out that House is reading a collection of sermons. Sermons?! Wilson obviously has a good laugh over this one, and after passing around copies to everyone to taunt House, the truth comes out — the book is written by House's biological father. 1) Yes, House's dad is a minister, and 2) Can we please, please see a reunion between father and son?
  • As for the patient, I enjoyed seeing Laura Prepon make an appearance, but her storyline? Kind of snoozy. First, we think she's been exposed to rat poison, then it's a bad heart valve, then it's lymphoma, then the vaccine is killing her. Sometimes I wish House could just figure things out on the first try. Did you enjoy her case? Her situation does raise questions about technology and social connection, however. I mean, do you think she's right to poll her blog readers on medical questions?

So tell me, are you glad House is back, or were you like me and hoping for a juicier patient case? Do you want to see an episode with House's father as much as I do? Share your thoughts in the comments, or head over to the House! group to talk more.

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Ellenora Ellenora 7 years
I was laughing so hard with the speed dating scene. One has to remember lots of diseases, disorders and illnesses have many symptoms in common. It takes trial and error. It took three years for the doctors to diagnose me with Autism, 4.5 years to diagnose me with Cerebral Palsy and 2 months to diagnose me with Epilepsy when I started having seizure at three months old. It is not a cut and dry process. I wish it were that easy for doctors to get it right on the first try, but it rarely is.
lwimbush lwimbush 7 years
yeah i dont really understand why people dont like 13
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Yay, other people who like Thirteen! I often feel like I'm the only one.
tonga tonga 7 years
nope Whiplash I'm a die hard Thirteen fan and I'd really like to see more of Chase and Thirteen, though I fear what the haters will say about it all. Foreman seems to be there just to fill out space, he doesn't interact directly with anyone. as for House and Wilson, I like the pranks but I really do wish to see Wilson to win once for a change.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 7 years
I thought that the subplots of this episode were way better than the patient-of-the-week main plot. The speed dating scene killed me. I like funny Chase. And yes, he is sooooo pretty. Almost too pretty. Also, everyone teasing Wilson about being in that porno was amazing. I can kind of see the chemistry between Chase and Thirteen. They have much more than Thirteen did with Foreman anyway. And I think I'm the only person who actually LIKES Thirteen anyway. She's way better than Cameron.
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